Revelation that Prophet Kacou Philippe gave from Katadji, his village, on January 21, 2024

Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I gave to the Saints this January 21, 2024, to call them to go up to the upper room for the reception of the Holy Spirit. 

This sermon is an order to the Saints to go up to the upper room. The upper room can be your house or any place where you can be in a good disposition to wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is about the upper room that I am going to talk, but before that, I am going to talk about many subjects. The first subject is the conduct of the service.

At the stage we have reached, we need to show maturity. A person in the pulpit must know what he has to do. If a Brother has an office, it’s to him that God will reveal what he must do, and not to others. Someone in the pulpit cannot ask the congregation for the direction he must follow. If you don't know what you have to do, what are you doing in the pulpit then?

On last January 7, which was the first Sunday of the year 2024, in an assembly, after the praise songs, the prayer leader had asked if someone had had a dream about whether the assembly should go to the individual songs of the Brothers according to Kacou 146:55 or whether the 30 minutes of prayer should be done. No one had had a dream. Then there was disorder. Some proposed the individual songs while others proposed the 30 minutes of prayer. But a prophecy came and the whole assembly calmed down and did the 30 minutes of prayer according to what the prophecy had said. This also happened in several countries.

And all the revelations that were reported to me from different countries indicated that on Sunday, January 7, 2024, it should be the 30 minutes of prayer everywhere in the Message after the praise songs. While the whole Message was in supplication and with Kacou 160:13 which says to keep up the 30 minutes of prayer as long as we can, a revelation could not take the Church back into the festive atmosphere of Kacou 146:55. 

However, in some countries, the enemies of the revelation had tried to oppose and get the individual songs done. According to Kacou 160:49, know that in any situation involving an assembly, if someone tried to impose his wrong position, he must confess. And you must ensure that, if he repeats it in less than three months, he does not speak again in the assembly for twelve months. 

Thus, when a Brother in the pulpit asks if anyone in the congregation had a dream, it is not correct. He should rather ask if anyone had a vision during the service but not a dream. A dream is not a collective revelation but a personal one unless a prophecy makes it public. What God wants to say to an assembly, He will say it through a vision or a prophecy. When an assembly is faced with a situation, the assembly must not appeal to dreams. 

At the service or out of the service, if something must be said or done according to a dream, you who have the floor, you will speak without making it known that you had a dream. If it is necessary for the dream you had to be known, the one to whom you are speaking will ask you for the basis of your word. And then, you will tell him the dream if he agrees.

Also, in the face of a situation, if the assembly does not reach an agreement, a leader will go to the pulpit and the assembly will pray for the subject and observe a silence to expect a prophecy. If there is no prophecy, the assembly will pray instead to be a spiritual assembly because there had to be a prophecy.

10 Well. Now I am going to say something important. The walk towards a revival is a time of deep sanctification by our own revelations. It is between God and each of us. If that is really our concern, God can reveal to us the sins in which we are without knowing it. 

11 Another point I want to talk about is our attitude when a church comes to the Message. We must respect it, starting with its pastor. May God forgive us for all the bad behaviours we have had in the past. Churches believed in the Message, and we had not visited their leaders. We had not gone to their homes. May that never happen again.

12 When a church comes to the Message, you will go to it as lambs and not as colonizers. Whether it is a small or a big church, we must see its members as our fellow-strugglers towards Heaven. And before the first service, you must have a meeting with its leaders and explain to them what they must do.

13 The one amongst you who will go to the pulpit there will act as the Holy Spirit leads him. The first people to believe among them can receive the baptism, even before their pastor. And the following services will be according to the model of the Message with a prayer leader of the Message. And you will make sure that all their assembly masters the Message by reading and listening to the Message.

14 And all those who want the revival in their churches must already start giving the Message to their church members. The church members must have the Message on their telephones. And after receiving the Message, the leaders of the church will continue to manage the affairs of their churches but according to the Message.

15 Let's not err. The Bible says that God resists the proud but gives His grace to the humble. God Himself, coming to the earth, was born in a sheepfold. Also, pride is a demon, and someone can be poor and be proud just as someone can be rich and be humble. 

