Prayer that Prophet Kacou Philippe addressed to God, from his home in Katadji, on April 7, 2019

1 Prayer that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed from my house, this Sunday morning April 7, 2019 to the Almighty God who appeared to me on April 24, 1993, in addition to the prayer that I raised on May 27, 1997, a year before the death of my father. 

2 O Jehovah, God of my predecessors the prophets, You are the only God in the heavens, and you are the only God who rules over all the gods and nations of the earth. And in your hand are power and strength. You are the Holy of holies. You are the only One, You are the Almighty. You have called all things into existence by your Word. For the redemption of mankind, You, the Almighty God, You came through a human body to Israel, You died in our place for our sins and You redeemed us. Of all men, You alone died, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. And now, from generation to generation, You show yourself through men called prophets to claim our souls for eternal Life in You. You were pleased to reveal yourself in me so that I can be your messenger in this age of Laodicea.

3 You sent me to the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews. You showed me that men would come to me from all the races, all the religions and all the languages of the earth and, behold, men came from everywhere. Even Indians, Muslims, Buddhists and people who never believed in God have believed in me. And more than the resurrection of a dead person, I have seen entire churches believe in me in one day and receive the baptism of the restitution that You revealed to me. And I have told them: Go into all the world, preach this good news of Matthew 25:6 and make all the nations my disciples. 

4 O God, I am your slave. I have never fasted for you to use me powerfully, it is You who created me and who knows what I am destined for. It is your will that must be done and not mine. My goal is not that You make my name great on the earth or that the whole world comes to me or that You give me to perform miracles and wonders, but I want to be saved with all those who follow me. You, my master and my God, bowing on the ground, I have thrown my hat at your feet. I was the blind man Bartimaeus whose eyes You opened on April 24, 1993. I come from Rikédiba. I am your slave, that is why I have never walked on wrappers spread out on the ground before me because I am the one who must be the stepping stone for the elect. 

5 I have never accepted to walk on a red carpet and I do not want it. And those who bowed before me, I lifted them up and I have never accepted to be carried like a king because I am a slave. I will not have any money in the bank for myself, for my wife or for my children and my car will always be this old used car and my birthday will never be an event because I am a slave. The police have never guarded me. The Roman soldiers did not guard my master the Lord Jesus Christ. 

6   Since 1993, because of your vision, my eyes have opened and I have known that the purpose of life on earth, it is paradise. I have never imitated a single one of all those on whom I have exercised your judgment. I have never had an office and never will I. My mission is not to give names to babies, it belongs to the parents to give a name to their baby. And until my death, I want to be a true slave of Christ. And for all the times I raised my voice to You, praying to You with authority, quoting Your promises in the Bible, forgive me. When the inspiration and your presence leave me, I become a fool, a worthless man who must remain silent. O God, in return for this great grace of eternal Life, give me to live well according to your heart.

7 My own eyes saw You on April 24, 1993 and I have no doubt about the commission, but if the prophet who will come after me is already on the earth, make that he increases and that I decrease. And if possible, make me know him before I die. I want to come before You as the one who did your will like David and who preached according to the order of mission stating: Pronounce the judgment and the change of life on earth. 

8   And therefore, I have not come to enlighten the Bible or to bring people back to the Bible, but I have come to bring the complement of the Bible that You have given me for the elect of my time and your children have received it. And I have seen lives transformed. I have seen women confess to their husbands all the adulteries that they were hiding and sometimes, a child who was not their husbands' real child; while other women facing this test preferred to return to their former temples, churches and mosques. But all those who have believed, You have delivered and healed them. They are no longer chased in their dreams; they no longer eat in their dreams; they no longer fly in their dreams. And Satan no longer immobilizes them in their sleep as he did when they were in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. And I pray that whoever places himself under this Message receives the same grace. 

9 O God, in addition to the posterity of William Branham, some Muslims, Buddhists and men of all religions have come to me. And chapter after chapter, verse after verse, I gave them the Message You gave me for them and they listened to me. Like my predecessors the prophets in their time, I too came with the Message for my generation and they listened to me. 

