Revelation that Prophet Kacou Philippe gave from Katadji, his village, on October 28, 2023

Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I gave to the Saints on this October 28, 2023, as an ordinance on the spiritual gifts and their manifestations.

In the news, it is Israel again. Saturday, October 7, 2023, was the day of Simchat Torah, after Yom Kippur. It was from the Jewish Shavuot and Simchat Torah that the Arabs created the night of destiny, the so-called descent of the Quran after Ramadan. Ramadan is an imitation of Yom Kippur. In the past, Jews used to gather on the day of Simchat Torah to celebrate the Torah. 

But this October 7, instead of Hakafot, Jews who had come from all over Israel had gathered near Gaza to celebrate a party of depravity called Rave Party. It's a very impure party. It's a festival of nudity and sex, more impure than parades of homosexuals. And the Jewish residents of the kibbutz and the surrounding neighbourhoods had not come out with signs and banners to oppose this impurity. 

4 And on the morning of October 7, 2023, a group of armed Palestinians had come from Gaza and killed 260 of those impure Jews and captured 163 others. These Jews were in the middle of an exotic dance. It was a gigantic outdoor pornography set. Their skins were covered in tattoos like snakes.

If it had been in the time of the Lord Jesus, the Pharisees and Sadducees would have risen up against those impure Jews on this October 7, 2023, before the Palestinians arrived. But today, Christians are condemning the Palestinians who did well on this October 7, 2023, though. 

As long as Israel strengthens itself in sin to defile the land of the Lord Jesus Christ and the prophets, God will raise up harder, stronger, and more violent than the Palestinians and Hezbollah. 

Israel's greatest enemies are the Christians. What do Christians do about the parades of homosexuals and the many impure parties that defile Israel every year?  Nothing! And since Christians refuse to play their role in getting Israel to become aware of its sinful condition, God has raised up for Himself, Hezbollah and the Palestinians to fulfill His will. Kacou 119 to Kacou 124 already reveal Israel's future fate. And it is by defending Israel that God will break the strength of the United States of America.

The other news is the death of Billy Paul Branham, the eldest son of William Branham, on Thursday, October 19, 2023. And because God is currently speaking about dreams and visions, his last word was: "I had a dream". And in the dream, Billy Paul was tired because the Branhamist pastors who had to take him across the river were all busy with their business. And it is all the believers of William Branham's Message who are tired because of their merchant pastors, builders of cathedrals. 

William Branham had seen this in the Seventh Seal, reference 299. On one side, the Light was speaking to someone else above him, continuing his Message at midnight. And on the other side, he saw the Branhamists all happy in their cathedrals.

10 There are people on earth who have sacrificed their souls. And they are their pastors, priests, monks or imams who are their prophet messengers. No matter what you tell them, they will never believe unless it comes from their wicked guides. 

11 Well. Through Kacou 156, we have learned that when you have mouth-to-mouth kissing, the saliva you receive from your partner will not be eliminated in the excrements or urine. This saliva will therefore become ulcers, angina pectoris, tumors and cancers, and other endless diseases in your body. It may tarry but one day it will get to you. Do not touch any product with the goal of stimulating your sexuality. Every action contrary to nature that you do will have consequences on you. 

12 I have also heard that there are men and women who put their mouths on their partners' breasts like babies. This is unusual. Even animals don't do that. A person who does that is not a human being, but he’s a humanoid. Normally a breast that has undergone this is cursed and must have a tumor or cancer to be cut off. Skin bleaching, make-up, false hair, sexual stimulant products, and indecent clothing are spirits of sex. Know that every sin is paid for. 

13 And all of you who believe in me, also know that doing a thing which is in accordance with the Bible can be a sin. Make sure through a revelation that you must do what you do. Even if it is correct according to the Bible and the Message, you need a revelation. That's why God gives us dreams. And spiritual gifts do not come to put an end to dreams or diminish the importance of dreams.

14 To ignore a dream is to mock God who is speaking to you. Dreams reveal our sins to us. And those who have night defilements are those who despise dreams. Like the forgetting of dreams, there is no such thing as normal night defilement; it is always the consequence of a sin. And if a pastor or preacher often has night defilements, he must leave his office by giving this reason and go and put order in his life.

15 And thanks to the Message, you know that the meaning of a thing in a dream depends on the dream. For example: marrying the wrong woman, it’s buying a shoe that doesn't fit your foot. Whereas a shoe can symbolize zeal in another dream. And Olivia, Elise or Christine can symbolize churches. And Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, artificial intelligence, and other social networks can be symbolized by men or pagan women ready to engage in prostitution with anyone who wants it.