16 And as for us, let us be like little children. Let us seek to be servants to others. Let us empty ourselves of everything that is pagan. Collections of clothes, shoes, authoritarian behaviours, let's leave that! Let us all be like lambs, for it is upon the Lamb of April 24, 1993, in us that the Holy Spirit will come down. Pride is an enemy of the Holy Spirit. 

17 Well. There are things in our lives that only our dreams will make us know. If you buy expensive clothes or things, in a spirit of luxury or fashion, it is not a preaching from the pulpit that will come and tell you that it is bad. And you must apply the Message according to the revelation or according to the Spirit of the Message. For example, eating a biscuit is snacking if you eat it for pleasure and not because you are hungry. 

18 Some Brothers and Sisters are changing their lives because a dream has shown them a fault they didn't know about. This is an important step in the dimension of the revelation. Now, apart from those among us who do not have good intentions, all our dreams come from God even if we see dreams every night. It is our interpretations that are often wrong. Let us pray to have the grace to understand our dreams.

19 Also, know that the dreams we see are often our private life. And sharing dreams can be video calls of nudity or impure practices before God. 

20 A Sister had said to me, "Brother Philippe, little by little I'm getting to understand the dreams that I see. In one dream, I could not climb a hill because of the high heels of my shoes. I prayed and I received the interpretation. The high heel was pride". Yes, Sister, that's right. In a dream, a woman's high heel or a man's clothing that is too loose is pride. May God's grace be with us more and more to help us understand our revelations.

21 And the change of life through these revelations can bring us health and deliverance. For if an unveiled sin leaves your life, any demon, any disease, or any curse connected to that sin has no reason to remain in your body. They must also leave your life. 

22 And many Brothers and Sisters are putting order in their lives based on their own revelations. Some Brothers and Sisters are refusing to wear uniforms, even couples' uniforms and special festive clothes and others, based on their own revelations. They no longer go to funeral vigils, and they request the funeral of Lazarus for themselves.

23 In your acts and choices, you must see fashion and the desire to be seen as abominations. The necessity or need for the thing must be your criterion of choice. And at your gatherings, avoid the desire to get noticed and the festive look in your clothing, in your food and others.

24 Well. I am now going to address another point, which is the role of women in the dimension of the Holy Spirit. First, know that a woman cannot go into the pulpit or be in the priesthood. I am against woman’s ministry in the Church, but I am against it by revelation. I am not a legalist or a fanatic. 

25 Now listen to me. What it is about here is the dimension of the Holy Spirit. It's not about the priesthood. Clericalism and titles and dogmas and credos, that's in the priesthood, but what I am talking about here is the authority and action of the Holy Spirit. 

26 And in the dimension of the Holy Spirit, the priests are as strangers to it as women. Note that the authority of a person under the anointing is the authority of the Holy Spirit. And also note that a woman does not manifest any gift of the true Holy Spirit during her menstrual period. 

27 Now, how far can a woman under the anointing of the Holy Spirit go? That depends on God. No man can set any limit to the Holy Spirit working in a little child, in a woman, in a white man or in a black African. 

28 In the Azusa revival, the Holy Spirit also appointed women like Julia Hutchins and Lucy Farrow to missions. And what would you do if you were standing in front of Lucy Farrow, the black slave before whom crowds of whites, formerly racist, rushed to kneel to receive the Holy Spirit?

29 And in our revival, where are we going to put our Sisters who have spiritual gifts that could bring crowds to the Message? Through the videos of manifestations, I have seen several Sisters from different countries like Sister Dayina. And I pray that with the Holy Spirit that is coming, there be such Sisters in all the countries.

30 What our conferences, our posts and videos on the internet and the campaigns of evangelism with so many financial resources and our human efforts have not been able to produce, the Holy Spirit can seize a Sister or a child to produce that in an instant. And then, from faithful priests, we will pass to faithful servants and Sisters will have to be counted in it. 

31 According to our capacities, as much as we could, we have evangelized. We held conferences, debates, and distributions of flyers and everything else, including the media. We have reached our limits. And now it is up to the Holy Spirit to enter the scene. It is a revival that brings an exodus or an evangelisation. 