10 In your name, I told them that no one will direct his mouth toward the genitals of his partner and that a man will never approach his wife from behind like an animal and they said: Amen. In your name, I told them that when a woman in menses throws herself into a water like on the beach or in a swimming pool, the water becomes impure within a radius of forty meters until the next day and that whoever throws himself into it comes out of it cursed and they said: Amen. Everything I told them, they listened to it because of Salvation.

11 O God of Israel, for forty years in the wilderness, You have walked in the midst of Israel in a body called Moses. And having established Israel in her homeland, You continued your walk with the nations and, after me, You will continue Your walk with prophets like Moses. And Moses was in Egypt. And You said in Isaiah 19 and in several passages of the Bible that a time would come when ancient Egypt, which has become the black race today, would be your people. Thus, from this black race destined for slavery, You have raised up a Moses so that by him all the earth may be enlightened and saved as also one day, the posterity of Ishmael will be the light of the world and will teach Salvation to the nations. 

12  O God, I know that there will be awakenings with true prophets like me until the time of the nations ends with the Arab nations. I know that prophets like those in the Bible will walk again on the land of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo, Kenya and Angola and countries of Africa, Europe, America and Asia. I also know that before the visitation of Israel, You will walk on the lands of India and of Asia and You will meditate on the tops of the Himalaya and You will judge the gods of Egypt in their retreat in India. 

13   O God, I know that I will be the great judge of those with whom I have lived on the earth and that one day my apostles and disciples will judge their respective nations with the Message that I have preached. Why don’t I have any communion with anyone, not even my own parents? It is because all mankind is under my jurisdiction. In the second vision of 1993, it was said to me: "Pronounce the judgment!". That is why I am the judge on the earth just as I will be their judge before You in the last judgment. 

14 Everything I have preached, they are confirmed revealed truths. For example, speaking of the origin of the black race, I have revealed that every African has cells of white men in his blood, that is why a black couple of Nigeria gave birth a white baby in 2010. And in 1994, an event took place in my village to confirm this revelation on the origin of the black race. In fact, following the many misfortunes that struck my village, Akadjé Moïse organized a very big ceremony with the village and the churches. 

15 On the day of the ceremony, Akadjé Moïse dressed in a long white robe with Hebrew scriptures on the back of the robe. He held other symbols of Judaism. He made some drink-offerings and imprecations and sacrifices with two white pigeons according to Leviticus 14 and sprinkled seven times and made atonement according to Leviticus 14. But after the ceremony, a chickenpox epidemic broke out in the entire village. From the babies to the elderly, everyone had chickenpox and only white kaolin smeared over the body relieved the itch. And the village was full of white men. This happened so that I could understand the curse of the black race again. Thus it is of great revelations.

16 For example, to reveal the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ to William Branham, it was not through some comparisons of Bible verses but some rainbows appeared and melted into only one rainbow and a voice sounded and said: "The Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament". This is how You deal with your prophets.

17 O God, remember all those who do us good. During an open-air preaching in Abidjan, while the angry religious people were chasing the Brothers away, some brigands came up and opposed the religious people and said to the Brothers: "Preach! No one will touch you in front of us. Kacou Philippe was our friend in prison."And the Brothers preached. Remember them like the brigand at the cross of Golgotha. 

18 O God, remember the noble men of the earth who are deaf to my word. I have spoken to African noble men and heads of State, but none of them listens to me. Health and the honours and riches of the earth close the door of the paradise to them.

19 In August 1744, one of them, King Louis XV of France became ill. On August 16, being in agony, he lost consciousness. And when he came back to his senses, he summoned the bishop of Soissons and shouted at him:"My father! My father! Have mercy, I do not want to go to hell"The bishop told him to dismiss his mistress and make a public confession of his sins. He hurried to dismiss his mistress and made a public confession and then went into a coma, but the next day, August 17, he came out of the coma healed. The whole France celebrated the miracle of his recovery. But when he was healed, he found that the bishop had humiliated him because one has to respect the king's reputation and let him die with dignity. He brought the mistress back. And the bishop of Soissons got scared and fled and died sadly in 1764 after twenty years of exile. 