16 Now, someone asked me: "At what times of the day should we pray? As for the day, it should be in the morning, when we haven't spoken with people yet. As for the night, since sleep is also a purification, it should be when we first wake up in the night. If you feel heavy when you first wake up, check your diet. Outside these two times, you can pray as you are led to. And your prayer must not disturb anyone. 

17 Well. The chapter on dreams and visions is over. And now it’s on spiritual gifts that the subject on prophetism will end. This was the last goal of my retreat on the mountain. Dreams keep their position despite spiritual gifts. So, if you see a dream about someone, you must tell him with or without the interpretation. The one who sees a dream is not necessarily the one through whom the interpretation comes, just as the one who speaks in tongues is not necessarily the one who interprets it.

18 Also, know that the advent of spiritual gifts goes along with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There is no spiritual gift without the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gift, it’s also the bow and the arrow. And I have prayed that the fire of the Holy Spirit may consume everything Satan and sin have deposited in us.

19 After prophetism and dreams and visions, it was inevitable that I speak about spiritual gifts because prophets and prophetesses are the ones who have the monopoly of spiritual gifts. And I have decided that minor prophets should add the title of “prophet” or “prophetess” to their profile.

20 Well. In any circumstance, give priority to prophecies. A doubtful prophecy can be ignored. But if a prophecy is confirmed, it must be applied. If it is not confirmed, you can decide to apply it or to seek its confirmation before applying it. Even if a prophecy is in conformity with the Bible, it needs to be confirmed by a prophet or another prophecy. A speaking in tongues interpreted by another person is a confirmed prophecy. 

21 The time interval between a prophecy and its confirmation or between a speaking in tongues and its interpretation is very short. In general, it's less than ten seconds. It's a bit like a preacher and his interpreter. But an interpretation can come beyond ten seconds. The speaking in tongues comes with the pronunciation and accent of the language. It's as if the language was your mother tongue. In the same way, the interpretation of tongues keeps the rhythm and characteristics of the speaking in tongues.

22 If while someone is speaking in the assembly or pulpit, or while the assembly is singing a song calmly, a prophecy, or speaking in tongues sounds, the assembly must observe a short moment of silence. And from now on, after a sermon, at the request of the preacher, a silence of about ten seconds should be observed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

23 A prophecy can give a Brother the right to go up to the pulpit while he considers himself unworthy. If you think that, while someone is speaking, even in the pulpit, the prophet can interrupt him, then know that the Holy Spirit can interrupt anyone, including the prophet. And if during the preaching a prophecy comes from the Holy Spirit, it will not disturb the service.

24 So, if someone starts speaking in tongues or prophesying during your preaching, either you keep quiet or you order the spirit to keep quiet. If the spirit does not keep quiet, then it’s you who must keep quiet. 

25 If a manifestation tries to disturb the service, the one in the pulpit will decide what to do. It’s for God and for Salvation that you come to service. And God is a God of order. But if the service is very disturbed by manifestations, the congregation can stop and try to understand. They can stand up and pray to commit the situation in the hands of the Holy Spirit and decide what to do next.

26 There is no disorder in God. I have preached to you for 20 years, how many times have I wept in the pulpit? How many times have your preachers wept in the pulpit? What is the purpose of weeping and emotions and disorders? The Holy Spirit is not a spirit of disorder. And the Holy Spirit cannot come upon someone to prevent the smooth running of a service. 

27 Having come to the Message, many had rejected the holy spirits of the false churches to seek the true Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of the midnight Cry Message. But some had not done that. And therefore, in the face of the true gifts that will come, these ones will also seek to pass off their false holy spirit as the true Holy Spirit. They will seek to manifest spiritual gifts through their false holy spirits. 

28 Also, before the great outpourings of the Holy Spirit, there are always firstfruits, people who begin to receive the Holy Spirit before others. Thus, before the collective manifestations of the true spiritual gifts into which we are now entering, there are already people who have lately started to manifest spiritual gifts, especially after Kacou 155.

29 Also, many videos of spiritual manifestations that have reached me show manifestations like those in the evangelical churches. I had received and watched the video of a spiritual manifestation that had disturbed and ended a service. I was pensive. I said to myself: "How could the spirits of divination and evangelical manifestations come here in the midnight Cry before the Angel and the Lamb to disturb us?"