32 And the Holy Spirit has his way and means. The Holy Spirit can seize a little unbaptized child to manifest his power or any of the spiritual gifts. And know that everything a child can manifest under the power of the Holy Spirit, a Sister can also manifest it under the power of the Holy Spirit. 

33 We all know that an unbaptized child cannot have a responsibility in the assembly or speak in the public confession. And yet, under the power of the Holy Spirit, during a public confession, a little unbaptized child can stand up and intervene. And if led by the Holy Spirit, a child can do so, then also know that led by the Holy Spirit, a Sister can do so. 

34 I repeat, it is not about priesthood here, but about the Holy Spirit. And if a Sister or a little child can stand up under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to prophesy without the prayer leader giving her the floor, also know that during a service, a Sister led by the Holy Spirit can stand up and lead the public confession and no one has the capacity to stop her. 

35 I am not saying that in the dimension of the Holy Spirit, the Sisters receive the continual right to lead the public confession or to speak in the assembly. No. I am talking about what the Holy Spirit can seize the person to accomplish at a precise moment. 

36 But if the Holy Spirit goes further, we will say, "Amen". For example, by a prophecy, the Holy Spirit can give the office of deacon or deaconess to a Sister in the congregation. A married woman who falls under the anointing, it is not a Brother deacon who will go and tie her wrapper or her garment which is untied.

37 If we want the Holy Spirit, then let us know that the Holy Spirit acts where He is given the full right and freedom to act. In a revival, there is only one leader, and that leader is the Holy Spirit. 

38 And also, in the revival which is coming, it is not the prophet who will send people on missions as he used to do in the old system with the priesthood. This is why the Lord Jesus left the scene before the revival so that no one would turn to Him. It is the Holy Spirit who must direct everything from one end to the other. And dreams and visions and prophecies are the voices of God which we must listen to. 

39 Even if you see in a dream or vision the prophet giving you a mission or speaking to you, this does not necessarily refer to the person of the prophet. It may be the Holy Spirit who has spoken to you under the appearance of the prophet. You must not refer to the person of the prophet, but you will say, "The Holy Spirit has sent me on a mission"

40 And it does not belong to the prophet to validate a mission or to say that this must be that. It is like seeing a Brother in a dream and the Brother is just a type because of his complexion, or his behaviour, or the work that he does. A mixed-race Brother can be the type of all the Brothers or priests of the Message and a Brother who is a soldier can be the whole of the evangelists. 

41 Well. The shirt is the spoken or written word. The boubou is the fullness of the spoken word. The wrapper cloth of old men is wisdom. The trousers are the revelation through dreams and visions. And the shirt is worn above the trousers just as the spoken or written word is above the revelation. But when we enter the dimension of the Holy Spirit, a carnal application of the spoken or written word can be a sin.

42 The spoken or written word is the word that comes from a prophet messenger. It is from the revelation that the spoken word is born, but the spoken word is above any revelation, just as man is above the woman through whom he comes into the world. 

43 So if you have no revelation and someone under the anointing does something strange before you, keep quiet. And if Brothers and Sisters indulge in a trial of the Holy Spirit in their group, that group becomes a cursed group and must be deleted. And if a Brother or Sister defies or confronts the Holy Spirit, may the Holy Spirit not allow him to bring the curse upon us. 

44 Pay attention to the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was not only in the apostolic revival that people who defied the Holy Spirit like Ananias and Sapphira fell dead in public. According to history, people who defied the Holy Spirit died in public during some revivals.

45 Well. Now, after the role of women, an important point I want to talk about is the conduct of evangelisations. In the dimension of the Holy Spirit, you can go alone or in pairs to evangelize according to the revelation that you have received. 

46 Also, in the past, in campaigns of evangelism or others, a moderator or a leader would prepare the audience before the speaker of the day; but in the dimension of the Holy Spirit, it must not necessarily be this way. There must not be any moderator or leader to exhort or prepare the audience or to announce or introduce the speaker of the day unless the speaker of the day himself requests it. 

47 And at such a gathering, a Brother or Sister in the audience must not speak of the Message before or after the speaker of the day. It must be announcements and songs of adoration and prayers only. And at the appointed time, the speaker of the day will come forward and speak. 