20 I have told the inhabitants of the earth that if someone goes to Heaven by bypassing the public confession then that will mean that I am a false prophet. And when Moses told the Jews what they had to do in case of sin, God would not hear a prayer in Heaven except if that prayer was made according to the word of Moses.

21 I have told them that after the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, no one could receive Salvation except by believing in Jesus through the prophets that He promised according to Matthew 23:34-35. In Matthew 16, the Lord Jesus Christ said that the Church would be built upon the revelation of who He is. That is to say that in your time, the Lord Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you through a prophet and you must discern, like Peter, that this prophet is the Christ, the son of the living God. And that today, for the forgiveness of your sins, you cannot reach the blood of Christ at Golgotha except through the public confession that I have instituted. I have told them that when they hear about me, Kacou Philippe, they must believe and go to the baptism of the restitution and from there, confess their future sins before the whole Church. 

22 I have told them that all the worships on the earth, it is the devil from one end to the other. Judaism is the set of Jewish customs and religions. Islam is the set of Arab customs and religions. Christianity is the set of customs and religions of Europe. They are pagan worships. Jews, Arabs, Africans, Hindus and every people of the earth had their customs and traditions. But until now, despite everything I have preached, Africans do not know that Islam and Christianity are no better than voodoo. And also, until now, Africans think that the Jesus Christ of the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist churches is greater than Simon Kimbangu and Oschoffa. 

23 O God, You are sovereign. You are the one who lifts up and brings low whoever You want. You revealed to me that they were black Africans who founded Egypt when they were whites in Egypt. They were cruel and tortured the inhabitants of the earth in the construction of the pyramids. The slaves suffered and died like animals in their hands. 

24 O God, You had loved us black Africans when we were whites in Egypt and our hearts were so lifted up that eating with a Jew was an abomination for us according to Genesis 43:32 but today, it is an abomination for Arabs and even Maghrebis to eat with or to marry a black African. The contempt and harm that we did to the other races of the earth when we were whites in Egypt, that is what others are doing to us today. We have become inferior to the other races of the earth. O God, from the throne of Babylon, You made Nebuchadnezzar the smallest of Babylon because of his pride. From the highest nobility of the earth, You made Job the smallest of the earth to test him. And from the superior race of the earth, You have brought us low. Like Job and Nebuchadnezzar, we, your children of black Africa, give you glory for doing this.

25 O God, Europe has Christianized Africa and America and Asia as one marks one’s territory or livestock against the Arabs. And the Arabs did the same through their traditions and customs called Islam. When Arabs and Europeans Islamized or Christianized Africa, Asia or America, it was not for the purpose of giving eternal life but for the purpose of colonizing. If India colonized us, Africa would be Hindu or Buddhist and would believe that it is through Hinduism or Buddhism that we had eternal life and the current African prophets that you see in jackets, would be some Sadhus or reincarnations of Buddha and would perform the same miracles. I have explained everything to them as You commanded me on April 24, 1993, they understand but it is You that they do not want.

26 I have told them that God the Creator has nothing to do with everything they do in their temples, churches, mosques and synagogues. As long as it is not a work of God's own hands by a living prophet, He will vomit it up. Before God, the best preaching of a priest, pastor, imam or rabbi is like the water from Satan's septic tanks that gushes out on those who listen to them. I have explained to them that everything they do in their temples, churches and mosques, the Jews produced better ones since Moses but God has never accepted that. I have explained everything to them, they understand but it is You that they do not want.

27 I have explained everything to the inhabitants of the earth, they understand, but it is You that they do not want. They reject me and say: "Mahomet and Branham are dead but their Messages are alive".I Kacou Philippe, Houphouët Boigny was my president from my birth in 1972 until his death in 1993. But tell me, will Houphouët also be the president of someone who was born in 1994 when this person will listen to Houphouët's speeches? 

