Revelation that Prophet Kacou Philippe gave from Katadji, his village, on November 26, 2023

Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I gave to the Saints on this November 26, 2023, as precepts and ordinances for the revival of the ten virgins of Matthew 25.

After the Fiji Islands in June 2023, baptisms are now underway in the Reunion Island and Mauritius with Apostles Harry William and Pascal Vichi. The whole world has been visited.

After Kacou 158, a Sister had written to me saying, "Brother Philippe, I'm happy that I have believed in the Message, but this new dimension after Kacou 154 is totally beyond me. But I will never leave this Message because I want to live well. And also, I love my children, I want them to grow up in this Message under the public confession".

And I said to her, "Sister, believe that you are a wise virgin. Strengthen yourself and move forward. In the vision of 1993, I was sitting the Advanced level exam, while I hadn't been in the final year of secondary school. And if I succeeded, you will all succeed in this new dimension of the revelation". She said, "Amen". And she was very happy. And this encouragement is for all of you who believe in me. The Lord Jesus Christ walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps. And till now, He continues to move forward. Let us move forward with Him. 

In a revelation, I was making a list of symbols as in Kacou 156 to enable the weak to understand dreams. And right away, the Angel said, "Don't give them that. They don't need it". And I saw Brother Zadi Robert who had been a Branhamist since 1974. He ran towards me, and he began to interpret the whole vision of the combine harvester of Ewald Frank to me.

And Brother Zadi ended the interpretation by saying, "In its march, the combine harvester had described the trajectory of the Danube River". And I understood that I must not encourage the interpretation of dreams by the standard method because that belongs to the old system. 

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. The Danube originates in Germany, crosses more than ten European countries, and flows into the Black Sea. It’s in Black Africa that Ewald Frank sent William Branham's Message the most. 

8 Even if you are weak, believe that you will reach the end. The poor and the weak and the lame of Luke 14:15-27, it’s us. Let us just walk according to the will of God. Let us be the Church that always seeks holiness and the will of God through revelation. And from now on, if need be, with the agreement of all, someone can tell the congregation about a dream he has seen.

Every time you are confronted with a situation, your first reflex must be: "What does the Message say about this? Isn't there a dream or a prophecy related to this?" This is why, after some spiritual manifestations, a leader will read the prophecies from the pulpit and will put them in the group of the assembly, including the prophetic acts. 

10 And in an assembly led by the Holy Spirit, the preaching must be inspired by dreams and visions or prophecies or other signs from God. And during your preaching, you can tell how you received this preaching, it’s all this that God will confirm. 

11 And from now on, it is an assembly with spiritual gifts that must put its preachings in the group of its country. And from April 24, 2024, it is a preaching confirmed by a prophecy or containing a prophecy that will be put in the group of the country.

12 It is through spiritual gifts that God reassures us of his presence in our midst. The manifestation of spiritual gifts will not be extinguished for those who want it. But if an assembly does not want the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will not impose Himself on that assembly.

13 A God-fearing assembly acts by revelation. The pastor can say, "According to the revelations from such and such Brothers or Sisters, we will have a time of fasting followed by 30 minutes of prayer on such and such a date. This will be in order to address prayers and supplications to God on such and such subjects". And for this, he will put the dreams or visions to the disposition of the assembly if the assembly requests it. 

14 When you see someone in a dream or in a vision in a bad condition or doing an evil thing, you must not be distracted by anything he claims to be. And when he will try to twist your understanding of the revelation you have received, you have the obligation to tell him the truth without fear. It is God that you must fear. You must not finish the conversation without telling him the truth for his own good.

15 Out of all the dreams and visions that I have received over the last three years from different countries, almost all of them were from God. It is almost impossible for a dream to confirm a dream that comes from the devil. So, by yourselves, you can fully stop false prophets and false manifestations in your countries through your dreams and visions. 

16 If a dream or other revelation says that a manifestation is from the devil, make it known to those who keep the register in your assembly. They will note them aside. And if at least three dreams or visions from different people say that a manifestation is from the devil, a Brother from among those who keep the register must go to the pulpit and give a report to the assembly.

17 He will go to the pulpit and say, "Brothers and Sisters, according to the revelations of such and such Brothers or Sisters, such a prophecy or spiritual manifestation which had taken place on such a date was from the devil". And no one must object, not even the one who prophesied, except to repent. The spirit that had acted will defend himself if he is God. The report will be written in the register without the dreams if they have not been made public by prophecy or according to Kacou 14:22. Also until April 24, 2024, the registers must be in the hands of Brothers or Sisters who have spiritual gifts. 

