Oracles that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on 17 April 2022.

1 Oracles that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have addressed this April 17, 2022 from my village, as warnings and ordinances concerning the acts of the Angel of April 24, 1993 on my people and on the nations and religions of the earth.

2 First of all, I would like to make some clarifications again. Pastors with at least 50 members in their assemblies and itinerant preachers can be added to the groups of assemblies. When an assembly has followed a false doctrine, all its members are also guilty, because they should have asked the preacher where it is written. The twelve months without coming to the service according to Kacou 146:70, does not apply to old people or to certain cases of health. And a Brother can eat with a Sister on the same plate if they are relatives or spouses.

3 Also, do not send me money again at all. Donations and first fruits and any money you want to send me, send them to Apostle Martin or Yanick for me. They will inform me. These donations and first fruits will help the very active Brothers around the world. And if in a country, you see someone who talks about the Message everywhere, making converts and who is poor, inform the apostles. There are now Brothers and Sisters in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, spreading the Message everywhere relentlessly. They have made it their daily work. The money is to help such people.

4 The mission of an apostle begins by founding assemblies and after that, this mission is to see to the observation of the Word and to the stability of the assemblies. When an apostle is incompetent or when problems are repeated in his country, the solution of the prophet is not to intervene to solve these problems but to either depose this apostle or to cast the troublemaker out of the Message.

5 And I, like a fool, I was online all the time, speaking here and listening there, or answering a so-and-so there, in the pastors’ and apostles’ stead, and leaving what I had to do. I thought I was doing the right thing, but that was not my role. And I have just established new apostles like Brothers Akobé Benjamin, Lucas Ntimane and Reagan Nsambu. And an apostle can decide that an apostle from another country should be in his group of ministers to help him.

6 Also, in countries with more than 25 assemblies, for a confession in the group of the country, it is only the leaders of the public confession and the apostles who will intervene and everyone will react to their interventions with emoticons. Also, it is with the permission of an apostle or a leader that a confession can be made in the group of the country. And a leader of the public confession can conclude a confession in the group of his country, always with the possibility for an apostle to cancel his decision. And when, instead of cancelling the decision of a leader, even in the assembly, an apostle validates it, the decision of that apostle cannot be discussed, even by another apostle.

7 Everything I have told you is based on God's revelation for our time. You know that I will not give my own words and an angel of God will come to confirm them and strike with death the one who opposes my words as a man. And if I simply say that he who returns to the Message and continues his evil life must be cast out, it is God’s word just like a Bible verse.

8 It is not necessary for me to say that I saw, in a vision, a man in military uniform standing, looking at the temple of God. And I saw him from the side. He said, "All those who are brought back to this place and who continue their evil life must be cast out forever." And he wrote that. And I said, "In this case, was it necessary to bring them back when they had been cast out or had left the Message?" And without looking at me, he said, "Yes!" And the vision disappeared. This angel was remarkable. He was tall and his skin colour was brown like the skin of the Ethiopians and the Fulani of West Africa.

9 Well, you can occasionally see a vision or tell someone the dream that he saw but this ability is part of the life of a prophet. You can see a dream or a mysterious vision like Nebuchadnezzar or Belshazzar. And people will try to interpret it according to their understanding but it is through a prophet that God will give you the true interpretation.

10 A Sister of Burkina had told me about a dream. And I wanted to ask her the details about the dream in order to understand it, when on the same day the vision of the interpretation came to me. And I had the interpretation of each symbol of her dream. And I had the vision of Prophet Ezekiel. And a crowd of lame people, lepers, cancer patients and sick people of all kinds had gathered in a cemetery, whose graves that were destroyed, had been restored. And they were all talking like madmen seeking to go and worship their dead prophets. A feeling of compassion came over me and I let them into my yard. And I gave them water to wash themselves.

11 Some poured their water onto the ground and became brigands or very attractive young girls of about 20 years old but naked, with only a kind of transparent black net covering their breasts and genitals. And I could see them from the back. And they were going into darkness while other women would wash themselves and become little girls of about seven years old wearing blue and white dresses.