28 I asked in what year did Mahomet who died in 632 become the prophet of the Muslims who are alive today? They do not answer, but they are still Muslim. I asked, in which year was the Lord Jesus Christ who left the earth in year 33 the prophet of the Christians who are alive today? They do not answer, but they do not repent. I asked, in which year was Charles Russell, Joseph Smith or William Branham the prophet of those who claim to be of them today? 

29 How can one follow the Message of a dead prophet and be saved? How is that possible? And aren't divisions the proofs that one cannot follow a dead prophet? And in several cases, they appealed to the police and to courts to resolve their divisions. Is this possible if the prophet is alive? They do not answer but they do not repent and this does not tell them anything because Salvation is not the priority of their life on the earth. 

30 O God, the animals who have taken human bodies through Eve's adultery with the serpent are among us on the earth. If You have granted grace to the black race to the point that there is a black prophet, You can grant grace to the Arabs and members of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism by opening their minds to see Salvation.

31 I have announced that the cherubim of God with the blade of the sword swirling here and there, guard the way to the tree of life and that no one can reach the blood of Christ without passing through him who has the keys of the kingdom of the heavens on earth. Cornelius could not reach the blood of Christ without passing through Peter who had the keys, and today, no one can reach the blood of Christ without passing through me, Kacou Philippe. No angel, no anointing can lead them to Golgotha without passing through me. I do not know if one day they will know me and know that I am the word of God manifested for their Salvation. 

32 O God, we are here in hell. And life here is school, then work, then marriage, then wealth until death. Salvation is no one's priority. I have revealed you to the world, but they do not want to hear about You. I, their prophet, when I speak, they examine and judge my words and even find errors in my words. They read the words of the dead prophets and hope to find salvation in them. 

33 They say to me, "We want a debate with you".Okay, but in your country, do surgeons have debates with butchers? Are you prophet messengers too? And when I will give my call and commission of prophet, will you give yours too? When I show my Message and its progress in the world, will you show yours as well? I saw God face to face, I saw the angel of the Lord and I heard God's own voice with my ears in 1993, did you see Him and hear Him too? It was God who told me in a vision in April 1993 to pronounce the judgment on the inhabitants of the earth. And you, what mission did God give you and when? And I understand by the way they act towards me that a dog can really bark at an angel of God.

34 And I, a prophet, they say to me, "Why aren't you at Church every Sunday morning?".Yet, a prophet goes to the people when he has an oracle for the people of God. In the Bible, did the prophets attend services in synagogues with priests? Are the apostles not the leaders of the Church? And they say to me, "What do you say about blacks in India?".Not all languages and ethnic groups date from the Tower of Babel but they are the result of the same curse. And the blacks of India are the fruit of the worship of the gods of Egypt. They have questions, questions and questions. 

35 And for some, instead of believing in me for their Salvation, they take my words and pretend to be prophet messengers. And in trying to bring them back to You, they beat, wounded and imprisoned many of us. They stabbed several of us. Your servant Mbalo died from that and a pastor who got stabbed came out of the coma the next day. We are stabbed, killed, imprisoned because of your Word. They are all unanimous against me and look at me with contempt. They act as their fathers did against the prophets before me but we will stand firm till the end. 

36 O God, here on earth, it is the paradise of Satan. Everyone hates me and I know that my death will be a great source of joy for them. They are all against You. There are only Muslims, Rosicrucians, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews. I have done everything to bring them back to You, but no one wants You. Money is their god. They are demons with human bodies and none of them wants You! It is like they have never read the Bible. They believe and prefer religions, and holy books and dead prophets and demons. For Salvation, they have already chosen Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism instead of choosing You for You to speak to them. They have already made their choice and they say: "O God, I surrender myself to you! Lead me!". They are all hypocrites.

37 O God, in my childhood, when the president of the republic sent the minister of national education to our region, all schools closed because we were going to welcome the minister. And I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, when I go to a country in Africa, Europe, America or Asia, will people close their temples, churches, mosques and synagogues to come to me? I do not know. 