48 Now, when you have a spiritual gift, pray that you may have other spiritual gifts. A great gift of speaking in tongues without the gift of interpretation of tongues, or a great gift of words of knowledge without a gift of healing, is like a bow without arrows. And make sure each gift becomes greater and greater over time. 

49 And for a spiritual gift that you have, never let yourself be guided by someone or act at someone's request, without revelation. Someone can ask you to pray for him, but you must be like a slave who holds his master's treasure. It is your master who must say to you: "Give this to this one. Give that to that one".

50 Well. He who is fasting or in consecration is the most disposed to receive the Holy Spirit or to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But he who is not fasting or in consecration can also receive the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, just as he who is not fasting can prophesy. Even he who has a sin to confess can prophesy or receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It all depends on his disposition.

51 Consecration is above fasting and can even last a year or more. Occasionally, apart from sex, eating or doing something prohibited by consecration does not put an end to consecration. But you must not eat two full meals in one day. 

52 Meditation is also an element of fasting and consecration. And meditation requires silence. So you cannot be constantly in some noise, even if you are listening to hymns or sermons. 

53 Also, what you cannot do when you are in consecration, like watching a film, it is better not to do it while you are not in consecration. Don't be wicked, like one of the mixed multitude who, when on a trip, approaches his wife on Saturday night because he will not be going to the service the next day, Sunday. 

54 You must be in the spirit of consecration even if you are not in consecration. In 2 Samuel 11, Uriah was lying outside. King David urged him to go to his house. But Uriah answered and said to King David, "I cannot go down to my house and sleep with my wife while the ark of Jehovah and my companions of war are encamped in fields under tents". This is the spirit in which we must be. Let us sacrifice our lives on earth to gain eternal life with God after our death.

55 Any return to consecration is done after 40 days of fasting. During a fast of several days, the form of the fast cannot be changed. A fast interrupted even for one day and resumed on the following day is considered interrupted. 

56 In the consecration, you must not say, "O, I do not want to talk or eat with these Brothers because in a dream I saw that they were pagans". No, the revelation may be telling you to talk to them about their pagan ways or not to chatter with them. 

57 In the revival, when a revelation, a miracle or a situation takes place before you, you must not be carried away by emotion like pagans. And because of the wonders or great miracles, the presence of God must not take on the looks or the atmosphere of a place of spectacle. 

58 Also, in the revival, pagans could invade your places of worship. Receive them as they are. Give them the seats and bear with their pagan attitudes. Whatever they wear, be patient with them. 

59 In the revival, no one must fall into fanaticism and exaggeration. You cannot say prayers like: "O God, reveal to me the sauce I must cook! Reveal to me the type of dress I must sew! Reveal this and that to me! O God, send me money in my bank account! Fix my phone!" In His sovereignty, God can do whatever He wants but you, do not pray like that. 

60 And when the Holy Spirit sends a Brother or Sister to a religious or pagan gathering according to Kacou 160:119, this means that the Holy Spirit has already prepared everything in advance. And a report of what the Brother or Sister will do there must be sent to the prophet for the future chapters of the Message. The future chapters of the Message will be the testimonies of the revival.

61 When God sent Prophet Jonah to Nineveh, God had already prepared the hearts of the people of Nineveh to listen to Jonah. When the Lord Jesus Christ went to the Samaritan woman in John 4, God had already prepared the heart of the Samaritan woman to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ.

62 If you claim that it was the Holy Spirit who sent you to a church, that implies that the Holy Spirit already went before you to prepare the field. And even if someone is in the pulpit in that church, speaking, and you stand up to speak, they will be seized with fear and they will listen to you. And those who want to oppose you will be struck in front of everyone. 

63 But if a Brother or Sister is guilty of imitation, he will go with a witness to ask for forgiveness where he acted falsely in the name of the Holy Spirit. And if he repeats it, he can be excommunicated, that is, cast out of the Message so that the curse of his blasphemy does not rest on the Message. Behind every imitation, there is a demon.

64 Also, we are in a time when the fear of God has diminished and there are many imitations; that is why many of the prophecies in the assemblies will be speaking in tongues followed by interpretation so that no one doubts. And, also, out of fifty Brothers and Sisters who will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a meeting, I believe that almost all will speak in tongues.

