Words that Prophet Kacou Philippe spoke from Katadji, his village, on February 12, 2022

1 Words of mercy from the Lamb which I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I address to the whole world from my village for the 150th time, this February 12, 2022.

2  Well, for twenty years now, I have been making the Gospel entrusted to me for my generation known. And I have led many Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists and Confucianists to God. At 50 years of age, my past is certainly longer than my future on the earth. And I have started to make an assessment of my life so that I don't die with things that I will never be able to correct after my death.

3  I thank God for the love of His work that He has put in your hearts. On the internet, in the media and on the field, you have acted beyond my expectations, even the new apostles like Brothers Sihle Nkabinde from South Africa and Richard Atidigah from Ghana. And the Message is everywhere in the world. Also, I am glad that you call me Brother Philippe and especially of the fact that you have understood that asking to take pictures with me is not right.

4  Over these twenty years of ministry, I have always sought the will of God. Without the revelation, who am I? And every preaching of my Message has been according to the will of God. Since Kacou 146, what I have to do comes now to me as an order without me asking for it.

5   For example, when I wrote this letter of Kacou 150, I had a vision and behold, my preachers were sitting on the inner side of the main gate of Katadji. The gate was closed. Then I saw from the outside, a dark man standing in front of the gate. And having come out of the vision, I knew that the man outside was the first verses of Kacou 150 and the preachers sitting inside were the following verses. And I wanted to rephrase the first verses because I did not want to delete them.

6  And the next day I dreamt and behold, I was with the same preachers on the way to Rikediba and I drew water from a stream for all of us. The water was murky because a woman with some luggage on her head had just crossed the stream. And a man standing behind the stream said to me, "Spill the water away and draw again!" And I didn't want to spill the water away because the water had become clear in the vessel.

7  And I said, "Brother Akobé, carry the vessel of water!"  And the angel behind the stream shouted and said, "Spill the water away because of the first words and draw again!" And I was in fear and my disciples ran away to hide. And I did as the angel had said. And the dream left me. It was 12:30 a.m. and I could not sleep. And I deleted the first few verses and I redid the numbering of the verses.

8 A prophet is a slave and it is the will of the master that the slave does. If, one day, I have to pray for such or such thing publicly, to put God to the test, it will be because I will have received a sign to do so. The Lord Jesus Christ said, "I do nothing unless I see the Father do it first."

9 And the trips that I am going to make, it is according to the revelation of God. And this year 2022, I had a vision again. I saw a white horse standing on the horizon. And on the path of the horse stood a very strong white bull with two great horns raised to the sky. And the bull ran towards the horse and fought against the horse. And the horse was the strongest. And with its mouth the horse seized the bull behind the neck and threw it to the ground. And the bull was without strength. And the vision left me.

10 And I understood that the time of my trip is near. I am now waiting for the horse to run and I will see which country it will go to. I do not know which country I will go to first, but I must be ready as from this vision. It is no longer you who must come to the prophet but the prophet who must go to you. And don't forget the instructions in Kacou 148:53.

11 God gave me a ministry that He had prepared for a long time, before my birth. And many people had already been divinely prepared and were waiting for my day. Since 1998, Brother Tanty Kitenge in Congo Kinshasa had a dream and he had started to seek God. He told me: "In 1998, I was a branhamist and I had a dream that disturbed me. In the dream, we were students in a classroom. And a teacher came into the classroom and wrote on the board: "Redemption", then he started to give the whole course in an unknown tongue.

12 And at the end of the course, he addressed me. I stood up but I didn't know what he had said because I didn't understand the language. And as I was not saying anything, he said to me in French: Answer! And I said, Sir, you spoke in an unknown tongue. I don't know what you just spoke about. And he said to the class, ‘Clap for Tanty, he has got redemption! And the class was clapping and I woke up.

13  And I searched for the interpretation until one day in 2017, I received for the first time, a booklet of Prophet Kacou Philippe entitled: Kacou 30: The unknown tongue’. It was given to me by an evangelical pastor. When I saw the title, I kept silent and I said, This is redemption. This is the answer to my dream. It is through the contents of this booklet that I will be saved." And there are these kinds of dreams and premonitory visions related to my Message all over the world.