12 And I saw in the vision that a vessel which is the vessel of the wise virgins was given to me. And the vessel contained the offering of the little girls. It was milk. And above the milk were five lines of blue words, written by hand. The words were different and the lines were of different lengths. And each of the five lines was the title of a song. And it is only the little girls in the blue and white dresses who know these five songs and who can sing them. And the writing was creamy blue on the milk and melted into the milk when I tilted the vessel. And the vision disappeared. 

13 And after this I saw myself on a mountain. And a cane was before me. And no one could come to the mountain, for at the foot of the mountain and all around the mountain, there were slave traders like Tuaregs riding on horses. And I saw on the mountain some badly dressed black girls. And another vessel identical to the first vessel was given to me. It contained pure transparent honey. I tasted the honey and behold, it tasted like oil. And I could not swallow it because it was neither sweet nor bitter. And I spat it out and asked the badly dressed virgin who was standing in front of the others: What is your name? And she said: Malita. And the vision disappeared.

14 The slave traders are the religious leaders of the earth. And the cane that I saw was like the one I had seen in another vision. And I searched it and found it on a French website. I received it from France but it was engraved on it: "Deutsche Wertarbeit". I tried to remove that but I could not. And I stored it away after an instruction. To reveal God's will is difficult but it is the greatest thing ever.

15 The kingdom of Heaven is made like a walk to Heaven with a man. There was a group dressed in white far in front of the man and another disordered group far behind him. And all of them were moving forward on a path like a bridge bordered by two ditches. And a multitude at the head of the front group was before the gate of Heavens. And from the group behind, one person jumped into the ditch and crossed it while another person passed through the man like a door and joined the front group in the clearing. The man in the vision seemed to be me. And I was astonished that the first person who crossed the ditch was the wife of a pastor.

16 The Angel of God in the midst of his people must be a cause for joy. And if the Angel strikes someone, never say in your heart: "If I knew it would be like this, I would never believe this Message". God who is just cannot strike our enemies while there are recidivists among us who hide sins. And one day, because of the recidivists, some pagan policemen will come and question us here.

17 The Angel has come to defend us. Our messenger is the Lamb, while the messenger of the pagans is the Angel. Who can speak to all these deaf pagans to whom this Message means nothing if not the Angel? Who can speak to those religious leaders who are at peace in their temples, churches and mosques if not the Angel?

18 On earth, there are those who listen to the Lamb through the living prophet of their time, while there are the pagans, recidivists and religious people whose messenger is the Angel. And if for 20 years, the voice of the Lamb could not wake up the nations, the voice of the Angel can do so in an instant. The earth ignored my ministry for 20 years because it was the voice of the Lamb but now it is the voice of the Angel.

19 What will happen? People will be speaking against Prophet Kacou Philippe and his Message in a house, a temple, a church, a mosque, a vehicle, a workplace or other and the Angel of April 24, 1993 will strike them. Some will fall mute and unconscious to death. Others will be struck with madness, blindness, epilepsy, paralysis and various diseases that medicine cannot cure. The miracles that the nations need are the same miracles that Moses gave to the Egyptians.

20 And after fighting against the Message, if someone is struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993, the solution is not the hospital but he must be taken to all the streets of his city, not in a car or a wheelchair or device for disabled people, but by walk or on a stretcher or on a cart like a wheelbarrow or a two-wheeled rickshaw for luggage shouting: "I announce to you that Kacou Philippe is the only true prophet of God on earth today and his God is the Only true God. Whoever does not believe in Kacou Philippe will go to hell. And whoever speaks or acts against him, God will strike him just as I spoke against him and I am struck as you can see."

21 And all those who listened to him without rebuking him must accompany him and help him. As many days as he has spoken against Kacou Philippe, so many days will he preach Kacou Philippe in the streets of his city. If he has become mute or mad and cannot speak, someone will stand beside him and speak for him. This is the commandment and ordinance for anyone who is struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993.