18 And if someone acts on purpose, in all conscience, pretending to be someone who is under the anointing or manifests on purpose a spiritual gift and comes to confession, the congregation cannot pray for him. That will be between him and God. Whatever the atmosphere, resist emotion, control yourself! Kacou 158:87 says that it is an act of mockery and blasphemy against God. 

19 According to Kacou 157:110, one can be a true minor prophet without Kacou 157:39. In this case, he must remain far from the assemblies. But if he remains in the camp and acts, then he is a seducer. Whatever your spiritual gifts and the revelations that people have about you, you must calmly wait for Kacou 157:39 to be fulfilled for you. That's what Brothers Martin and Yanick are waiting for.

20 In Angola, a Brother by the name of Da Silva who says he is a prophet without Kacou 157:39 is so comfortable that he had given the whole country a fast despite the first sentence of Kacou 157:44. Such a fast would lead the country into a baptism of divination. And then a Sister by the name of Esperança Peres had a dream about him and had sent it to him. 

21 And the Sister had told Apostle Yanick the dream saying, "We were in a neighbourhood looking for a way. Some Brothers were there, all well-dressed. But when Brother Da Silva began to speak, wanting to show us the way, he became completely naked, all his skin was burnt to the flesh. He had no clothes on; his sex was covered with some kind of bandage or medical paste. It was as if he had escaped from a hospital. And despite the fact that Apostle Hugo opposed him, he got on a motorbike and went ahead of us and some Brothers followed him, while he was completely naked. And I woke up".

22 And when Brother Da Silva listened to the dream of Sister Esperança, he transferred the dream to the group of Angola. Then, he twisted the understanding of the dream, saying that they were the Brothers of Angola who burnt him. And the pastors and preachers of Angola let him do that. And it's the same behaviour in many countries. That's why their church members can listen to people who call themselves prophets without Kacou 157:39.

23 And after Kacou 158, very few preachers, such as Brother Arlindo Yave, pastor of Sister Esperança, had left their office of pastor to consecrate themselves and wait for God according to Kacou 158:65. Several pastors and preachers had left their offices because of Kacou 158:14. And the multitude of pastors and preachers had kept their offices.

24 But I have the conviction that God will raise up those whom He has destined for each role, and these ones will not despise revelations. Someone who does not want revelations to know the nature of a manifestation in his assembly must not preach in an assembly.

25 When I had deposed all the apostles in December 2022, Apostle Sosthène Essono had stopped preaching. And when dreams in Gabon showed that he was the Brother who was walking in the will of God, the Brothers in Gabon asked him to return to preaching. And he had accepted. But if he was walking by revelation, he would refuse like Apostles Hugo Zé and Pedro Aleixo. A man who does not teach his congregation or his country to walk by revelation is a man who does not walk by revelation.

26 But all of you who listen to me, walk by revelation. We are at the end of time. And the copy will be so close to the original, the true gift and the false gift will be so close to each other that it will be impossible to distinguish them without revelation.

27 Remember the parable of Kacou 10 that I preached in 2003. And when I had finished giving the parable in verse 79 about the brigand who had forged the banknote, a Brother had spoken in tongues. I didn't know why I had given that parable and why the Brother had spoken in tongues.

28 And in the parable, even the police had not been able to tell the difference between the true banknote and the false banknote. And the police released the brigand, even though he was guilty. And the parable of Kacou 10:79 is on the same line with the parable of the darnel in Matthew 13:24-30 and with "The Seed of Discrepancy", preached by William Branham in 1965. And the time has come when the darnel must be cut out.

29 Without knowing it, I spoke about this time in which we are living. Several times, I spoke about a supernatural experience I had in 1993. I was invisible. I didn't have a body, but I could see, I could think, and I had a memory. I was moving in the air. I saw men and women on earth. And the people were, in reality, where they were during the experience. That was already showing the body in which we will go to the battle of Kacou 158:113 against false spiritual manifestations.

30 The revival of the ten virgins of Matthew 25 is here. And when a revival breaks out, some enemies appear. They don't want revelation. They will display some semblance of prudence. The enemies are the partisans of democracy. They do not want the reign of God. The enemies do not understand the revelations. But at some point, they will grow cold. Some will pray and seek to produce spiritual gifts like magicians or savant inventors. Others will seek to know what they must do to receive the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. 