14 Well, now we have become very numerous on the face of the earth. And some believers are unknown to us because they are not connected to the internet. At the 2021 end-of-the-year meeting in Mozambique, it was reported that in 22 assemblies there, all the believers, including their pastors, did not have phones. And at the same time, in Eastern Congo-Kinshasa, in 21 assemblies, even the pastors did not have phones. Not to mention all the disciples scattered everywhere who are waiting for baptism like our Brother Edgar Maramara in the Philippines.

15 You have evangelised with all your strength, without me asking you to. Both men and women, you have had great zeal beyond what I expected. You have travelled great distances, often on foot, in the rain and in hunger, despite persecutions and humiliations. And the Angel of God completed your deeds, leading the elect to the sheepfold. When I didn't know I had a single believer in Cape Verde, a lady wrote to me and said: "Prophet, our father is 72 years old, he has lost his mind, he doesn't listen to anyone here. Every day he is on the internet watching and listening to what you say. Please talk to him for us." I did not reply to her. And now, my current concern is the life of the Message.

16 And with the Angel entering the scene since Kacou 147, it is the beginning of the maturity of the Church of the nations. God makes himself visible in our midst. What we read in the Bible, our eyes see it. And our daily lives should ring: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord" like the bells attached to Aaron's feet. He is there as the Holy God and the God of judgement to execute his sentences.

17 And at an evening meeting in December 2021, in an assembly in Venezuela, the Angel had passed close to the pulpit and the following Sunday, Brother Victor Barrio, the prayer leader, was in tears as he recounted this mysterious event. He said: "It was terrible, I was in fear, I would have died if I had a hidden sin."

18 Now, will our lives be able to cast out the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Angel and the Lamb again, and send Him back to the door of the Church as in Revelation 3:20? No. That is not possible. If He came down on April 24, 1993, it is to be with us up to the rapture. But if your assembly is cold and sitting in sin and you are not bothered, God can ignore you.

19 When you confess a sin of alcohol, sex or images and videos of sex in front of new souls, do you measure the harm you are doing to the assembly and to these new souls? Change your lives! The thirst for sanctification must dwell in every disciple in this Message. It must be a personal decision of every single one of us. And we must not wait for a manifestation of the Angel to fear God.

20 And when I saw the two angels ascending from the earth near the house of my father, if God had allowed me to look at them from a greater distance from the earth, I would have seen thousands of angels ascending into heaven. This was our resurrection and rapture. Since 2009, my father's house has moved to be in my home. And I knew that the angel who had spoken and the whole earth had shaken was me.

21 The angel had spoken a word of 2 to 4 syllables like a commandment. It seemed that he had spoken to the angel on his left, and his voice had shaken the whole earth and caused the resurrection of the dead. I had seen the two angels at 40 or 50 metres above the ground and their wings were not spread. It was an angel of God among men in a perfect camouflage.

22 When I was a pagan, the Almighty God who had revealed to me that, one day, Africans, Europeans, Americans and Asians would come to me to receive eternal life, had also revealed to me my resurrection and rapture with my lot. A prophet does not walk in ignorance because he has the mission to get his generation out of ignorance.

23 And this Angel that I saw was the Angel of judgment and purification. William Branham had seen this mighty Angel and the ministry of this Angel in Africa. And in the sermon: "Do you believe now?", preached on March 7, 1954, William Branham announces a prophecy for Africa saying: " And here's what will take place: The Angel of the Lord which come to me and told me to return to Africa. And He set me down in Africa and showed me a greater meeting than was there at the first time.

24 Then while I was standing there, while another Angel come down from the heavens. He looked like some sort of a red like garment. He was above me. He turned me to the east. And I seen all the African people here. And I couldn't recognize any. There were so many more than they was of these African people. And this Angel, above me, turned on a great big operating light, and begin to show back, like that. And just as far as I could see, was nothing but people. And it was up over hills and valleys. And they looked like the Indians. And then when this Angel above me spoke to the Angel that's with me, "There's three hundred thousand." Amen.