22 You say, "The time of Elijah or Moses when God struck with death was under the law but now we are under grace."No sir! Those who are under grace are not the disciples of money in your temples, churches and mosques but those who follow the Lamb and practice the public confession according to the commandment of the Lamb. For twenty years, you have been asking for signs that prove that Kacou Philippe is a true prophet; this is what God must give you.

23 If I give you a picture of a pillar of fire, you will not believe. But there, the Angel will go and find you in your houses, temples, churches, mosques and gatherings. And if you want to avoid talking about Kacou Philippe for fear of being struck, what will you do when you hear in the middle of a gathering: "I am the God of Kacou Philippe"? Will you keep quiet when you hear that someone that you know was struck by the Angel while speaking against Prophet Kacou Philippe?

24 How did the persecution come about in the time of the Apostles? Was it because they did not have the approval of the state? No! The only way the persecution can happen is when the Angel takes his place in the Church, striking dead Ananias and Sapphira and the enemies of God inside and outside the Church. This is what led to the persecution and rapture of Elijah. And it is what will lead to the persecution and rapture of Elijah and Moses in Revelation 11.

25 The day before the Flood, the Angel was already in the ark. Noah had brought out the dead bodies of men and animals before the Flood. And here, before the rapture of the nations, the Angel will be in the Church and there will be many dead. And no uncircumcised pagan will be able to enter the Church.

26 Something very big that the nations have never seen is about to happen. And the Bible says in Romans 8 that even the creation is awaiting this for its liberation. If I don't fulfill it, another prophet will. What God showed to the Egyptians by the hand of Moses, what God showed to Israel by the prophets, God will show it here among the nations. And the Angel's sword that I saw was short and double-edged and therefore could not be a sacrificial knife. It is the universal sword of battle, usable in every place and in every circumstance.

27 You say, "O, I am afraid to tell my parents about the Message, the Angel will kill them." Do not think like that, because the Angel also strikes pagans. Everywhere, before preaching the Message, you must just warn the enemies. No one has the right to stop you from speaking and you should not keep quiet in the face of intimidation.

28 When you preach and people oppose you, say calmly: "Do you know Moses, Elijah and Elisha in the Bible? When you call Kacou Philippe an antichrist and a false prophet, do you mean that his God is a demon? So, are you challenging the Angel of April 24, 1993? Let him who is ready to be struck with madness, blindness or paralysis continue while I speak!" Speak in this sense without doubting until they stop you or until everything calms down, and leave the rest in the hands of God.

29 If it's on the street, even if it's a policeman, tell him, "I'm preaching on God's earth. I'm not in a rented room for me to ask for someone's permission. In Luke 3:14, the policemen did not come to stop John the Baptist from preaching. And if you stop me, the Angel of April 24, 1993 will make you pay for your action." It is because of recidivists like Achan that a policeman can seize our materials of evangelism and God says nothing. God help us!

30 If you are talking about the Message and someone prevents you by all means, tell him calmly that many acted like him and have been struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993. Some went mad, blind and even some have died. Even if someone speaks insults and blasphemies, tell him that in a calm way, in a spirit of love and not in a spirit of curse or revenge like a Muslim. Do not tempt him! If you tempt him for him to be struck, it is you whom the Angel will strike. What you do not wish God to do to your parents, do not wish it to anyone.

31 When someone insults the prophet in front of you, never wish in your heart that God would strike him. Have mercy on him and speak to him with love. Remember that there was a time when you were a pagan like him. You cannot wish death or evil on someone if you are not a demon yourself. Your enemy is rather the one who sits with you here in the Message and commits sex sins and hides them. That is why the sanction for any sex sin or alcohol must be severe. And for the hidden sex sin, it will necessarily be seven months outside or cast away from the Message forever. And since Kacou 146, the one who receives a second sanction of seven months outside must no longer return to the Message.