31 If an assembly proposes a fast without revelation, you are free to fast or not, but you must not oppose it if you have no revelation. And what the assembly must do if there is a revelation against its decision is either accept the revelation or reject the revelation if it is doubtful.

32 An assembly can suspend a decision and seek to understand the revelation or to judge the revelation by comparing it with the Bible, the Message, or revelations from at least two people. The revelation of only one minor prophet is sufficient to judge a revelation.

33 The enemies will speak against the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil together. They will speak against the goat, the ram, and the Lamb. Yet the goat must appear first. The Lord Jesus said: Suffer both to grow together until the time of the harvest. Then cut out the darnel first. 

34 The ram had destroyed the telephone box in Kacou 158, but the spirit of the goat will go further, hurting people. Deacons must be vigilant. Increase the number of deacons according to the need. It is the change of life that will make the goat disappear. It was through your actions and words and preachings that the goat appeared, and it is through your actions and words that it will disappear. 

35 When the ram acts according to Kacou 158:29, the whole of the actions are authorized by God against the assembly. It is like the Lord Jesus Christ who beats and drives out sellers from the temple. And plunderers and goats and evil spirits take advantage of this to plunder and cause disorder. But at the time of the Lamb, calm and holiness and the fear of God will be established.

36 Recently, an enemy said, "Prophet Kacou Philippe gives too much power to minor prophets as compared to pastors". Alright, but what power does a man endowed by a woman have? And what place will you give to the prophet messenger, the sons of the prophets and the priesthood?

37 I have the mission to put the priesthood and the spiritual gifts in their place. The prophet, the priesthood and the spiritual gifts are the same God speaking above you, in your midst and in you. And you cannot accept what God says when He is above you and reject or despise what He says when He is in your midst or in you. 

38 The Holy Spirit Himself will establish the priesthood by prophecy as in Acts 13:2 with confirmation. Manage your tithes and offerings as you wish. But until the manifestation of spiritual gifts in your assemblies, do not go up to the pulpit to preach and do not put songs in your groups of language. You have preached and sung enough. 

39 A Brother must not hold the office of pastor or preacher unless there has been, in front of everyone, a prophecy with confirmation calling him to that office. And when the Holy Spirit raises him up, it will be first to preach the revival and to bring his country into the revival. For the moment, it is the report of what the Holy Spirit is doing that you must put in your groups of country and language.

40 In some visions since 1993, I saw that many precious church pulpits were shop counters before God. And church deacons were bank and supermarket guards. Oftentimes, the pulpits are thrones of command in the churches. And for the Holy Spirit to come down in Azusa Street, William Seymour had to replace their pulpit with a shoe box.

41 And someone said to me, "William Branham said that your ministry would be under the tent, far from public shows". I said, "Yes, I'm in the tent, but I don't do or say what I want. I obey the Angel of God. And what the Angel tells me to do, that's what I do. And I know that the glorious promise of Joel 2:28 is also for my people."

42 On the day of the Pentecost, Peter said, "This promise is for you and for your children, as many as the Lord our God shall call". God showed me the revival of the ten virgins, but I first wanted to lay the foundations that you are hearing, so that this revival would not die out. And today the signal is given. This is what you must preach now. This is the third stage of my mission since Kacou 155.

43 Before 2023, Sister Rosine had never had a vision or manifested a spiritual gift. But if she has manifested them in this new dimension, believe with all your heart that you too can manifest them. Don't content yourselves with dreams alone. Don't be barren fig trees.

44 And in the face of the spiritual manifestations that are coming, do not be troubled. Do not be afraid. I warn you that the beginning of the revival will be a difficult and turbulent one. Even people anointed by the true Holy Spirit will shout, weep, roll on the floor and even lose consciousness. So let no one lay hands on them to pray or to cast a demon out of them. And unbelievers and mockers will speak against the manifestations, but with time calm will be restored. I have only spoken of the enemies within. I'm not talking about bad journalists and pagan investigators. 

45 For years I received manifestations of spiritual gifts from you. I thought they were from the true Holy Spirit, but almost all of them were from the devil. They are evil spirits trying to imitate the true Holy Spirit, as we see in evangelical churches. It is Kacou 159 that will mark the birth of authentic manifestations of the true Holy Spirit everywhere.