25   Now since the only time in 1951, William Branham never preached again in Africa. And you have to be in the time of Prophet Kacou Philippe to understand this vision with Indians in the lot of this African angel. It is the powerful Angel that descended from Heaven and that stood above William Branham who said: "There’s three hundred thousand". You see? Three hundred thousand saved out of twelve billion people who will have lived on the earth in a span of thirty years which my ministry would last. Is that possible? God knows. Elijah thought he was alone but God told him there were seven thousand. That means you can preach in a whole city without making a convert.

26 And this is the same cherub turned into light that spoke to Kacou Philippe above William Branham in the seventh seal. Ezekiel saw this same cherub with the burning coal. Daniel saw this same cherub. And sometimes he appears here with a red beret, sometimes there with a red garment because he is the angel of judgment. And the prophet messengers are cherubim because their ministry manifests apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers. And their voices are voices of archangels for the resurrection of their people.

27 And it is this mighty Angel who exercises judgment over the inhabitants of the earth in our time. And before paralysis, blindness, the thunders and lightning of God strike our enemies, these woes will first strike the workers of sin who are sitting here in this Message.

28 You remember how in 2005, one morning, Bah Hermann coming to my house in Locodjro had touched my door and he was like electrocuted. He shouted very loudly and turned back and was walking away, taking off his tie, his clothes and even what covered his private parts. And the crowd came from everywhere and said, "The prophet has made him mad". Pastor Akobé was present. Bah Hermann was taken to an evangelical prayer camp and then to the national psychiatric asylum in Bingerville. Today, he is no longer in this world. Challenging the Angel of April 24, 1993 has never turned in anyone’s favour.

29 And in Pretoria assembly in South Africa, Sister Faith always confessed that she doubted the Message. And on Sunday September 26, 2021, a woman named Esther who had just believed the Message, said she came from a church where the pastor is a sorcerer. And Sister Faith told her that, even here, Kacou Philippe must be a sorcerer. And Sister Faith was immediately struck with madness and began to shout.

30 And the congregation, seeing this mother take off her clothes and run into the street, was seized with fear. And they said, "O, the God of the Jews has come here!" And church members came running to pay their tithes. And Pastor Peter said that, for the first time, the assembly was so pious and there was a lot of money in the coffers. And the public confession lasted to the point that they confessed what is not a sin. And at that time, some preachers didn't want to go to the pulpit. A video of her was taken but I did not want the video to be public because of her nudity.

31 If you choose to challenge the Angel, also know that the Angel can find you at home. It is like Brother Erickson, another recidivist. One Sunday morning, he sent a message to his pastor saying, "Pastor, I'm preparing to come to the service but my head is spinning and I am losing my feet. Please, I have many sins to confess. And even this morning, I was going to lie at the public confession." The assembly never saw him again up to this day.

32 There is also the case of Brother Zadi Robert who is mentioned in Kacou 73:32. Brother Zadi Robert came to the Message since 2006. He had followed the gracist doctrine. For gracists, Salvation is based on the knowledge of the truth and the revealed mysteries. For gracists, Jesus paid for all of our sins on the cross and every effort towards sanctification is a rejection of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. For them, sin does not lead to hell.

33 And for a gracist, God gave the Jews the right to spoil the Egyptians and the nations. So spoiling an unbeliever is not a sin. It is a Muslim doctrine, that is why Mahomet and his disciples would cut roads and attack caravans. I, Kacou Philippe, can never spoil even my enemy who wants to kill me. We are under the same grace of God as the pagans we condemn.

34 Brother Zadi was a recidivist of sex sin. And on Sunday morning, December 26, 2021, he was going to the service. He was in perfect health. And as he was getting into the vehicle, a strange presence seized him, turned him around and forcefully propelled him towards his house. He said to me, "I went at an unprecedented speed." Despite being 70 years of age, he could have beaten any world champion in the 100m sprint. And he ran with all his strength to his front door and having missed the gate because of the speed, he crashed with extreme violence into the concrete post of the gate. He passed out. He was rushed to hospital. And there he was, paralysed of both legs, unable to sit, and suffered a head injury because of his head hitting the concrete.