32 If the Angel came down on 24 April 1993, it was to protect us, not to kill us. Let us rejoice of his presence. The voice of the Angel is for our enemies, and if someone prefers to listen to the voice of the Angel, he must wait for the Angel outside. We must not fear the Angel like the Jews.

33 In Joshua 5, when Joshua told the Jews about the Angel's return to the camp of Israel, there was desolation and many were afraid. They said, "This Angel will kill our enemies and will kill us too. And when this Angel starts to kill us, Moses is not here to stop him, how are we going to do? Joshua, are you sure that this is the Angel of the burning bush that you saw?

34 And the Jews were already imagining the death of all those among them who loved to watch sex photos and videos. And the ungodly Jews were murmuring, saying, "But this Angel, why does He leave the people who worship Satan in temples, churches and mosques and He comes to kill us, we who have at least accepted the Message of the Lamb?" And the Bible says that in the days of Moses, the earth opened and thousands who spoke this way were buried alive. And those who were troubled and fled, the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed them with 250 priests.

35 Then Joshua stood up and said to all Israel, "All of you Israelites, be strong and make yourselves holy! We are Israel with a living prophet and an angel in our midst. And in the walk, you will see that the Angel in the camp of Israel, it is more glorious than all the police and courts of the earth. Adonai will deliver all the churches and religions of the earth and their leaders in our hands and all the earth will see that it is us the true people of God and that Adonai is the Only true God. All that Adonai asks from us is holiness."

36 And Joshua reminded Israel of the commandments of the Lamb, saying, "You shall never have sexual intercourse with someone who is not your husband or your wife. You shall never put your mouth on the breast or genitals of your spouse. A man shall never approach his wife from behind like a dog. And in case of adultery with a married woman, you shall go to her husband with a witness to ask for forgiveness. You shall never take a picture or video of a woman's nudity. You shall never download or watch a sex photo or video on your phone, computer or television."

37 And you who have believed in me, Kacou Philippe, learn to live in holiness on the earth, for one day you will live in holiness before God. My ministry is the spiritual aspect of Moses' ministry. If you think that the Message of Kacou Philippe is hard, tell me what this means: Taking people from Egypt and going and putting them in the Sinai desert for 40 years. During the day, it is emptiness everywhere, it is a scorching sun over their heads and burning sand under their feet. No cry of birds or animals, it is emptiness. And at night, it is freezing cold and deadly silent.

38 Will those people be happy in this desert? Will they confess that they lusted after a badly dressed pagan woman or that they watched impure photos and videos on the internet or on Canal Horizon? Now put Kacou Philippe in the place of Moses and the desert of Revelation 12:14 in the place of the Sinai desert. And then, the Message of Kacou Philippe in the place of the Law of Moses. And finally, the Angel and the Lamb and the public confession in the place of the Angel of the burning bush and the sacrifices of Moses, and everything is perfect.

39 The suffering Jews in Egypt had cried out to God and God had sent them a saviour, Moses, who saved them. But it was an earthly Salvation among fiery serpents and the Canaanites. But when the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest saviour of the Jews came, He came with eternal deliverance that will never end. The Lord Jesus Christ did not develop Nazareth, Jerusalem and all of Israel with tarred roads, electricity and jobs. He did not drive the Arabs and Romans out.

40 And when God rescued Black Africans from Egypt and gave them the richest land and best climate on earth, the suffering was still there. And to the cries of these Africans from the Arab and European slave ships to the black migrants dying in the Mediterranean, God sent them Kacou Philippe, a saviour for eternal deliverance that will have no end according to His promise in Isaiah 19:19-20.

41 All of you, people of the earth, on April 24, 1993, as a prophet, I saw the Angel descend from Heaven and stand on the waters. He had a sword drawn in his hand, ready to strike the nations. And the Lamb had pleaded with the Angel for us so that the Angel would not kill us. And the Lamb gave me Kacou 1 to Kacou 146 for us so that everyone who believes will not perish but you refused to listen to me.