46 And on Sunday, November 19, 2023, all those who had acted through false spirits confessed and received prayer from their assemblies. These humble people will receive the true Holy Spirit and will manifest authentic gifts. The difficult cases among them will be resolved with the help of those who have the gift of the laying on of hands with a word like, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, receive the true Holy Spirit!"

47 Despite that, I know that the devil will not be far away, but he will always be unveiled. An anointing that has the particularity of making an assembly act in the same way is a satanic anointing. But someone under the Holy Spirit can glorify and thank the Lord, it's correct, it's not a prophecy. So, distrust must not lead us to reject all spiritual manifestations.

48 When the Holy Spirit comes down on you to prophesy, you can't resist Him. But when a force tires you and pushes you to speak obligatorily or to do something or to give revelations to people, hold back! It can be a demon. And that demon can drive you mad.

49 It is the devil who obliges. For example, someone who has a sex demon can have insomnia because of a sexual desire or an urge to masturbate or watch sex photos or videos. The devil obliges him to sin before he can sleep, but God does not oblige anyone to do His will.

50 Through Kacou 158, we have learnt that any preaching or action by a preacher that does not come from a revelation from God is an act of rape of the church by the preacher. And this rape will result in the birth of a goat. In Kacou 158, it wasn't a goat with its evangelical or Branhamist anointing or perfume but a ram. The ram is a progression of the lamb just as the goat is a progression of the kid. 

51 And if, right in the middle of the service or after the service, someone calls you aside and wants to give you a revelation that he received during the service, you shall not listen to him. He is a seducer, and you must leave his presence. It’s in front of the whole congregation that he must give you the revelation.

52 According to Kacou 158:69, he must go, alone, to the church members during the service and give them revelations in front of the congregation. But if he is in the pulpit, he can call people to come to the pulpit or to stand in their place and he will speak to them in front of everyone, in a precise manner. And at that moment, closing the eyes is not obligatory for the congregation. And the people to whom he is speaking must attest from time to time that the revelations he is giving are accurate. He must be able to say from time to time, "If what I'm telling you is the truth, raise your hand".

53 There are nine spiritual gifts or nine supernatural powers, not counting the gift of the laying on of hands for the reception of the Holy Spirit. The gift of words of knowledge is also called the gift of discernment of thoughts. And it is only in this case of prophecy or discernment of thoughts about different people, according to Kacou 158:69, that the one who prophesies can exceed seven minutes. So, if someone goes beyond seven minutes, the leader must call him out.

54 There is the gift of faith by the virtue of the Holy Spirit to work miracles and healings continually, and there is the occasional faith to believe in that miracle and receive it. Paul defines faith in Hebrews 11:1. There is also the gift of wisdom. Nathan prophesies over King David in 2 Samuel 12 with the gift of wisdom. King David cries and repents. But in Mark 6:17, John the Baptist gives the same prophecy to King Herod without the gift of wisdom, and King Herod has John the Baptist's head cut off.

55 And all these nine spiritual gifts apply to both men and women, including children and the elderly. Women who prophesy, the Bible speaks about them. And God leads them as He had led Deborah at the head of the army of Israel. Evangelisation is a war. The legalistic Jews were disturbed and wondered if Deborah was not in her menses. You can't ask for the Topeka revival or the Azusa Street revival without Sister Lucy Farrow who even had the gift of the laying on of hands.

56 Lucy Farrow, this black slave, had such great spiritual gifts that in the middle of racial segregation, the racist white pastor Charles Fox Parham, leader of the Topeka revival, sent her to represent him at a big meeting of white pastors in Houston. And in 1906, when William Seymour sent Lucy Farrow on a mission to Liberia, under the power of the Holy Spirit, she spoke in the Kru language.

57 Concerning prophecies during sermons, William Branham had preached that, as the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophet, there should be no prophecy while a preacher is preaching. And Pastor Junior Jackson left him because of that. But afterwards, sometimes, while William Branham was preaching, his own church members would prophesy. We may want something, but it's what is convenient that the Holy Spirit will do.

58 Well. The enemies of God are also the people of: "it is written", those who stick to what is written and who despise spiritual gifts. They are the people of mathematics. Cats fed by the church. People who are outdated. They are the spokesmen of ancestors and geniuses. People who have to make libations before modern roads pass near their villages. They are the ones who want to shave the beards of the prophets. 