35 Then he regained consciousness and wrote to me and said, "Brother Philippe, I met the Angel of April 24, 1993! Have mercy on me, beg God for me. I have many sins to confess." And I prayed for him because if he died in this state, he would go straight to hell. And he passed out again. And on January 11, 2022, he was taken to the operating room for the clotted blood in his head.

36 And the Angel kept Brother Zadi alive so that he would repent for his Salvation and that this would be a final warning to recidivistic sinners. He came out of the room alive and he remembered that Kacou Philippe is his prophet but he had forgotten se veral people he knew. And when he picked up his phone, he didn't know which of the numbers was 1, 3 or 9.

37 God is powerful and his acts are terrible. And such manifestations were not meant for us but for our enemies. To the point that an enemy in front of us will begin to howl and bark like a dog, or he will shout loudly and undress and begin to run naked. And fear will seize our enemies.

38 Now listen to me: In the vision of April 24, 1993, there was the Angel and there was also the Lamb. A sword was coming out of the mouth of the Lamb and another sword was in the Angel's right hand. And between the Angel and the Lamb, it all depends on whom you want to listen to. I, Kacou Philippe, since 2002, I have given you the sweet voice of the Lamb. And if you want to listen to the Lamb, you will listen to me and observe my commandments, and you will live. But if you prefer to listen to the Angel of April 24, 1993, that depends on you.

39 And when Brother Zadi's pagan parents started to put nappies on him like a baby, he wrote to me and said, "My father, I am in a dramatic situation, beg God to give me back my lower limbs and my kidney." And you who are listening to me, can you challenge the Angel of  April 24, 1993? Do you want to be struck by lightning on a Sunday morning? Do you want to be blind for the rest of your life? Do you want to be paralysed of both legs for the rest of your life, unable to sit down? It all depends on you.

40 Take heed to yourself today. What you think the Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples on earth would not have done, do not do it. And no matter how good the title of a movie is, as soon as that movie will not bring you anything, don't watch it!

41 You who still watch pagan movies, can you go to the cinema? You who watch videos of religious preachings without any reason, can you go and sit in their temples or churches? And being here in the Message, you must abandon useless chatter and talk. If being alone, you feel bored, then you are possessed by a demon and you will have many foolish dreams.

42 Are you aware that after your death you will lie in a grave and until the last judgement, you will not have the opportunity to come back to the earth to redeem yourself? And what will have watching sex photos and movies and football brought to you? And until your death, why will you sink like animals into your churches and religions and never repent?   

43 All religions on earth come from the same Satan. And in black Africa, all the churches, temples and mosques are Arab, European and American colonies or divisions and rebellions of those colonies. After the sharing of Africa at the Berlin Conference in 1885, the European Protestant churches also shared African countries amongst themselves. For example, in Ivory Coast,  the South was the Methodist colony since 1924. The North was the evangelical Baptist colony. The Centre was the colony of the Christian Missionary Alliance, CMA. The West was the colony of the Union of Evangelical Churches, UEESO. The assemblies of god church was in Burkina Faso and elsewhere. The Church of Pentecost was in Ghana and elsewhere. And this exists everywhere in black Africa.

44 So the Abidji, in the south of Ivory Coast, were Methodists until 1957, when, following the excommunication of their only son-pastor Akadjé Moïse by the Methodist church for reasons that are kept secret, the Abidji left the Methodist church. Then, instead of praying to God to guide them, they made contributions and gave the money to Akadjé Moïse so that he could go to Europe to bring them another church. Thus, in 1958, Pastor Akadjé Moïse went instead to Burkina Faso and brought, for the first time, the assemblies of god church on the soil of Ivory Coast, precisely in Katadji, his native village.

45   So the Abidji became the first assemblies of god with their Methodist temples. In the same year, 1958, a white settler consecrated Akadjé Moïse as the first pastor and president of the assemblies of god of Ivory Coast. In return, the Abidji made contributions and offered a car to this settler. The name of this missionary settler was André Brisset and he liked to walk around in shorts.