65 Also, don't fall into any exaggeration and anything shameful. God is not in search of glory. And let us not see a miracle in everything that looks strange to us. The Bible teaches us honesty. 

66 We will give an account to God for everything we do. There are things that an honest son of God cannot do and have a clear conscience. I cannot claim to have made a paralytic walk and the person still has bent legs and walks with a limp. If I open the eyes of a blind man, he must go home without being held by the hand. This is my faith. This is what I believe.

67 In Acts 3, when the paralytic walked, the Bible says that his feet immediately became strong, and he jumped and praised God. In Acts 14:8-11. Paul had said to the paralytic, "Rise up straight upon your feet". And immediately the paralytic walked. That is what the true God does. And the Bible says that when the crowd saw what Paul had done, they raised their voices and said, "The gods, having taken on bodies of men, have come down to us."

68 And what God is waiting for to act like this, with power in our midst, is our obedience. In 2023, God was not happy with our behaviour. Almost all of us, our longest fasts in 2023 were three days instead of 21, 28 or 40. And by revelation, on November 22, 2023, I had decreed a 21-day fast for the whole Message, starting on November 27, 2023. And towards the end of the 21 days, I said again by revelation that anyone who wished could continue his fast for up to 40 days.

69 And after the 21 days, many Brothers and Sisters in different countries continued their fasting to reach the 40 days according to the word of the Lord and go in consecration to wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

70 But also, many refused to progress after the 21 days. That is the result of the work of their priesthood over so many years. They are not worried about pleasing God. Some and their pastors and preachers stopped fasting because of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

71 So let all those who did not go through these Christmas and New Year celebrations and enter 2024 while fasting, and all those who are not in consecration, come back to God with supplications and be in consecration and obedience so that God does not send us an outpouring of the spirit of the goat and the ram as it happened with many churches.

72 However, I was happy for some countries; all the Brothers and Sisters of a country going through 40 days of fasting together like Israel crossing the Red Sea despite the celebrations. And on January 1st, 2024, in Ivory Coast, out of the thousands of us, I couldn't find a single person who wasn't fasting. 

73 Sick people and pregnant women fasted until they reached 40 days. And Sister Carla from Luxembourg reached the 40 days despite being 5 to 6 months pregnant. And a great number of unbaptized children had voluntarily completed the 40 days of fasting with their parents.

74 And because of the fast, all the Brothers and Sisters had lost weight. All the young girls' faces had become so thin. I have nothing but my blessing for you. May this will to please God never leave you. May God remember this act. And the Angel said, "From now on, it is a person in consecration who must administer baptisms or approach the pulpit"

75 Let us give to God our lives and what is precious to us. May our obedience to God and our zeal to please God surpass the actions of the religious people that we condemn. The 40 days of fasting, even Catholics, Muslims, and evangelicals do them every year. That is why we must reach the 40 days of fasting by our own will and remain in consecration to wait for the Holy Spirit. 

76 But many countries were rebellious according to what their priesthood had been teaching them for years. Before God, the preaching of their priesthood was: "Be rebels and obese babies until you die. If God holds your hand, walk! But if He leaves your hand, stay where He left you. If He tells you to fast at least 3 days in the month, never exceed 3 days. Don't make any effort! God will give you the Holy Spirit and paradise as Christmas presents."

77 Before God, this is what you have been preaching in your countries for years. This is the result of your wickedness. Even the evangelicals that we condemn would not have been so wicked. Is this the kind of behaviour that will bring us into God's presence through the baptism of the Holy Spirit? I beg God to forgive you for this behaviour.

78 Let us all come back to God as of today, so that God may take us into His presence to pass from dreams to spiritual gifts with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dreams are for those who are outside, far from God. Spiritual gifts do not put an end to dreams, but with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is the presence of God and God speaks to us directly through prophecies, without symbols.

79 And with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, our dreams will change in scope. Without the Holy Spirit, we all suffer with the interpretations of dreams by the standard method which often makes God say what He does not say. The Author of dreams is his own interpreter just as the Holy Spirit who speaks in tongues is the same Holy Spirit who interprets. And without the Holy Spirit, our dreams will always have a scope of 24 hours, about what happened the day before or what will happen the day after, like the dreams of the pagans. 