42 And 20 years later, you are still on the earth, defiling the earth, and this Angel has reappeared unhappy and angry like on April 24, 1993. On April 24, 1993, we all deserved to die, but the Lamb had pleaded for us. On that April 24, 1993, the Lamb spoke in pain because of all the sins that were being committed on the earth, the Lamb was writhing in pain as He spoke. And because of the Lamb, the Angel with the sword did not strike us dead. And 20 years of grace were given to us with the Message of the midnight Cry.

43 Nineveh repented in just one day of preaching. But to us, 20 years of preaching were given. And after these 20 years, the Angel reappeared and found you in your same temples invoking Satan in the name of Buddha and Krishna, in your churches invoking Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and in your mosques invoking Satan in the name of Allah. For 20 years I have been repeating to you that all your religious leaders in all religions are only disciples of money and enemies of God and you have not listened to my voice.

44 And in spite of my ministry, you became even worse and you called me an antichrist and a false prophet and imprisoned me. And you are still members of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Bahaism and Sikhism. And what should this Angel do now? 

45 Do you know that the Angel of April 24, 1993 fills the whole universe and therefore He is the Ruler over all the earth? Do you know that it is He who shook the great powers of the earth and sent Capernaum to the bottom of the sea? It is He, the Almighty God, who sent me on April 24, 1993. And this Angel can shake the whole earth and you will fall like ripe fruits and your wealth will not be able to save you.

46 Let all the earth know that those members of churches and religions and their leaders that you see on the earth will all go to hell. The prophets always restore the reign and fear of God on earth while the churches and religions remove this fear from the earth. Every pagan has a fear of God but when he goes to a church or religion, this fear leaves him. And this is the mission that Satan has given to all the churches and religions of the earth.

47 Let the whole world know that these members of churches and religions and their leaders that you see, it is Satan that they worship in their temples, churches and mosques. And Salvation has never been their concern. One Brother told me that when he was a parish counsellor in the evangelical church of Cameroon, he had many questions about his Salvation. He was afraid of going to hell. And he had a dream in which someone gave him a white Bible with scriptures in an unknown tongue and said: "It is through this book that you will have Salvation". And he woke up.

48 So he looked for this white Bible in all the bookshops of Cameroon but he couldn't find it. He asked everyone but no one knew about this Bible. And one day, an evangelical pastor, to whom he told the dream, said to him, "This white Bible must be a strange doctrine that you will receive. But until then, come to our church." And later, when the Brother came across the Message of Prophet Kacou Philippe, he knew that the Message was the white Bible in an unknown tongue. And he believed and was happy with the assurance of the Salvation that he was seeking.

49 You see? This evangelical pastor had understood the dream of the Brother well, but if Salvation was his concern, he was going to say to this Brother: "Swear to me that when you discover this strange doctrine, you will come to inform me about it". But he said instead, "Come to our church" because Salvation was not his concern.

50 And on Sunday, September 26, 2021, in Serenje in Zambia, in the middle of the street, the wife of a Branhamist pastor who was speaking insults and blasphemies against Prophet Kacou Philippe fell down in a very violent way. And having regained consciousness with some help, she said, "I wanted to say that Kacou Philippe is a demon and I fell". But despite that, she is still a Branhamist until now and even avoids any place where the name of Kacou Philippe is pronounced.

51 You see? They are all the same in their churches and religions. Their concern has never been Salvation but money and the well-being of their churches and religions. And soon God will make them hear the name of Kacou Philippe in their worship place. I prophesied it in 2012 in Kacou 109:3 and it will happen! All these churches and religions and their members that you see on the earth are uncircumcised pagans and Salvation has never been their concern.

52 A politician, a Muslim, a Hinduist, a Catholic, a Protestant, an evangelical or a Branhamist is an uncircumcised pagan. And if these uncircumcised pagans fight us without being worried, it is because of the recidivist mixed multitude in our midst and also because of the dispensation of the Lamb. But since Kacou 146, it is now the dispensation of the Angel. The cases of deaths that we are seeing were not like that from 2002 until Kacou 146.