46   But in 1961, the Assemblies of god dismissed and then excommunicated Akadjé Moïse for multiple sins of sex and adultery. If Akadjé Moïse brought them the Pentecostal church, they would all be Pentecostals. If Akadjé Moïse brought them Guru Maradji, they would all be Guru Maradji. But after the political decolonisation of African countries in the 1960s, the religious decolonisation was not addressed.

47 Thus, a Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Branhamist who is honest cannot seek to evangelise a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Hindu. All the religions of the earth are colonies or branches of colonies. And the pot of a European is no holier than the saucepan of an Arab.

48 And I explained that Mahomet himself was a Catholic Christian. I showed this in Kacou 144 and Kacou 145. Islam is Catholicism. And a Muslim is a dishonest Catholic. Both have rosaries. One has pillars, the other has sacraments. One has a fast of 30 days and kills a sheep at the end of it. The other has 40 days of Lent and kills Jesus at the end of it. One speaks Arabic, the other speaks Latin. One shouts at 4 in the morning, the other rings the bell at 5 in the morning. One has holy water, the other has the water of Zamzam. One prostrates himself before caves and statues of Mary, the other turns around the stone of the Kaaba. One recites the rosary, the other recites the fatihah. And I could go on for pages and pages.

49 But my Message is especially addressed to Branhamists. They are the ones who could understand the notion of prophet and the fact that it is only a prophet who comes after a prophet, and with his own Message. It is written in Hosea 12:13. And a prophet can never walk with the Message of a past generation or the Message of a prophet who has already died. For example, Prophet Joshua could not walk with the Message of Moses.

50 In the booklet: "Christ is identified the Same in all generations", preached on April 15, 1964 in paragraph 100, William Branham says: "Now, when Moses come, he could not have took Noah's Message, or Noah took Moses' message. Neither could Joshua have took any of their Message." Joshua was a prophet with the same "Thus saith the Lord" as Moses, Joshua 24:1-2. And Joshua had written his own book, Joshua 24:26. God only recognises prophet messengers. That is why, any inspired work or song of a priest or from the work of a priest is a satanic work.

51 One cannot walk with the Message or the book of a prophet who died before he was born and go to heaven. It is impossible! All the priests of Israel, the pastors, imams, monks and Ephesians 4 and religious leaders that you see on the earth, they are volunteers in the harvest of God. Anyone who is not established by a living prophet messenger is a volunteer and it is the same today with all your religious leaders in all the religions. 

52 When there is war or a crisis in a country, there are volunteers and it is not the will of a volunteer that there should be peace with a president of the Republic or a prophet messenger. And the volunteer priests have always been against the living prophets. If God must establish an apostle, pastor, evangelist, doctor or prophet, it is necessarily through a living prophet messenger. And today, if Prophet Kacou Philippe has not established you, then you are a volunteer and it is Satan that you serve, you and those who follow you. Since 2002, I have repeated this to you over and over, and now the plagiarists of my Message are also repeating it to you.

53 In Numbers 3:10, God could have said to Moses, "Moses, I inform you that I have appointed Aaron and his sons as priests" but God said: "You Moses, appoint Aaron and his sons as priests". And in Leviticus 8, Moses appointed them as priests. But in the report, the whole Bible says that it is God who appointed Aaron and his sons to the priesthood. And Paul also says in Ephesians 4 that it was God who established some as apostles, others as prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors. Yes, it is God who establishes the ministries in the Church according to Ephesians 4:11. But how? By a living prophet messenger. And these things, a Muslim or a Catholic cannot understand them.

54 And many of my disciples were preaching against Islam and I was the one who told them to stop this because Kacou 144 and Kacou 145 are enough for a Muslim who is seeking God. And most of the Muslims who come here at the midnight Cry, do not leave their dirty pig life. Religions are just covers for sins. And if someone wants holiness and paradise after his death, his place is necessarily here with Prophet Kacou Philippe and the public confession, no matter how difficult it is.