30 And I had a vision. From above a pyramid, I looked down on the earth and I saw a very violent ram that struck and destroyed a telephone box with one blow of its horns. The pyramid had many levels, like 14 steps of a staircase. And the ram hit and scattered the manager and the customers. They were near the pyramid, below the base of the first level. 

31 And when I went down to them, I saw that the manager and the customers were Brothers and Sisters dressed like the Tuaregs of the desert. And from among them, I heard the voice of Brother Boga telling me about what the ram had done. And the ram became a lamb. And the vision disappeared. And I was strengthened because of the vision.

32 The manifestation of ministries and gifts is a promise from God to the Church according to Malachi 4 at the time of the restoring of all things. And we are the people who want this promise. For Branhamists, turning the faith of children back to the faith of the apostolic fathers according to Malachi 4 does not mean the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. For them, the apostolic faith is the construction of big temples like cathedrals and basilicas. 

33 And yet, what characterizes the time of the apostles? They are the ministries and spiritual gifts. Acts 11:27 says that prophets went down from Jerusalem to Antioch, and one of them was named Agabus. This is what we all want and what I beg God to grant us. 

34 And here, with the public confession and the constant search for sanctification, we are already standing and disposed on the foundation of holiness. And it is for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in preparation for a revival which will not have a quick end. Brothers who used to eat three times a day now eat twice a day. And many of them, like Prophet Daniel, avoid fatty foods and hardly eat at all now in the evenings. I used to weigh up to 64 kg, but now I'm a long way under 60 kg. That's the way it must be.

35 The Jews in the desert had food preferences, yet God wanted a people with no preferences. May the Holy Spirit rid us of all customs and traditions and preferences and pride. Those things are enemies of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.

36 All over the world there will be a public manifestation of perfect spiritual gifts before God, far from evangelical emotions and imitations. Prophets and great spiritual gifts are about to be manifested. The first signs of their manifestation are already here since Kacou 155.

37 And on the evening of October 8, 2023, in Katadji, we were at a meeting to settle the problem of a couple. Brothers Yanick and Martin were present. And right from the start, after the Sister had finished speaking, I wanted to ask the Sister a question before giving the floor to her husband. And immediately, in less than fifteen seconds, Sister Rosine prophesied and gave two words of knowledge, revealing the root and cause of the problem. 

38 It was the first time Sister Rosine had prophesied. And therefore, after the prophecy, she was confused and asked what was happening and why we were looking at her. She didn't know that she had prophesied. She only remembered that an anointing had begun to invade her and that her tongue was starting to turn in her mouth, and she didn't know anything more about what had happened. I calmed her down and reassured her that she hadn't done anything wrong.

39 And soon after the prophecy, the Sister fell on her knees and began to weep and to ask her husband for forgiveness, and her weeping was heard far away. She sat down and immediately returned to her knees and wept and asked for forgiveness. Then she sat down and fell on her knees a third time, wept, and asked for forgiveness again. She did all this in less than a minute. And I got up and I prayed for the couple, and it was over without her husband saying anything. And the Sister's behaviour, which had lasted for years, changed until now. While Sister Rosine was prophesying, we all felt the anointing in the place and a sudden silence in the yard. 

40 I only give this example. Let us sanctify ourselves. Every prayer has an Amen, everything has an end. One day, one after the other, we shall rest from our works. And looking back, we must be happy for what we did on earth for God. Help the weak. Love one another as God loves us. Let’s bear with one another as God bears with us. 

41 Our goal is to move together from darkness to the Light of our time and to stand on the mountain of Matthew 25:6 and sing the song of Kacou Philippe, which is the Message of the midnight Cry.

42 O Lord Jesus Christ, the tree of the Bride Church in our time had spread its branches above all the nations of the earth and borne a lot of fruits. Its fruits are now ripe. And ripe fruits do not remain on the tree. I pray that all our fasts and prayers and supplications will be received in Heaven before You and that the works will be seen on the earth by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and by the manifestation of spiritual gifts upon us. May it be done to us as it was done to the Apostles 2000 years ago, and for the Pentecost at Azusa Street in this age of Laodicea. 

43 May the fire of the Holy Spirit consume everything our human efforts could not remove from our lives. May the impossible now be possible for us. May the Holy Spirit and great gifts of power and revelation be given to your children for our perfection and to make Your will known to all mankind. 

44 In virtue of the mandate that You gave me on April 24, 1993, I condemn and place under judgment every power everywhere on earth that will seek to disturb this blessing that is coming to us. I condemn and place under judgment any person or power that will seek to deceive your people by a false spiritual manifestation. 