59 And if in a service or outside services, an enemy troubles the Brothers and Sisters, the pastor must react. And it must be settled before the whole congregation. A wolf cannot throw itself on a flock and the shepherd will stand by and watch. Do not let diviners and Brothers who do not know consecration or who are busy with their work disturb the people and drive God out of your assemblies. 

60 After the judgement was pronounced, we went out, crossing the Red Sea with the baptism of restitution. And now it is the change of life with spiritual gifts. And then we will write the acts of the Holy Spirit for our time like the book of Acts of the Apostles. And to reach this goal, we must not be spectators but actors. 

61 Spiritual gifts are first the right of all those who are already at work in the Message without exception, especially those who are already preaching because of the missionary work. They must go to such and such a place, travelling and preaching as the Holy Spirit will lead them. That is why, as of now, they must leave the pulpit and turn to consecration.

62 And from now on, through dreams and visions and spiritual gifts, an assembly does not necessarily need the intervention of a minor prophet to reject or apply a revelation.

63 In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul asks that two or three people judge the revelations to see if the revelations are from God. But in addition to the gift of discernment of spirits, I ask that each of you pray to receive revelations about spiritual manifestations in your midst. And you can see in advance what will happen in your meetings.

64 Take every revelation you see very seriously. Someone can see a dream and when he wakes up, he does not write it down. Then he falls asleep and when he wakes up in the morning, he forgets the dream or parts of it. And like Cain, he says to God, "Good God, you see, I have forgotten the dream. So, it's not my fault". Yet when he was at school, he took notes and copied down the lessons. 

65 Dreams and visions are videos from God. And do you know how difficult it is to edit a video? And God makes a video and sends it to you, and you throw it in the bin? And to which heaven will you go with that? Despising dreams and spiritual gifts can lead to night defilements. And by despising revelations, people will attract curse upon themselves. 

66 After Kacou 158, an assembly had decided to fast on a distant date. But the next day, based on the dream of a Brother, their pastor had come to propose another date which was closer. But the assembly had objected and argued with the pastor for two days before accepting the new date.  

67 An apostle was following the discussion without saying anything. However, the day before, this apostle had seen in a vision that a woman was shaving the pastor's beard. And therefore, he should obligatorily react to confirm the dream of the Brother and that would help the assembly, but he had not done that. If the assembly did not accept the new date, the pastor would be innocent before God, but the apostle would take part of the curse of the assembly. Nevertheless, the apostle remains guilty of rebellion against God.

68 And in October 2023, during public confession, an assembly was having difficulty deciding on the sanction of a Sister who was betraying her commitments to abstain from her husband who had not endowed her as Kacou 149:66 says. And while the pastor was speaking, showing that the assembly could send the Sister out, which is contrary to what the Message says, a Sister got up, prophesied, and sat down. 

69 And like Muslims, the congregation turned to look at the Sister who had prophesied. According to the prophecy, the recidivist Sister should no longer confess. But despite the prophecy, the pastor, enemy of spiritual gifts, took the floor again to continue with his reasoning. And the leader and the congregation had not stopped the pastor. During the public confession, doesn't the Holy Spirit also have the right to intervene?

70 Even if a prophecy is doubtful but it does not come from a person under sanction or a recidivist of sin, seek to know if it is not from God. After that, you can go against the prophesier so that he no longer tempts you. An assembly that makes a mistake with a false prophecy is better than an assembly that despises prophecies.

71 In spite of everything I have preached and in spite of the example of Kacou 156:12-13, there are Brothers and Sisters who despise dreams and visions. And they will despise prophecies to bring a curse upon themselves, upon their houses and upon their assemblies. They obey me more than the Holy Spirit, who is my Master and before whom we shall all go in judgment.

72 In matters of revelations, he who sees dreams and does not care about them is a spiritual illiterate. He who sees dreams and notes them down but who does not dispose himself to understand them is in kindergarten. He who seeks to understand dreams using the standard method is in primary or secondary school. And he who goes beyond the standard method is at university. Kacou 156 is a primary school copybook, but for someone who is at university, Kacou 156 is a pack of cigarettes.

73 Well, now I'm going to give the last ordinances on spiritual gifts and speak to those who will manifest spiritual gifts and close with the birth of the revival. 