55 And in the East of Congo-Kinshasa, a beautiful young branhamist called Evodie was living a prostitute's life. And when the midnight Cry arrived in the Congo, her parents rejected the midnight Cry but she believed and received the baptism despite her bad life. And because of the public confession, she went from sanction to sanction. One month away, three months away and even seven months away. She did not hide her sins. And after each sanction, she came back. And when I sent Apostle Martin to the Congo in 2019, he prayed for her and for all the weak in the walk. And Sister Évodie never fell into sin again until she got married this year 2022.

56 Brother Guigréhi also lived a bad life. To confess, he used to unfold a paper and read his confession. And he committed adultery with eight women whom he supported. And on October 2, 2021, he came to see me in Katadji. When he arrived in front of me, even before greeting me, he fell on his knees. I told him, "No Brother, get up! Take a seat on the chair." He said, "No, I am too unclean to sit in front of you, I want to remain on my knees." I got up and prayed for him straight away. And three months later, he happily came back to greet me with his bride. He said to me, "Brother Philippe, I am delivered. Since October 2, 2021, I have never committed a sin again. I have in me strength against sin." It is for these people that God sent me to the earth.

57 And like Sister Evodie, when your parents reject this Message saying: "What is this difficult Message where mums and dads confess their intimate sins in front of little children", you will say, "I will die on this path of holiness. At least there, one day, God passing by with his holy angels will see my bones and say: "Whose bones are these?", and the angels will say to Him: "These are the bones of Evodie, a sinner who loved holiness". Never go and die in the valley with the religions but stay here on the mountain until you die with the public confession and the living prophet of your time. No matter your life and the sanctions, and what anyone does to you, never leave this Message.

58  Why does the fifth angel come out with the burning coal? It is for our purification. Why do our souls go under the altar? It is for our purification. And why the public confession? It is for our purification because the rapture is near. And in the old covenant, the high priest isolated himself and sanctified himself for several days before entering the Holy of Holies.

59  And why will you watch photos and videos of sex? Are you happy when you come across a naked madwoman in the street? Do you know that when you look at a photo of sex on the internet, you are committing adultery and that, if after your marriage, your spouse also commits adultery, you should not complain? God has commanded saying, "You shall not take pleasure at looking at the nudity of your own spouse". And how can you go on the internet to look at the nudity of a woman who is not your spouse? Can you accept that your mother or your wife also goes and puts pictures of her genitals on the internet for your friends to look at it?

60 And you have become a slave of the internet. You cannot sit and meditate on your life but your reflex is the internet and impure or unimportant things. Is God responsible for your actions because He gave you eyes and feet? If you choose to challenge the Angel rather than listening to this word of the Lamb that I command you today, the Angel will answer you and you will understand. It all depends on who you want to listen to.

61 You say: "Oh, when I want to stop sinning, I can't." Okay, but in that case, explain to me why the sins and confessions of alcohol and sex photos and videos suddenly stopped in the Pretoria assembly when Sister Faith ran naked down the street? Why is it that at every manifestation of the Angel, there are worried faces and no one wants to take a responsibility in the Church? Do you want a church in which God is present or a church without God?

62  Even in the prisons, the Brothers defend the Message and you, are you free to live such a life? In 2021, Brother Honoré Maomy, a Guinean, was preaching when he was arrested by the police in Diécké and transferred to the prison of Yomou, very far from his wife and his children. Yomou is near Liberia, in a place which is difficult to access, yet there is a prison in Diécké. His offence: He preached publicly that all those who reject the Message of Prophet Kacou Philippe will go to hell.

63  He was in the yard of the Yomou prison but after his trial on  November 30, 2021, he was condemned and beaten and put in an isolation cell for fear that he would talk about Kacou Philippe to a prisoner. Since his arrest until today, he has always rejected freedom in exchange of recanting the Message of Prophet Kacou Philippe. And you who are free, must you live badly? Must you drink alcohol and watch sex photos and videos? If you do it, know that you have crossed the red line drawn before you since Kacou 147 by the Angel of  April 24,1993.

64  We know that there are weak people among us but a weak soul does not hide his sins. And you the assemblies, know that the time has come when we must understand that the fact of believing the Message and confessing our sins promptly, it is the evidence that we are all children of God. Children of one and same man can differ from each other in their behaviour.