45 Your children have been restless in their search for holiness. And now the mother Church is in labour pains. But the strength to give birth comes from You. 

46 And in this hour, it is Your grace that I want for myself and for Your children. May the Holy Spirit take the full control of our lives. May the third Pull come! May the revival take place now, in every nation. May this great rain, which is the latter rain after William Seymour and Pentecostalism, take place with powerful and authentic spiritual gifts and ministries like in the past with the saints who preceded us. Amen.

47 The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of spiritual gifts are a promise of God to the Church. It is our inheritance. The Branhamists do not believe it and do not want it. They remained in the desert behind the Jordan. But Joshua, their brother, but Kacou, their brother, with a new generation believe it. And the Angel of the Ohio River who was with Moses was with Joshua. The Angel had said to him in Joshua 1:5: "I will be with you as I was with Moses"

48 Joshua had seen the Angel of God face to face. And the Angel said to him: "I am the Captain of the army of Jehovah". And this great prophet Joshua was a soldier of God. And like Joshua and the new generation, we will defeat the Canaanites. And just like in the days of the Apostles, we will all have the spiritual gifts. We will speak in tongues, we will prophesy, we will work miracles. We believe it entirely. 

49 There are nine spiritual gifts. On one side, there are three gifts of power, and on the other side, six gifts of revelation. For the gifts of power: there is the gift of faith, the gift of healing, and the gift of working miracles. And for the gifts of revelation, there is the gift of wisdom, the gift of prophecy, the gift of speaking in tongues, the gift of the interpretation of tongues, the gift of the word of knowledge, and the gift of discernment of spirits.

50 The gift of the word of knowledge reveals lives and hidden things. The gift of discernment of spirits enables to know whether the spirit at work is the Spirit of God or the spirit of the devil. There are also prophetic acts, as in Acts 21:10-11. And a prophetic act is followed by words, like a speaking in tongues and its interpretation. 

51 If a spiritual gift is at work among you, give that gift a place, put this gift forward so that it may be a blessing to all. The evangelicals perform miracles, acting according to Matthew 24:24 to deceive the inhabitants of the earth. They will be under the jurisdiction of Matthew 7:22-23. You must not act like them with your gifts.

52 The gifts of speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing and miracles, and the revelations of some of them are so true and so perfect that the Lord Jesus had seen that if it were possible, that would deceive the elect. But that could not be possible because God would send prophets according to Matthew 23:34 to 35 to unveil their deceptions and lead the elect into distrust to protect them. 

53 All the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, and Branhamist Christians that you see with spiritual gifts are the people of Baal. They are Canaanites. Their mission is to blind the inhabitants of the earth and keep them in darkness to lead them to hell. They must join Joshua to act in the camp of Israel if they want to be saved. In the time of a prophet, if you refuse the authority of that prophet over you, God will reach his goal without you, but you will go to hell.

54 In the time of Moses, no matter how great your ministry was, you had to lead people to the Message of Moses, the living prophet of your time. In the time of Samuel, there were many prophets but only one was their leader, Samuel. He was the one with the Message and he was the light and the Salvation in his time. And 1 Samuel 19:20 says that a company of prophets prophesied, and Samuel was their leader. It was the same for the Lord Jesus in his time, for William Seymour in his time, and for William Branham in his time. And it is the same today with Prophet Kacou Philippe. 

55 All the miracles of Moses since Egypt were to bring all of Israel into the Message of the ten commandments. If the Lord Jesus Christ healed people without a Message, as evangelicals do, He would be a deceiver. William Branham led people to his Message. And the Angel had said to William Branham, "If you'll get the people to believe you, not even cancer shall stand before your prayer". Believe what? In your Message. William Seymour led people to his Message.

56 In every generation, there is only one prophet with a Message. And any miracle that does not lead people to the Message of this prophet is a miracle of seduction. No matter how true the revelations or how great the miracles of a man, if he does not lead people to this Message that you hear from me, Kacou Philippe, they are miracles of seduction. 

57 Well. During the 30 minutes of prayer in the assembly, after the introductory song of meditation, the piano will continue for about five to ten minutes in accompaniment and then stop. A piano can help with the good disposition, but it can also be a source of emotion and disorder. 

58 The piano is useful in some cases to put the congregation in the Spirit. In 2 Kings 3, Prophet Elisha was angry and asked for a harp to be played before him. And as the harp was playing, the anointing of God descended on Prophet Elisha, and he began to prophesy. 