74 The first thing I want to talk about is our obedience to God's will like living sacrifices. But also, there are graces destined for prophets. For example: God can tell a minor prophet to stop confessing, but a prophet cannot tell someone not to confess.

75 A prophet is a soldier of Christ. And when one goes to be a soldier, it is not for the pleasure of going to war. But when war comes, we go as sacrifices to defend our homeland. It's the same when there is a revival. There must be heroes. And these heroes must pay a price.

76 I that speak to you, I have deleted my pages, videos and groups on the Internet and I will go further. And you must do the same! Don't scroll through internet pages without a specific goal anymore. And from now on, don't intervene on any post or discussion of pagans, even on Kacou Philippe.

77 Because of your spiritual gifts, be only in the group of your country and language. Delete or leave Internet pages and Internet groups where pagans speak. And when a confession or discussion takes place in a group where you are, you will not speak there. And within three days, the discussion or confession must be deleted from the group. And every group must have a time of auto-deletion. 

78 Some Brothers and Sisters who have spiritual gifts and who understand revelations will lead your groups and decide on many things, such as returns to the Message. May the Holy Spirit be your spouse who decides for you from now on. The time of blind truck drivers is over.

79 Do not be ignorant. Today, the holiness of a religion or a holy book cannot save anyone. In the same way, the holiness of the time of John Wesley can no longer produce the Methodist revival. And the holiness of the time of William Seymour can no longer produce the Azusa Street revival. This is what I have been sent to make known to you. And what I have not told you here, the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you. 

80 The price of a revival is according to its time. To some, a greater consecration, and to others, the sharing of their goods as the Holy Spirit will lead them. And we no longer have revivals because no one wants to pay the price. And also, what Christians preach is contrary to the Bible; how can the Christ of Mark 10:17-31, who said to the rich young man to distribute his goods to the poor, say today, "Follow me and I will make you rich"?

81 The revival I am talking about here is not a revival of prosperity but a revival for the deliverance and healing of the soul and body. A revival whose goal is eternal life with God.

82 When the midnight Cry sounds, there is first a revival of the Word. The virgins wake up and arise. And Christianity has experienced this kind of revival with every messenger. But the revival I am talking about now is the revival by the power of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of spiritual gifts, like the Moravian revival, the Methodist revival, the Welsh revival, and the Azusa Street revival. And this promise in Joel 2:28 is for every generation, including our generation.

83 At times in history, the true God has made himself visible with a sanctified and well-disposed people. And that is where we are heading. When the inhabitants of the earth leave some wealth to their descendants, when churches and religions leave some magnificent temples, synagogues, cathedrals, and mosques as a legacy to their generation, we too must leave a revival as a legacy to our generation. 

84 And we are at the door of this revival. But know that the men and women who are sex dolls and their owners, and the defenders of the old system, will not be able to enter this revival or go to paradise. And their fasts followed by 30 minutes of prayer will only be Muslim fasts and Ramadan. And their breaking of the fast and their April 24 will only be Tabaski or Eid al-Fitr. And their "Amen" are Allahu Akbar.

85 Concerning the Internet, in the sixth vision of William Branham on the end of time, the Internet was the woman he had seen rise from America and who then exerted an influence over the whole world. 

86 William Branham says, "Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power." This woman is the Internet. I say it on the basis of a revelation. She is a woman with supernatural powers and multiple appearances. And she has a complete power over the inhabitants of the earth. Even if one day a woman is elected President of the United States of America, don't think it will be the woman in William Branham's sixth vision.

87 When you have a spiritual gift or the ministry of a prophet, beware of all those who are lurking around you because of the gift. And a church that seeks God with the lips and that comes towards you can be a prostitute who wants to endow you or who wants to delimit or shave your beard. The beard and the walking stick are symbols of authority, wisdom or prophetism.

88 In your quest for holiness, you shall not seek what is fashionable. In conversations, you shall not take screenshots or record calls that might harm someone. You shall avoid saying, "God said to me". You shall not be soft; avoid playing or joking, even with children. Be poor and despised before men so that you can be rich before God. A revival does not come to defend you, to avenge you or to do you justice in the face of mockers and enemies.

89 If you say that the interpretation of dreams by the method of gifts is too difficult or if you remain with the interpretation of dreams and visions according to the standard method, God can take away the gift of prophecy or any other gift that He has given you. The standard method is just an initiation to the interpretation of dreams and visions. You must quickly abandon it in favour of the method of gifts.