38 They have rejected me and on Fridays, Sabbaths and Sundays, I do not know who they pray and worship in their temples, churches, mosques and synagogues. They see that I have brought a Message but they say: "There must no longer be prophets and Messages".But if fish fall from the sky, wouldn't they be fish? What if there is snow in the desert? Wouldn’t it be snow? O God, I have done everything to lead mankind to You but, like the Jews in Jeremiah 44:15-16, they have all voluntarily refused and prefer to remain with Satan in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. They don't want You.

39 The christians are millions of demons at the conquest of the world for old European customs and for an imaginary demon called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Muslims are millions of demons at the conquest of the world for old Arab customs and practices and for Mahomet who died before they were born and for a demon called Allah. Buddhists are millions of demons at the conquest of the world for Buddha who died before they were born. Hindus are millions of demons at the conquest of the world for Hindu deities. Adventists are more than twenty million demons at the conquest of the world for Ellen White who died before they were born. The Mormons are more than sixteen million demons at the conquest of the world for Joseph Smith who died before they were born. Jehovah's witnesses are more than twenty million demons at the conquest of the world for Charles Russell who died before they were born. Branhamists are more than two million demons at the conquest of the world for William Branham who died before they were born. None of them wants You. What they want, it’s holy books and religions. It’s demons in human bodies.

40 O God, salvation is a mystery. If Tamar and Rahab are great-grandmothers of the Lord Jesus; if Noah all drunk with wine is true; if Martin Luther is true despite his position towards the Jews; if John Wesley baptizing by sprinkling in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is true; if William Branham fraternizing with evangelical priests and pastors like the Satanic Jim Jones who had more than 900 people dead, is true, then what will I say? Salvation is a mystery and no human can understand if You do not open his mind.

41 The pastors and the apostles and the prophets of the earth are convinced that they serve God while I have not consecrated them. They perform great wonders and miracles and the whole world admires them. They have supernatural signs in their lives, they preach great inspired sermons but they will all pass and will be forgotten with time but I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, in seventeen years, this is the 135th time that I speak but my words and actions will remain forever on the earth and in Heaven. They have all rejected me while I am the door of Heaven for their Salvation. 

42 They preach in temples, churches, mosques and synagogues, yet they have rejected me. They all reject me, and yet if Cornelius was alive today, the angel would tell him to come to me. They sing like angels; they give revelations; they perform miracles and wonders, yet they have rejected me. They say they have the Holy Spirit and they talk about eternal life and paradise, yet they have rejected me. They do not bow to the revelation. They do not want You. They do not want prophets coming on your behalf, even if this prophet comes down from heaven like an angel. They already have their gods, their religions, their words of god and their plans and programs for their Salvation. And how will they have communion with You in the paradise while they have no communion with You on the earth?

43 And when I see them act like animals, I am seized with fear because I would have been like them if there had not been an April 24, 1993 and my end would be hell. O God, Noah would not have been different from the religious people of his time if You had not revealed Yourself to him before the Flood. Moses would not have been different from the religious people of his time if You had not revealed Yourself to him in the burning bush. Paul would not have been different from the religious people of his time if You had not revealed Yourself to him on the way to Damascus. No prophet would have been different from the religious people of his time if You had not revealed Yourself to him.

44 O God, without You, man is nothing. When I am under your inspiration, in your presence, I am like a God, without sin and without weakness and I see myself above mankind and the creation and I see the paradise and I cannot contain your word in me. But when the inspiration leaves me, I become a normal man again and I reason and I am in fear, all strength leaves me and I sit like an unweaned baby.

45 O God of my fathers the prophets, thank you for this great good that You have done to this generation and if You will, allow me to walk on the lands of Africa and the whole world and let their waters and creeks and their rivers rejoice together with their sister, the Nile on the prophetic path dancing towards Egypt with both arms raised to heaven, holding Lake Victoria in one hand and Lake Tana in the other hand. And let their waters transmit this joy from place to place up to the Red Sea in Egypt and let lands and trees and animals and birds also rejoice together. And that in my time also, the sons and daughters of men on the entire earth may see with their own eyes, for the first time, a true prophet like those of the Bible walking on the earth as in the days of old. For it is in your name Jesus Christ that I, Kacou Philippe, your slave, I ask. Amen.