80 Fear God and seek to do what will be pleasing to God without being asked. Be living sacrifices, pleasing to God, as Paul says in Romans 12. There must be no ruse in you. For example, do not say, "Since I don't have to serve God for a salary, I will no longer take money with the stewards at the end of each month, but I'm going to take money every week or mid-month". Leave all the money and household expenses to your wives or someone else.

81 Well. Lately, in several countries, some spiritual brothers, especially preachers, have had dreams telling them to stop going to the service. And some who were no longer going to services and who were praying fervently had gone mad. Their dreams were from God. But the sin was the fact that they were praying in the wrong way and fervently, thus calling the spirit of the goat and the ram into their lives. 

82 Instead of praying using "Us" for the whole Message, they made selfish and evangelical prayers like: "Lord, give me the Holy Spirit! I want the Holy Spirit for myself!"  That's not how the disciples prayed with one accord in the upper room. 

83 It is not: "Give me my daily bread" but: "Give us our daily bread". The way of praying of these Brothers would be correct if the outpouring of the Holy Spirit had already taken place and people had already received Him. Leave those evangelical behaviours! The Holy Spirit is a fullness that comes down for a multitude in one place before dividing Himself to go upon each of us, everywhere we are. The true Holy Spirit always comes down in one place and spreads all over the earth.

84 Let no one, therefore, pray fervently to receive the Holy Spirit. And let him who has a holy spirit now reject that holy spirit and pray to seek his deliverance. Behind all the manifestations in our assemblies until now is the spirit of the ram. Let us be very attentive to God through the revelations that He gives us now.

85 With revivals always beginning in one place, on several occasions, I had on my heart to start prayer meetings in Katadji, but I never started any. Each time a revelation would come and tell me not to do it. 

86 When the revival begins, the Holy Spirit will send the Brothers who are here to other countries to spread the Holy Spirit. And at the same time, through revelations, the Brothers who are in other countries will come here. The concern is the fact that some disciples, led by Satan, will still want to turn to the prophet as in the past.

87 The revival that we are waiting for is of the utmost importance to us. Why has Christianity spread throughout the world? It is because first the Lord Jesus Christ had a Message from God and then there was a revival that went from the upper room to the ends of the earth. Had it not been for the coming down of the Holy Spirit to the upper room, Christianity would have been unknown today.

88 And it was the Methodist revival that made John Wesley's Message known throughout the world. William Seymour brought a Message. But had it not been for the Azusa Street revival, Pentecostalism would have been unknown today. From Noah, through Moses down to us, God always gives a revival for the expansion of the Message that He gives to His messengers. 

89 Todayhas the whole Message of the midnight Cry been given? Yes. Has the midnight Cry spread to reach all the inhabitants of the earth? No. The midnight Cry has shone a lot in word but not yet in power. And this, we don't need an enemy to come and say it to us.

90 By the truth of the Message and by our weak human efforts, many people have believed in different countries, but it is a power from God that will produce a true revival and make the Message of the midnight Cry known to the whole world. It is for this fight of faith that the Lord must clothe us with the mantle of Elijah. O Lord, bring back those beautiful days, those happy days when the Holy Spirit fell in every place, and the Love of God was in the hearts. Bring back those happy days! 

91 Now listen to me. I am going to say something important. The Holy Spirit has taught us that true Christianity is not a religion but a life. This implies that at times, through the Holy Spirit, we could change direction like Israel in the desert. And thus, according to the revelation, from this Sunday, January 21, 2024, there will be no more services everywhere in the Message. And therefore, there are no more prayer leaders, song leaders and stewards.

92 From this Sunday, January 21, 2024, the services must stop. There must be no more services in your places of worship or at home, in your house until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, this is neither a sanction nor a divine punishment, but God is asking it to us for a greater spiritual disposition for the reception of the Holy Spirit. This is not the foolishness of the prophet but the instruction of the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993.     