90 When you have a spiritual gift, drive all pride out of your heart. Without God's grace, we are nothing. You can mend your clothes and wear them again. You must dress modestly. And a Sister will not wear very high shoes. Firmly refuse money and presents when you are not in need.

91 And you, a Brother or Sister, if you see someone who has a spiritual gift, don't give him any present or money. But you can say to him, "Brother or Sister, if you have a need, tell me". That's what is God’s will. 

92 There should not be a meeting or advice with those who have the gifts. It is in the group of the country that you must put your advice, ideas, or proposals according to the revelation you received to help those who have gifts. And any Brother who wants to leave his office or withdraw for a time for a consecration has the full right to do so and must continue to receive the same assistance he received from his assembly. The others are free to keep their offices, but no one must preach until the manifestation of spiritual gifts.

93 When you have the ministry of a prophet or a spiritual gift, you must leave a lot of bad habits behind. For example: greeting everyone you pass for no reason; greeting people while we haven't just been on a trip or we live in the same yard is a pagan habit. And a prophet does not greet people as a formality. On his way towards Mary, the Angel Gabriel did not greet everyone he passed.

94 The fact of talking a lot with false Brothers and especially pagans, even by telephone, can trouble your revelations. This is why in 2 Kings 5, Prophet Elisha himself does not speak with Naaman. A prophet or a spiritual gift has behaviours that pagans would call sect or fanatism.

95 And around a minor prophet or a Brother who has great gifts, there must be spiritual or consecrated people who have revelations and who understand their revelations. A minor prophet has no disciples. Avoid letting people kneel before you. And even the food of prophets must be the lowest possible. Over-eating is a sin. And food can be a hindrance to consecration.

96 And sandwiches, hamburgers, delicious food, and anything else your heart desires, as well as soft drinks, are not forbidden for you, but you must beware of them. And in the long run, consecration must not necessarily be fasts but a way of life. Do away with the habit of eating snacks between meals. And don't give to others what you don't eat.

97 You shall not call your spouse, "Darling" but "Brother" or "Sister". You shall not have sexual relations during your consecration. And during a trip or a stay of less than a month, no one must come near his spouse in a hotel or in the place where they will be accommodated. 

98 And when it comes to marriage, you must not lust after a Sister who has spiritual gifts. A Brother must not try to buy a prophetess in order to extinguish her. And if you marry a prophetess, know that God cannot use her in the morning, and you will sleep with her in the evening. If you do so, her gift will certainly grow cold, but you too, you will not die with grey hair. 

99 Well. The evangelisations can continue, but I wish that now the priority of spending will be for those who consecrate themselves in fasting and prayer. And above all, the minimum of the personal needs of a Brother or Sister who manifests a spiritual gift must be assured so that he can consecrate himself even more. 

100 And when you have the gift of prophecy, do not think you have to prophesy at every meeting. Do not put pressure on yourself. You can have great spiritual gifts, but don't do anything to damage your reputation or the reputation of the Message.

101 When you have a spiritual gift, it does not belong to you to push God to use you. Stay within the limits of the Message and walk according to the revelations that God will give you. The Message of the prophet of the generation is the foundation and the divine constitution of the living of the generation. And it is this Message that delimits the field of action of the ministries and spiritual gifts in the generation. The doctrines of the Message are the fences. And a ministry of Ephesians 4:11 or a spiritual gift must not cross the fence of the Message. 

102 Well. An assembly can give itself the 30 minutes of prayer, either once a month, or week after week as it wishes. And if up to three times, an assembly fasts and does the 30 minutes of prayer and there is no spiritual gift, it must hold a meeting to look for the causes.

103 And after the fourth or fifth time without any manifestation of a spiritual gift, it can call for an outside help. During the 30 minutes of prayer, sleep and heaviness are signs of sins. You must stay awake and pray. 

104 When gifts are at work in an assembly, a service can be transformed into a service of manifestation of spiritual gifts. And in any circumstance, when preachers or leaders deem themselves unworthy to go up to the pulpit, a Brother who is a model in the assembly and who deems himself worthy can go up to the pulpit to accomplish the task. And this can go as far as preaching according to 1 Corinthians 14:26. 