53 There was a time when in the dispensation of the calf, I saw that the Angel held the Lamb by the horn like the high priest Melchisedec and the sword was drawn in his right hand as if he wanted to slaughter the Lamb. And I wondered: The Lamb was given as a sacrifice 2000 years ago on the Calvary tree, why is the Angel still holding Him with a sword drawn in his hand as if to slaughter Him?

54 And now I see that the Angel stood there as the captain of the army of Jehovah and the guardian of the word of the Lamb. And the Angel's sword was double-edged and therefore could not be a sacrificial knife. And since Kacou 146, all those who have heard the voice of the Lamb are standing on the waters in the Lamb, and the Angel is their guardian because of the word of the Lamb in them.

55 And also according to the position of the Angel and the Lamb above the waters, if someone were to throw some stone at the Lamb, that stone could go in the direction of the Angel. And one stone, two stones, three stones, ... and one day a stone will reach the Angel. And the Angel does not forgive sins, it is the Lamb who forgives sins.

56 But before the pagans, God, who is just, always begins the judgements and sentences in his own house. In the Pabong assembly in Congo-Kinshasa, Preacher Michel Umulya was acting in rebellion. Then in September 2021, he left the Pabong assembly with some church members and opened another assembly. And on Sunday March 6, 2022, after service, Pastor Pierre and two elders went to his house to try to bring him back. But he had spoken arrogantly for ten minutes, calling the Pabong assembly satanic. He was in perfect health.

57 But a few minutes after Pastor Pierre and the elders had left, Umulya's son phoned, asking them to come back quickly because his father Umulya had fallen silent, his eyes open, his body stiff. The pastor and his elders refused to return. His family rose up against us. And despite all the efforts of the doctors, on Tuesday March 8, 2022 which is the third day of the coma, Michel Umulya's body became cold and stopped breathing. Michel Umulya left the land of men without being able to regain consciousness or speak. His family finally calmed down and invited us to the funeral but we did not go.

58 And here in Abidjan, Brother Enoch, in charge of evangelism at the Koumassi assembly, had committed a sex sin with a pagan woman whom he had brought into his house. And he had stopped coming to the service for fear of being struck by the Angel. But he was struck and called Pastor Pascal. But his condition worsened so quickly that he could not come to the service to confess. He had a surgery on his genitals and went into a state of madness after receiving prayer from evangelicals. And on March 15, he informed Pastor Pascal that a force was driving him to undress himself and run around the hospital. On March 17, 2022, when his parents took him to his home village, he no longer spoke. And on March 28, 2022, when we were able to reach his family, Brother Enoch had already been buried for a week.

59 The most serious mistake is when you seek the help of Satan through Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders. Sister Rita of the Malanje assembly in Angola just had a stomach ache. And under the ruse of her parents, she let an evangelical pray for her and the madness started right away until now. Even at the point of death, never let a member of those churches pray for you.

60 Also, Sister Amoin Angèle had stopped coming to the service. And despite exhortations from her pastor with the case of Brother Zadi Robert, she wore trousers and put false hair on her head. She said to the pastor, "What is this hard Message? My time has not yet come to follow It well. Don't force me!" And she was immediately struck with the early signs of madness. And she was talking over and over. The medicines had no effect.

61 And instead of coming to confession, she preferred to have evangelical pastors pray for her. And after receiving their prayer, she got up and ran into the bush. And when her parents found her in the bush, they tied her up and took her to a prayer camp of a prophetess. And there, Sister Angèle was chained to a tree without food, without water and a heavy rain fell on her. And she died there, tied to the tree, on Monday March 7, 2022, the 4th day in chains.

62 And many Brothers and Sisters were scared and feared to preach the Message to their parents for fear that their parents would be struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993. Know that the Angel also strikes pagans. And if you do not preach the Message to your parents so that they may be saved, one day, your parents will also lead you to hell by sending you, sick, into the arms of an evangelical demon or other. There are many very hard things that I cannot say here. I don't want to scare anyone but I beg you to be aware that we have passed from the phase of the Lamb to the phase of the Angel.