93 Is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in one, two, three months or more? Is it before or after April 24, 2024? Will it be before or after Easter 2024? The Holy Spirit knows. The interruption of services until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, there are several examples and explanations for that. It is like God saying to the priesthood and the church, as to a couple living in sin: "Stop all sexual relations until the dowry".

94 Now, what must you do now? Close your places of worship and go and wait for the Holy Spirit in the upper room. We will come back to the service after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I think that we will come back because I haven't used the blue notebook yet. And as of now, the returns to the Message for those who have been cast out of the Message or who have been outside for more than 12 months will be possible with a confirmed prophecy.

95 If we want to come back to service and preach again and record and listen to hymns, then let us apply ourselves with all our hearts in fasting and consecration to receive the Holy Spirit. And this can happen without delay depending on our thirst to get the Holy Spirit with all our hearts as one man. Apart from the Message and your revelations, if there is one thing you all need to know through the prophet, it will be given to you in your groups of language. 

96 The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is a promise addressed to us too. Before us, the Church experienced many revivals and outpourings of the Holy Spirit. And we ask it because this promise is for us too. Without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to please God. That's why I ask for the Holy Spirit for all those that God has given me.

97 The reception of the Holy Spirit is an obligation. Without the Holy Spirit, no one is worthy to preach, to lead the public confession and praise songs. And in trying to do so now, they are impure practices that you do on all those who listen to you.

98 Without the Holy Spirit, our human efforts will not be able to overcome sin in our assemblies and in our lives. Last Sunday, January 14, 2024, in a small assembly, a Sister manifested the gift of words of knowledge. She says, you here, you did this. You over there, you did that. The people say, "It's true"

99 And to a Brother who only acknowledges his sins if he is caught red-handed, she says, "You're an alcoholic too!" The Brother hesitates and says, "It's true". And she continues and says, "Also, the woman you want to sin with is called so-and-so. She has HIV". And she continues the words of knowledge and ends up touching almost every person in the congregation including the prayer leader in the pulpit and her husband who was hiding a sin of adultery. Now, if we remove the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts from the church, what holiness will we have?

100 Also, notice that the details always come for people who seek to deny. But in the phase of the Holy Spirit, these are the people who will fall like Ananias and Sapphira. In the phase of the Holy Spirit, for every action, the Angel and the Lamb will be there. The Angel will be there to strike while the Lamb will be there to grant grace. It all depends on who you will choose between the two.

101 But now it is the ram, so there can’t be any dead. Now we are in the valley or at the foot of the mountain and our praise songs are pagan concerts and our preachings are political speeches or impure practices. And our assemblies are always in darkness. That is why it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that must bring us back again to services.

102 During this time, therefore, there will be no public confession. After years in the Message, we will have to be able to spend months in holiness without confessing. And what sin will be committed when we are all in fasting and consecration? If we love God, this interruption of services will not modify anything in our faith and in our walk towards Heaven.

103 As to know whether you should pay your tithes and offerings, I don't know. Act according to your revelations. But as a man, I think everyone must keep their tithes and bring them when they return to service. The tithes and offerings already given must continue to pay the rent of the places of worship.

104 This preaching comes to tell us: "Leave the valleys and go all up to the upper room on the mountaintop to wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!" Going up to the upper room means remaining in consecration and prayer with the aim of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Keep your eyes on Heaven. Be ready as if you were waiting for the rapture. 

105 Don't stay at the foot of the mountain or inside the mountain, but go up to the top of the mountain, into the upper room. Believe firmly in the promise of the Holy Spirit. Don't think that the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts are for a type of Brothers and Sisters and that they don't concern you. 

106 All your groups must be silent except for the addition of new people and universal information. Everyone is in consecration; therefore no one will write in a group. What is happening here, the pagans and the religious people who read the Message are aware of it and are paying attention to it.

107 But our enemies are the mocking disciples who have yet walked with the Lord Jesus Christ, and who say to Peter, James, and John: "It seems that you who are in the upper room, you are playing the saints, you don't greet people, you don't talk to people. Is this true?"

108 I invite you to leave this satanic behaviour. Don't be Tangaras. That Tangara I was in prison with in 2016, he is the disciple of a Rasta musician who doesn't believe in anything, not even in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

109 The Holy Spirit whom we beg God to send us is a promise from God. But in addition to that, it is a supplication that we make to Him. And in addition to the healings and deliverances that will bring us, we pray that the Message may reach the ends of the earth and save hundreds of thousands of souls. And for that to happen, we must all be with one accord.