105 It can happen that at a service, after the public confession and praise songs, instead of the preaching of a preacher, you go straight to listening to an audio preaching of the prophet, except for Kacou 126 and Kacou 156. The listening of the sermon can be in full or in part. 

106 After listening to the sermon, the congregation will sing songs of adoration or meditation, which cannot be danced or accompanied by clapping of hands. They will then move on to 30 minutes of prayer, even if they have not fasted. The leader will say: "Brothers and Sisters, we are moving to the 30 minutes of prayer. We are before God. Everyone can pray as he is led to"

107 And the congregation begins to pray. The piano accompanies for 5 to 10 minutes and then stops. The leader must be a Brother who has never been a preacher or who has a spiritual gift.

108 And on the next day after the service, it is the report of what the Holy Spirit has done that must be put in the group of the country without the video. Any video containing a manifestation must be kept secret. And it can be deleted after it has been sent to the prophet. The same applies to manifestations outside of services. Audio versions can be kept or shared.

109 In evangelism, the preaching must be chosen according to the audience. But it is better that the choice of the preaching comes by a revelation. And the one who is to preach can choose to enter the room when he is about to speak.

110 You must exhort the audience to know the Message and to listen to It day and night. And it is the disposition of the audience that will invite the Holy Spirit to that meeting. There can even be prophecies and healings before the end of the listening of the prophet's audio sermon. 

111 This revival concerns all the inhabitants of the earth. And therefore, you can go and preach in any church that invites you if at least the pastor and other leaders of that church have already believed in the Message and received the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for restitution. 

112 Go and preach everywhere and let those who have the gift of the laying on of hands do so as they are led, for healing or for the reception of the Holy Spirit. Many will speak in tongues, but speaking in tongues is not the only sign of the reception of the Holy Spirit. Each of the spiritual gifts is a sign of the reception of the Holy Spirit at the level of the spirit or at the level of the soul of the one who manifests the gift.

113 Now, when you pray, don't shout orders to God like the evangelicals and Branhamists, with loud voices saying, "O God, do this! Do that". God is neither our servant nor our friend. And He has no obligations towards us. Reject this satanic culture. Remember how I address Him in Kacou 150:86. 

114 The general position for praying is to kneel, if our health permits. But it is possible to sit, lie down or stand up to pray. However, if in public you do not like to kneel down to pray, but when you are alone you easily kneel down to pray, then it is satanic behaviour.

115 Since Kacou 155, it was a new dimension and every pastor had to already prepare his assembly for it. There are sicknesses and infirmities awaiting this revival. And then the pagans and journalists, scribes of God, will spread the wonders they will see or hear, and conversions will take place without effort. And when they will talk about it, a Brother or Sister must not intervene in their comments or discussions. 

116 Those are the precepts and ordinances for the revival of the ten virgins of Matthew 25. Let's go with that. The Angel who sent me and who gave this Word will confirm It for all those who will receive It with a sincere heart. Just as Israel, the people once despised and enslaved in Egypt, became the reference of the nations, so we will be the reference of Salvation in our generation. 

117 And when this revival begins, the number of services will increase, and assemblies will be filled up without effort. People will burn their fetishes and satanic books; enemies will be reconciled and will hug. And there will be meetings in such or such a place, sometimes in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons. You will want to go to service. A morning service can go up to the night. And an evening service can go up to the morning. This will be the true time of missionary trips, including my trips. These will be the historic and glorious moments of our life on earth. I have prophesied it, and your eyes will see it.

118 Do you believe this? If you do, let us bow our heads before His presence. He is the Almighty God who created us. He is the Lamb of God who redeemed us on the cross of Golgotha. He is the source of strength and power. He is the only One. He is the Almighty. He is the One who calls into existence what does not exist and makes possible what is not possible. You who are listening to me, from the distant places where you are, know that the Angel of God, the Pillar of Fire is standing where you are because of this Word.

119 O Lord Jesus Christ! Our hearts thirst for the Holy Spirit but we are not worthy of it because there is no righteousness in us. But Lord, remember that it was for us that You shed Your blood at Golgotha.  It is upon it that our faith and our hope rest. That is what I beg You to look and grant us the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And then our hearts and lives will be transformed. 

120 O Lord Jesus Christ! Let the Holy Spirit come down upon us. May the wind of the Holy Spirit blow again upon the nations. And may I live, with my generation, what is written in the Bible and in the history of the Church. Amen! Let us observe a 10-second silence while the piano plays ...