65   So let us be aware that we are the same body. And the members of a body must support each other. This is the time when an assembly must decide of a fast for example on Friday, Saturday and break this fast on Sunday after the service, after calling all the weak and sick to the pulpit and pray for them.

66  At the end of the service, the preacher or a prayer leader will call them to the pulpit. They will kneel down, the leader will observe a minute of silence and ask the congregation, in a sitting position or on their knees, to beg God for their deliverance and healing. Then they will return to their seats.

67  Pray according to the Spirit of the Message of your time. In the past, the Jews used to call on God’s attributes according to their need. In the midst of war, Israel would not invoke Jehovah-Shalom or Jehovah-Rapha but Jehovah-Sabbaoth, the Lord of hosts. And it is the same today. Invoke the Angel and the Lamb for the forgiveness of your sins and for your protection. But being in sin, it is the Lamb of April 24, 1993, Him, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world that you must invoke and not the Angel with the sword. Even a robber does not ask a policeman for help.

68  You say, "Why do people do evil without fear in our country and the Angel does not smite them?" No, God is merciful and slow to anger. What He wants is our repentance. And because of the Angel's action, Brother Zadi was so repentant. And I begged the God of mercy that our Brother Zadi would live to confess because if he dies, he will go to hell. And God heard my supplication and had mercy on him. And in this month of February, God gave Brother Zadi his feet and his mind back, and my joy was very great. And Brother Zadi was so repentant that he cried when one of the girls refused to come and tell the assembly that she was not pregnant.

69   God is very slow to anger. Korah and Dathan, Abiram and the Jews were not struck as soon as they left Egypt. There were small signs of warning at first, as we can see it in our assemblies during public confessions. Keep your eyes on Kacou 147 and Kacou 148. And preachers must preach the fear of God and remind that, for things will not be the same as before.

70   And the most recent of the Angel's acts is in India. After more than five years of rebellion, on February 6, 2022, I tried to bring Brother Edward Johnson back. He was in perfect health. As soon as Apostle Yanick added him back to the group of India, he started talking there again like his wife Sumathy. Sumathy does not respect any of the three apostles of India. She is rebellious and blames the translation of the Message in Hindi and Tamil. And on February 6, Edward Johnson refused to listen to the Lamb and got ejected from the group of India again. And on Tuesday, February 8, his daughter informed me that he was in reanimation at the hospital and yesterday, February 11, he was in his coffin on the way to the cemetery.

71   When you see Brothers and Sisters fall in the middle of the public confession, it is to make you aware of the presence of the Angel and for the preachers to redirect their preaching. These are warnings but this time is coming to an end.

72   You have all acted together to gather the elect from the four corners of the earth, act all together to restore holiness in our midst. Let holiness be the concern of every single one of us. Think about it, talk about it, it is our last battle. I want to present a holy Church to God.

73   You have seen several videos, including one on a Brother of Mozambique who had confessed and fallen. He lives in masturbation and says he does not know it is a sin; and yet he has more than seven months in the Message and the Message condemns masturbation. Take heed for this time of warning is coming to an end. And what is coming could make news and cause great persecution against us.

74   Imagine what it would be like if the Angel struck Brother Zadi in the middle of the service. What would his pagan parents say? That is why, when a Brother or a Sister in your midst challenges the Angel, this must be a cause of concern to the whole assembly because that Brother is an enemy tempting God so that when he is struck by the Angel, the State and the police and the pagans will come after us. So far God has warned us but the time has come when you could be picking up dead bodies or tying up mad people as Pastor Peter of Pretoria did for Sister Faith.

75   The sentences always begin in the house of God. And you can run away from the Message but the Angel can find you on a Sunday morning where you are, so that others will not follow your example. In the desert, all the Jews who didn't want holiness and wanted to go back to Egypt, the Angel of Moses didn't give them the opportunity to run away.

76  The anointings and prophecies and shows that you have always seen and heard in the evangelical churches, forget about them! They are dramas and comedies of Satan. And if here the manifestations of the Angel should also and only be limited to making people fall during public confessions, it would be dramas and comedies of the same Satan. But the time is coming when the wicked one will leave his home on Sunday morning and instead of finding himself in the place of service, he will find himself in a hospital in a wheelchair or on a stretcher.