63 And the acts of the Angel are not only among us but also among our enemies and adversaries. And in Goma, Congo-Kinshasa, Samuel Baka, the husband of a Sister was fighting against the Message despite his wife telling him about the acts of the Angel. And the day he tore up the booklets and burnt the picture of the prophet that his wife had brought home, he was struck by the Angel. And seeing that he was swelling from the feet up with sores as if he was burned by fire, and could not walk, and seeing that the doctors could not do anything, he asked for baptism. And he was lifted up and taken to baptism and he got baptized. And after a very long agony, he died on March 18, 2022 which is the tenth day after the baptism.

64 I am only a poor sinner saved by grace and insulting me or burning my picture is nothing but you don't know when your actions and words and stones can touch the Angel of April 24, 1993. In a vision I could not climb a mountain and from above the mountain, I saw a white cloud in human form walking inside me, moving me towards the top of the mountain. It was like the appearance of bone in the X-ray of a human body. And this cloud in me, it is He who is the messenger of Matthew 25:6. 

65 In Africa, in Europe, up to America and Asia, there have been acts of the Angel everywhere. You remember the death of Brother Edward Johnson in India, struck by the Angel like Umulya and taken to hospital on February 10, 2022 and he died on February 11. And his wife accused us of killing her husband, yet she supported him in his rebellion against us. And even the day before February 10, he was warned in a dream.

66 And a Brother was testifying of the Message to his parents. And his brother's wife prevented him with blasphemies. And the Brother said to her, "Madam, stop everything you are saying. These days, many who act as you are doing are struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993. Even, we who are in the Message, if we hide our sins, we are also struck by the Angel." But she continued and she was immediately struck with madness. And her feet began to swell. And when the hospital saw no illness, the parents asked the Brother what they should do for the woman's recovery. The Brother asked his pastor and the pastor told him to deny that it was the Angel for fear that the matter would be taken to the police if the woman died. And the woman died on March 27 in great pain.

67 And oftentimes, medicine does not see the illness from which the person suffers. And in Ghana, a woman still had insults and blasphemies in her mouth because of her son who believed in Kacou Philippe when she was struck by the Angel. And she became paralyzed and unable to speak. Then she went into a deep coma before dying.

68 And you pagans and religious leaders, do you know that when you call me an antichrist, it means that it is the Angel of April 24, 1993 that you are calling a demon? When I say that your religious leaders in your temples, churches and mosques are kulunas, delinquents and uncontrollable outlaws, it is in virtue of a direct mandate from God received on April 24, 1993 that I say it. But you, what mandate do you have from God to say that Kacou Philippe is an antichrist or a demon?

69 No one has the right to speak against Prophet Kacou Philippe and his Message. Even if you spoke against him in the past, until Kacou 146, do not do it anymore! Kacou 146 is the red line and the end of the dispensation of the Lamb. There was a time when it was the Lamb and you heard: "I Kacou Philippe, prisoner". But since Kacou 147, it is: "My Angel will go before you".

70 Now is the time of the Angel. And you, an uncircumcised pagan, if you do not want to listen and believe in Prophet Kacou Philippe, then when someone speaks against Prophet Kacou Philippe, keep silent and leave his presence! This is a commandment that I give you! When someone speaks against Prophet Kacou Philippe in your presence, whether it is in a temple, a church or a mosque or in any other place, he is your enemy, get up and leave the place if you cannot stop him.

71 I prophesy that from now on, many religious leaders in the pulpit, speaking against Prophet Kacou Philippe will fall and many will die. And in this case, the members of his community will invite a disciple of Kacou Philippe who will come to speak to them in this place and pray for them and the curse will leave them.