59 Gifts are wonders from God. And Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to earnestly seek spiritual gifts. I agree, but don't force God to give some to you. Sanctify yourself and pray for those who have already received them and leave the rest to God. 

60 Now, when a gift works through you, seek to be in control of this gift so that the devil may not influence you. You must act to protect the gift. You must not allow yourself to be turned into an object of consultation by people thirsting for revelation. 

61 Your evangelism committee can receive money for the needs, including your needs. But you, refuse money, gifts, and honours. Refuse home invitations. Do not turn a gift, a ministry, or an assembly into a telephone booth or a source of money. 

62 And a spiritual gift does not allow you to listen to people's lives and problems or the problems of assemblies. Do not take part in family or friendship meetings. Those things can extinguish the gift. Avoid them! Dreams will keep telling you what to do and what not to do. Dreams protect spiritual gifts and ministries. When people's behaviour towards you changes and they will want to elevate you because of your spiritual gift or ministry and push you towards pride, refuse it, and stay with humility. 

63 During services, a Brother or Sister can get up and go to such or such a person and begin to reveal the thoughts of the hearts and hidden things in the lives of those people. If the congregation is big, he can ask for the microphone. Even if it's a Sister, you must give her the microphone without talking to her. You don't talk to someone who's in this anointing phase unless he talks to you. 

64 Some prophets or prophetesses can be in the Spirit and act so calmly that you will think they are conscious. These are also signs of ministries of prophet. And while these gifts are working, prophecies can come to announce and confirm their ministries of prophet according to Kacou 157:39. 

65 And in Acts 13:2, while the disciples were praying, the Holy Spirit said to them: "Separate me now Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them". Thus, in this new dimension, prophecies will designate pastors and other offices in the assemblies. It is in this time that the Church and the priesthood will be in their true positions in Christ. It will be a grace, for God always remains with those He has Himself established. 

66 And before entering this dimension, there are two commandments from God that are worth remembering. First: "Touch not mine anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm". This applies to both the prophet messengers and the minor prophets. And secondly: "Whoever shall speak injuriously against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven, neither in this age nor in the coming one"

67 When someone hears an authentic speaking in tongues or sees secret things revealed, he will be seized with fear. Before Brothers and Sisters speaking Chinese, German, and other languages they have never learned; illiterate people speaking Chinese with a Chinese accent; humans speaking the tongues of angels, people will glorify God. And others will implore God's grace in the face of these wonders and will convert.

68 And in the face of the manifestation of a gift, the assembly can stand up and raise its voice and pray to glorify God for what He has just said or done, like in 2 Chronicles 20, and commit itself to greater sanctification and fear of God. Amen.

69 So during a manifestation, a Brother or Sister can go to someone and say, "You have such and such a problem or illness, receive healing. You are praying for such a subject. You had such a dream, here is the interpretationyou have committed such a sin". And the sins in which we live by ignorance or things that God told us in a dream that we didn't understand, the Holy Spirit can reveal them to us through spiritual gifts. To speak under the power of a spirit is to prophesy. 

70 During a spiritual manifestation, the congregation must have their head bowed or their eyes closed because it is the presence of God. The curiosity of looking can be a temptation from Satan. That can lead you to have a bad thought about a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. In Israel, when the Angel of God appeared, it was an obligation to fall on your face, face down, so as not to look at him. 

71 The deacons must look after children. And a child who wants to watch manifestations, by all means, must sit outside during a spiritual manifestation. The video of a manifestation of the Holy Spirit must not be made public. Also, the video of a satanic manifestation can lead to a transfer of spirits. 

72 Now, how is it possible for someone to reveal hidden things by a spiritual gift? That can’t be explained, otherwise, you lose the power, like Samson before Delilah. The person who manifests a gift must not explain it. It's a secret between him and God. The Bible says that there is diversity of manifestations and diversity of operations. And from one person to another, the manner can be different.

73 Now, how do you put a gift of power forward? After the songs of meditation, the Brother will go up to the pulpit and speak as he is led to. The aim will always be for the world to know the word of Salvation in our time and be saved. Some words will always be present: "Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever? Do you believe that I am a prophet of God? Do you believe that God can reveal your life to me? Do you believe this or that? Receive your healing! Go and sin no more"

74 And praying here, laying on hands there, prophesying here, he will finish with an altar call. And if possible, organize evangelisations around such a gift. Go and sin no more means, for example: don't ever enter in an evangelical church again, never sleep with a woman you haven't endowed. 