77  Despite this glorious Message and the public confession and Kacou 17:26, see all the sins that are committed here by some of us. Is this what I will one day present to God?  This is why I will never finish praising God for the presence of the Angel in our assemblies. It is impossible for the Church to attain holiness and perfection without the presence of the Angel Himself in the Church. And that is where we are. And the States and the police and the courts and the pagans must keep away from what is none of their business. The Angel's punishment is the consequence of a dirty life of sin. And we are not responsible for someone's dirty life. If anyone should be responsible, it is the State that allows nightclubs and rotten television and internet.

78  And today, this February 12, 2022, I prophesy and I warn you, you the States and the police and the courts and the pagans, by these words, because one day, your hatred will explode against us because of the acts of the Angel of April 24, 1993 who will strike with blindness, paralysis and even death. But you must know how to contain your anger. Know that for all your acts, you will answer one day before God. And I, Kacou Philippe, and my disciples will be your judges before God as you are our judges before men.

79   And the same cups and the same scales that you use to measure us on the earth, it is by these same cups and scales that you will be measured before God and before his holy angels. No matter what happens, do not judge what you do not know. The Jews have paid for 2000 years and their children and grandchildren continue to pay, how much more so you men of the nations! I warn you and I repeat: Do not judge what you do not know!

80  For 20 years now, we have been with you in the same schools, businesses and shops. We have been riding in the same vehicles as you. Everything I have preached, you know them. And we have no secret doctrines or practices, but you will fight us because you are in ignorance.

81  I know that you will give us names and labels that you want. And you will ask those who do not know us to tell you about us. You will act according to your desires and we will be like lambs in your hands but never will we submit. Whatever happens, we will never back down because we are already sacrifices. And with joy and like lambs we will go up on your altars.

82 Nothing can make us recant this Message. Neither prison, nor persecution, because this Message of the Lamb is the greatest thing that God has given us on this earth and it is through Him that we will see God. He is a yoke and a burden to the sons of darkness but He is a sweet dew and a joy to the sons of light.

83  O sweet midnight Message. What is this sweet little water flowing from the throne of the Lamb? Clear and limpid, flowing over the rock of ages and flowing to the four corners of the world? Sweet little water reflecting the light of the sun and the moon. Sweet little water guarded by the holy angels. Sweet stream! Eternal spring!  Sweet stream, so pure that nothing can stain or colour. The sun shines on it. I look and behold, its brightness lights up the earth with the light of midday. The stones of this river are precious stones.

84   The fish of this water are eternal, but when they come out of the water, they become serpents that disappear into darkness. And little children like angels of God bathe in it, and I watch them. And the brightness of the day is before me, while behind me and all around the river is darkness.

85  After the sweet Evening Light, I was watching, for it was by Africa that the Bridegroom of the nations would pass to reappear in the morning. After the evening in America, when the lightning comes to Africa, is it not by West Africa that it will first pass? I knew that the meridian arc which goes from America to Asia would pass near my tent in West Africa, just as 4000 years ago, the meridian arc which went from Heaven to the lands of Sodom passed near the tent of Abraham.

86  And I, like on April 24, 1993, I was watching on the slave dock on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. And behold, I saw a shepherd who seemed to be seeking his lost sheep. And I ran and bowed down on his path. And He said to me, "Son of the Shulamite, is there a prophecy for you? Let me pass, for it is late at night." And I said to him, "My Lord, your slave knows that my Lord coming from America would pass by West Africa near the tent of his slave. If your slave's poor tent was worthy of receiving my Lord, your slave would have asked my Sovereign Lord to enter your slave's tent and then your slave would let my Lord go." And I pleaded and begged. And behold, the shepherd granted grace and entered my poor tent. And the shepherd threw the end of his everlasting garment over my tent and behold, the clouds came from the heavens and covered my tent. And I glorified God for his grace upon me and upon my bondmen and upon my bondwomen. Amen.