110 In history, some Christians without a prophet messenger prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as in the upper room. And the Holy Spirit, in reality, the spirit of the goat and the ram having come down on them, they did not know what they should do. Then, discussions arose. Then two groups formed. A first group that doubts the manifestations and a second, silent group that believes in them. 

111 Then a division follows, and their revival starts to die out. And when it's too late, the group of unbelievers ask for forgiveness for doubting. And some of those who received the spirit of the goat or the ram keep their spiritual gifts for months, but eventually fall into divination or die out. 

112 Let us not act like this. God cannot send us a spirit other than the Spirit of the Lamb of April 24, 1993. The dove that came down on the Lord Jesus Christ at the baptism of John the Baptist was the same dove that came down on the 120 disciples in the upper room. However, the Jews saw that the 120 were drunk on sweet wine. 

113 The Holy Spirit will not necessarily do what we would have wanted Him to do. But He remains the Holy Spirit. In the Bible, Paul speaks about the disorder in the way of using the spiritual gifts in the assembly of Corinth, but Paul never said that the Spirit that acted in the assembly of Corinth was not the Holy Spirit.

114 The only thing that can pronounce itself on the nature of a spiritual manifestation is a revelation through a dream, a vision or through the gift of discernment of spirits. Mount Sinai trembling with smoke, it was the true God. On April 24, 1993, it was the sweet voice of the Lamb, but I had fallen. We have believed in the Message of the Lamb while the prophet is alive; it is not another spirit that God will give us. 

115 And therefore, when the Holy Spirit come down upon us, immediately, like Prophet Isaiah, our prayer must be: "Lord, what shall I do?" This is what we must do because as soon as the Holy Spirit is poured out, the missions must begin without delay. God always sends his Spirit for a purpose; it is not for us to be seen or to do what we want.

116 The baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is coming, is to purify us and take the Message and send it everywhere without delay, as He did in the time of the Apostles and every time He came down on earth. And consecration will keep us in the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. 

117 None of us must behave as spectators. The actors of the revival, it’s each one of us. We are at an important stage in our walk. And in the upper room, there were only 120 disciples out of the thousands that they were. And if the Holy Spirit did not come down, the 120 sincere ones who had believed up to the upper room would also go back to their homes and Christianity would have stopped there. But God kept His promise as He did in 1906 at Azusa Street.

118 Now, like Prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 18, I have restored the altar of God. And we must just wait in consecration and calm beside the altar. And the fire to light up the altar will come from God. And if the Lamb of April 24, 1993, is God, the Holy Spirit will come down. Don't try to do anything else. On April 24, 1993, I did nothing for the Angel and the Lamb to come down. Thus, we don't have to do anything today for the Holy Spirit to come down. 

119 In Genesis 15, Abraham made the sacrifice as God had commanded him. And Abraham stood by the sacrifice and waited from morning till evening, but the fire of God did not come down. And birds came down to eat the sacrifice and Abraham drove them away. And towards the evening, Abraham fell asleep. And when the sun went down, there was darkness. And it was after this that the fire of Jehovah came down and consumed the sacrifice. 

120 No matter the time it takes for the Holy Spirit to come down, let's stay in consecration and wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. From now on, be more obedient to God than you have ever been. Health, strength, life, and everything else you have is given to you by God and you must not make calculations for what you must do in return for God.

121 In the Bible, King David wanted to offer a sacrifice to God. And behold, a man sent King David some wood and oxen for the sacrifice, free of charge. But King David refused and said to him, "No, sell me this wood and these oxen! I can't offer God some wood and oxen without cost". Amen! This is the heart of a man who loves God.

122 And if we love God too, let us commit ourselves to showing Him our love in everything without Him asking us to do so. Like King David, let us say, "No, I cannot offer He who died for me on Calvary’s tree a fast or a consecration without cost". This is the heart we must have towards God because He first loved us. And He gave His life for us, and He purchased our salvation on Calvary’s tree.