75 A Brother with gifts can have his own committee of evangelism to organize and manage his campaigns of evangelism. After our human efforts, it may be time for the Holy Spirit Himself to take the lead in evangelisations.

76 The most important thing for us is not the number of people healed but the number of people saved. Spiritual gifts are like the bait of one who goes fishing. The hook is the Message. And what type of man goes fishing with bait, a rod, and a fishing line but no hook? And he throws all the bait to the fish and comes home empty-handed and says to his wife and children, "Oh, there were so many fish in the river!" Isn't that a madman?

77 Know that for every miracle, every healing or every healing campaign, you will give an account to God. You say, "I led people to believe in the Bible". No, Satan, that's not correct! Moses did not lead people to believe in Noah. The Lord Jesus didn't lead people to believe in Isaiah, Jeremiah, or the Old Testament! 

78 A prophet messenger leads people to believe in his own Message or Gospel. And church prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, preachers in a generation lead people to believe in the Message of the living prophet of their generation. Did the miracles of the seventy disciples of Jesus in Luke 10:17 serve to make known the Bible, the Old Testament, or the Law of Moses, which everyone already knew, or to make the Message of Jesus, the living prophet of their time, known?

79 We will give an account to God for every spiritual gift that God has given us. Taking a spiritual gift and going to organize prayer vigils or healing campaigns without a Message is like taking the father's wealth and going to waste it in pubs and nightclubs. And all the churches and religions that do not preach the Message of Kacou Philippe are pubs or nightclubs. 

80 Well. The Lord Jesus Christ said that it is not good to give the bread of the children to dogs. But at a meeting where the Message is at the centre, the Holy Spirit is directly responsible for the actions He will lead you to do. But apart from that, do not listen to a person who has no interest in Salvation. Consider that God has given you the gift as a means to lead his children to Him. 

81 A disease can be placed on someone by God to lead him to Salvation. But someone who has no interest in Salvation can be a dog, a dishonest person, or a sex offender whom God has put in chains. And if you deliver him, you can be responsible before God for the actions he will do after that healing. That's why you must ask him questions before you pray for him.

82 Thus it is with what you must do with spiritual gifts. And if it is a prophetess, during a campaign of evangelism, after the songs of meditation, she will come and speak before everyone as the prophets would do.   

83 You can go anywhere. And you are free to say what you want. I repeat that a gift is a bait to get a Message across. It is obligatorily that. A gift operating without a Message is a power of seduction, as we see everywhere with the evangelicals. 

84 And in this new dimension, some of the mixed multitude and troublemakers who are itching to appear will create confusion. But be careful not to reject the true one and the false one together. You can't throw away both the baby and the bathwater. Be patient to let God Himself take out the darnel.

85 God is sovereign. And no one can force God to use him. You cannot possess what God has not given you. It is God who elevates whom He wants and brings low whom He wants. It is He who blesses each in his own time. And I warn anyone who will try to imitate a spiritual gift to deceive a single one of us. 

86 In the face of a manifestation, we are like a man who is both blind and with no strength. And it is the Angel of April 24, 1993, who is our help, our strength, our eyes, and our refuge. And it is He who will render to everyone according to his deeds. Everyone will receive the wages of every deed he will have done in the name of the Holy Spirit. 

87 To pretend to be spiritual at all costs, to pass oneself off, in all conscience, as someone who is anointed, is to profane the sacred. It is a temptation to the children of God. No matter what Satan has promised you, don't play that role for him, because it's mockery to God. It is blasphemy against God.

88 During a spiritual manifestation, one can receive the laying on of hands from someone for a blessing or a curse. It's like a baptism. If you lay hands on someone, he will not push your hand away because he doesn't know whether it's God or the devil, but if you've acted on your own, God will act for him and that can follow you everywhere. And even in the streets, you will try to prophesy or lay hands on pagans who might beat you. And you will end up tied up or chained up in hospital with mad people.

89 An imitation will only be for the imitator's shame. What is true and authentic is what we will believe and what we will accept. And a meeting like the one of 30 minutes, where the Holy Spirit speaks through spiritual gifts, is a meeting on the rooftop of a building. And because of chickens and their rubbish of comments, it's on rooftops that the Church's meetings will be held. 