72 And if a religious leader collapses in the pulpit while speaking against Prophet Kacou Philippe and he does not die, the solution is not the hospital but Kacou 151:20. His whole community will carry him on a stretcher and make a procession with him across all the streets of his city shouting: "We announce to you that Kacou Philippe is the only true prophet of God on earth today and his God is the Only true God. Whoever does not believe in him will go to hell. And whoever speaks or acts against him, God will strike him just as our leader spoke against him and he got struck as you can see him on this stretcher." As many days as he spoke against Prophet Kacou Philippe, so many days will he be taken around on the stretcher and the curse will leave the members of his community. And God will decide his fate, life or death, according to his actions.

73 The God of Prophet Kacou Philippe is the God who has power and dominion over all churches and religions and over all the inhabitants of the earth. And these are the commandments and ordinances for anyone who is struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993. But if you do not do this, the curse will rest on you and your house and your children and your plantations and your businesses. If anyone speaks against Prophet Kacou Philippe and his Message before you, you have to rebuke him or leave his presence so as not to share his curse.

74 From Egypt until the Messiah, God judged and struck Israel to whom He sent prophets. But the time has now come when He will show the nations that He is not only the God of Israel but the only God of the universe. In the courts of our nations, we are judged by a law of men that we do not know. But for the past 20 years, by all means, God has made His present commandments known to all mankind through my Message. 

75  Thousands of prophets in Israel, believing that they were ministering in the name of Jehovah, were killed, slaughtered. And why will the same God let the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders worship Satan and seduce the earth forever? Why will God let the leaders of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Bahaism and Sikhism act without fear forever when He is the supreme God of the universe?

76   Millions of Jews were struck with diseases and curses and millions of them died horribly for opposing some prophets or some saints. And how, among the nations, will the same God allow their posterity who oppose me and my Message, to live in peace?

77 Everything that needs to be said for the Salvation and warning of the nations, I have said it. Either you accept it for eternal life or you reject it for hell after your death. But if you decide to fight me or be an obstacle in the way of my Message, your life on the earth will be shortened or reduced to suffering. There are already many madmen and blind and paralyzed and dead people, and this is only the beginning.

78 When tens of little children are torn apart by bears for mocking Prophet Elisha, what would it be of you old ungodly people who refuse to read or listen to the Message of God that I have preached, and who speak against me? You have always done that without fear or worry but from now on, it is a new time. Kacou 146 is the red line where the Angel of April 24, 1993 unveils Himself with his sword drawn in his hand. And it is thousands of wicked people who could fall during my ministry.

79 When you speak of me Kacou Philippe without fear, even to the point of insults and blasphemies, who is it that gives you this bad advice? If an African traditional fetish priest stood in my place with fetishes tied to him and a human skull around his neck, would you not be afraid of him? But why does Kacou Philippe, a prophet from God like Moses, mean nothing to you? Do you have more fear for Satan than God?

80 And in Uganda, a woman was fighting against the Message since 2018. She was smearing the image of the Message and the prophet to her neighbours, visitors and even to passers-by whom she does not know. And when Kacou 147 was published, her husband who is a Brother warned her so that she would not be struck. And as soon as she continued, she was immediately struck with blindness and several other diseases with a kind of leprosy that medicine does not know.

81 The skin all over her body was numb, with sores as if she had received a general anaesthetic. And all the examinations of the hospital having revealed that she was fine, she started to explain the Message around her and even to her parents and to come to the assembly with her sister. But the Brethren were suspicious of her because they saw that she was pretending. She said, "Oh, this Message is the whole truth! Kacou Philippe is the only true prophet! Thank you Lord! I believe entirely! I am ready for everything, including baptism." But the Brothers did not baptise her. And after a while, she stopped coming to the assembly. She was not healed, but she also did not die. And I was glad that at least this one did not die.

82 For twenty years, I have spoken to all the world and many have believed in me, but to the religions and pagans I am a madman, a barking dog. And now we are at the end of this ministry. Have I been a liar who fabricated himself a vision and a Message? The time has come to find out. While those who have believed are struck, will those who have rejected this Message be at peace in their evil lives? The time has come to find out. It is a decisive time. It is now the time of He who has sent me. And he that can understand, let him understand.