90 Because of false spiritual gifts and manifestations, there is a great distrust like a disbelief among us, but the true spiritual gifts and manifestations will make our doubts and distrust disappear. The distrust of the elect like a disbelief towards any spiritual manifestation is correct. It is a virginity that only true gifts will remove. 

91 I that speak to you, I am the greatest proof of it. Until April 24, 1993, I did not believe in the existence of God. I did not believe in anything. I was the biggest disbeliever ever. But on April 24, 1993, when the vision came to me and the Lamb spoke in tongues before me, his voice entered into me to remove that disbelief. Everything in me changed and I believed in God. 

92 That is the true conversion of which the Lord Jesus spoke to Peter in Luke 22:32, saying: "When you are converted, strengthen your Brothers." Yet Peter had been with the Lord Jesus for three years and he was already preaching. The true conversion comes with the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. And it is after that that crowds are converted, the Holy Spirit Himself adding to the Church. 

93 The Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts will come upon us. And for a start, it is possible that someone under the anointing of the true Holy Spirit might shout, jump, or roll on the floor. We must not be outraged by that. If without the gifts, we were not Catholics, then we will never be evangelicals with the gifts. In the beginning, the lack of control is possible, but with time it will disappear.

94 When you have a spiritual gift, pray to have self-control and wisdom in the use of that gift. The true Holy Spirit is characterized by the quickness to go straight to the point and leave the person after the prophecy. Spiritual gifts work one after the other. While someone is prophesying or speaking in tongues, another gift of prophecy must not operate. 

95 So two or more speaking in tongues can come one after the other in different languages. And then the interpretation will come. Also, during the collective prayer, someone can start praying or singing in tongues. This must not stop the assembly. It's as if the person was praying in his own mother tongue. In this case, there is no interpretation. 

96 Concerning the gift of speaking in tongues, it is obligatorily the Holy Spirit Himself who turns the tongue in the person's mouth and speaks in the person's place. And an anointing is always felt around the person who speaks in tongues or prophesies. Any other form of speaking in tongues is the work of the devil. It's the same for interpretations of speaking in tongues and prophecies. He who speaks in tongues or prophesies does not act on his own. So, if a word rings in your heart or in your mind, keep it for yourself like a dream. Don't turn it into a prophecy. No imitator will go unpunished. 

97 Know that, like the true Holy Spirit, the spirit of the devil can prophesy and confirm his prophecy, but it is almost impossible for God to allow him to do that here in the midnight Cry. And, also, the spirit of the devil can speak in tongues and interpret by the same person or by someone else. But the spirit of the devil cannot confirm or interpret a speaking in tongues from the true Holy Spirit. 

98 If a prophecy or speaking in tongues comes from the devil, the spirit that confirmed or interpreted it is necessarily the spirit of the devil. If it comes from God, then the spirit that interpreted or confirmed it is necessarily the true Holy Spirit. And apart from the spirit of divination, many other spirits such as sex spirit can prophesy. 

99 Someone can transfer a spirit of lies, money, sex or divination to you through baptism, preaching, prayer, or others. And you can prophesy or give revelations to people by this spirit. You must be able to see in a dream what you need to be put in order in your life for that spirit to leave you. 

100 Also, two people can stand side by side, and one will prophesy by the Spirit of God and immediately the other will also prophesy by the spirit of the devil. But the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil cannot use the same person in the same meeting. The true Holy Spirit or the false holy spirit can approach, use a gift, and leave without dwelling in the person.

101 When the Holy Spirit operates, the spirit of the devil will also operate. And in the pulpit or elsewhere, should you accept or reject someone who wants to lay hands on you? The decision is in your hands, according to the revelation that you have received. A manifestation can also be the effect of alcoholic preachings or the effect of the fruit of a forbidden tree. And during a manifestation, a deacon must not approach someone who is in the pulpit unless he has fallen. And when someone under the anointing goes to the pulpit, the deacon must not stop him. 

102 And during a spiritual manifestation, a deacon can ask for the help of a Sister in relation to a Sister who is under anointing. And as soon as a Sister is under anointing, the deacons must remove her child from her presence. 

103 Prophecies must be carefully noted. The assembly needs them for its progress. Dreams cannot lead the Church, but prophecies can. Know that a cold and monotonous assembly without spiritual gifts is a hotel, a parish, or a mosque. And when God moves on to a new thing, those who refuse to move forward with God begin to lose their teeth. And their services and activities are repetitions of the Fatihah or the rosary. 

104 Remember that already in 2003, I said in Kacou 14:27 that your hearts should never accept a dead, formalistic church without spiritual gifts. And the time for that word seems to have come. And the 30 minutes of prayer will be the gateway to spiritual gifts. An assembly must do the fast followed by 30 minutes of prayer at least once every two or three months.

105 During the 30-minute prayer, the Holy Spirit can work beyond the 30 minutes and you have to wait. You must not sleep, but you must pray for everything God will put on your heart. And after a manifestation, the word can be given to some people. For example: "Brother, a prophecy said this about you. What do you have to say?" He will stand up before the assembly and answer. 

106 Also, when the spiritual gifts operate, some, thirsting to get noticed, can take advantage of that to make noise and disturb the service. The Holy Spirit cannot agitate a person relentlessly without giving any prophecy. Emotions are not spiritual gifts. 

107 A manifestation goes straight to the point and stops. If the prophet's sermons did not consist of emotions, the manifestations of the Holy Spirit cannot be moments of emotions and disorder. The legitimization of a spiritual manifestation does not come from the ceremonies and agitations that surround it. After the manifestation, what must the assembly keep in mind? That's what counts. So, no one must use the pretext of anointing to disrupt a service or to shout or weep like at a funeral. 

108 Emotion is not a spiritual gift but rather a hindrance to our blessing. It is another dimension of the troublemakers. And if instead of edifying, the 30-minute period becomes a moment of disorder, the leader can stop it before the 30 minutes. And if an evil spirit acts as the Holy Spirit, be patient, the Holy Spirit will unveil it.

109 If someone repeatedly gives a prophecy like: "Confess! Confess!" and no one recognizes himself in his prophecy, it is a doubtful prophecy. You can't keep repeating every time: "Confess". You must point out the people and name the sins or problems. It is not for the assembly to look for sinners. The assembly does not have this competence or mission. The gift must go further because someone can have a sin and not know it. Maybe dreams had revealed his sin, but he had not understood the dreams and the gift must help him. 

110 The advent of spiritual gifts must not harm anyone. And if the true Holy Spirit is at work in an assembly, it is a grace from God. The number of church members will increase. It is written that it was the Holy Spirit who added every day to the Church those who were saved. 

111 And one morning, as I was praying, I had a vision. I was praying, saying: O God, the Saints in a generation do not live from history. And what will a prophet who died before my birth bring me? What will the story of the upper room or Azusa Street bring me when You, the God of revivals, are alive? 

112 O God, we preached a living prophet and now we want to preach a living revival. We want revival for our time. We want the upper room and Azusa Street for our time.

113 I was still praying when I saw in a vision the Brothers and Sisters, sometimes as Palestinian terrorists, sometimes as Jews held hostage by Palestinian terrorists. And the voice of the Fulani-like Angel I spoke of in Kacou 151:8 said to me, "These Palestinians that you see are the false prophets and false spiritual gifts that have already taken place throughout Gaza and that are hidden underground, in the tunnels of Gaza. And you must first defeat them and bring back to Israel, the hostages who are the sons of God"

114 And I saw in the vision that the hostages were Jewish men and women and Jewish soldiers. And the hostages were in the military uniforms of the Palestinian terrorists and had weapons of war. And I saw that the hostages, men and women, were ready to fight against the Israeli soldiers who would come to free them. 

115 And I stood on my feet. And again, I saw the hostages and the terrorists together, in military uniforms and masks, ready for battle. And I could no longer tell who was a terrorist and who was a hostage because of their uniforms and masks on their faces. And they began to sing the anthem of Palestine in Arabic.

116 And at that moment, the voice of the Angel said to me, "Can you fight against these ones and defeat them to free all the hostages and make these terrorists disappear?" And I said: My Lord, the hostages are dressed like the Palestinian terrorists. And this battle will not take place on the ground of "It is written" and "It is also written", nor on the earth, nor in the air, but in the subterranean ways, under the earth, in the tunnels and abysses where Satan and his angels dwell. 

 117 And the Angel asked me the same question again, saying: "Can you fight against these ones and defeat them to free all the hostages and make these terrorists disappear?" And I answered, saying: My Lord, if you are with me, I can because when I was with the Branhamists, I was the leader of all those who had visions and dreams and the gifts of prophecy, speaking in tongues and words of knowledge. So, I can lead a manifestation of all the spiritual gifts. And when I said that, I began to feel a force within me, and the vision disappeared. 

118 And I understood why the colour of the military uniform of the Angel of Kacou 151:8 was not greenish but a mixture of brown and beige like the colour of the desert soil.