(Preached on Sunday, October 20, 2002 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heavens always comes from Heaven through an angel while there is another gospel that comes from the abyss through pastoral school for God fills the heart while the devil fills the head. Remember how on April 24, 1993, the sound of his voice came into me and I fell dead. You see? It’s the devil that has instituted pastoral school. For, if I send someone to call my wife who is on a journey to the village, this messenger doesn’t have to receive any instruction from anyone. I am the only one who should tell him what to say to my wife and I know that she will believe him. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

2 Let Satan and his children have pastoral schools, Bible institutes and the Internet, me and my house will stay with the prophetic revelation. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. And after pastoral school, seminaries and theological degrees, when those hypocrites, sons of the devil stand in the pulpit, they say: "O God may I decrease and you speak through me." You see? It's a confusion! If you know that you can decrease for God to speak through you, so what did you go and look for in pastoral schools?

3 Pastoral school is nothing but a place where people go and learn techniques of psychological manipulation. You see? They study the reactions and behaviours of people. This is all that is called mysticism. And that's what they hide from people. . [Kc.2v1-4] [Kc.57v5-8]

4 Well, the Bible declares that there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed in daylight. God made it because the time of restoring had come, but unfortunately those for whom it was made were already drunk and could not distinguish between good and evil, between the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil, between the Word of God and theology... And the fruit that springs thereof, they are the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist churches. 

5 And it is wrong that those satanic caricatures are called “churches”, becoming suddenly a curse for the country and the subject of all the wrath of God. So that, when a cup of torments is poured on a country, churches are quick to interpret it to strengthen the wicked one on his way. I can not imagine of what punishment the churches will be found worthy at the judgment! 

6 You should know that if God was the head of those churches, they would never pray together with Buddhists, Mahikari, Muslims, fetish priests, masks with libations and war dances... 

7 And especially African churches would pronounce themselves on those violent and rotten televisions, on those princess and princely streets, newspapers exposing naked women, impure rhythms and dances, the distribution of condoms, family planning and so on. You see? The place where sin is legalised, the Church must pronounce itself. If they distribute condoms to students, soldiers and others and churches remain silent, they should not pray either, otherwise they are the worst enemies of Africa and that is what they are.

8 Why that? Because the sin of the one who uses condoms and pills is similar to the sin of the one who commits abortion. 

9 When punishments come upon a country, it’s especially against the churches that those punishments are exercised as before on the gods of Egypt. You see? I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I do not discourage you but it is in vain that you pray. God has raised up servants to exercise the judgments as He raised up his servant Nebuchadnezzar against Israel in the past. Is it not God who decrees everything that happens on earth? [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. [Kc.104v28]

10 Like Joseph, the blacks deported from Africa and the lambs fleeing the wolves of the Roman persecution found themselves on a new land, America. God blessed them, and made that their brothers, the whole world, bowed down before their decisions through the UN because after the pharaoh, the pope of Egypt, it was Joseph. We see that in the book of Genesis and Revelation 13. You see? 

11 From the lambs that they were, great-grand-sons of Christians, swearing on the Bible, they became a dragon, crushing, shelling, imposing themselves through vetoes and embargoes. Instead of sending free wheat to their African families that they may live, they send weapons in order for them to kill one another. They send some Tommy Osborn, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Billy Graham ... to seduce the inhabitants of the earth. And they are proud to say: "God bless America."If God blesses this America that I see, then God must repent for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. You see? If God blesses this Ivory Coast that I see, then He must repent for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. And at the resurrection, God must ask the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for forgiveness. God must ask the inhabitants of Nineveh for forgiveness. You see?

12 And if God saves a Catholic, a Protestant, an evangelical, a Branhamist or one member of those missions and ministries, God must remove hell and everyone will go to the Paradise, even Satan. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. How can someone reject the living prophet of his time and go to the Paradise? How can someone be saved from the Flood while he has rejected Noah? When the Lord Jesus Christ was on earth, how could someone reject Him and be saved? The whole earth is in the abyss because of these churches. [Kc.2v11] [Kc.31v18] [Kc.91v6]

13 And on September 11, 2001, when America was hit, I said in despair: "it’s done!" and I added: “that's what was announced by the messenger of the evening time”. Mercy on that nation of America, what will she do now? Henceforth, fear and anxiety will dwell with these men. For, instead of working for good, they rather worked for the loss of the wicked one. 

14 The solution is not to seek to capture Al-Qaeda and terrorism, these are only the ultimate whips of God. But the solution, as long as Tommy Osborn and Morris Cerullo and Benny Hinn and Manasseh Jordan and all these will travel the world to seduce the earth, there won't be any solution. And if you are seeking to capture or kill those ones, know that God can raise up whips from everywhere. God can raise up cyclones, earthquakes, and some floods. And don’t you know that more terrible diseases than AIDS shall come on earth? And don’t you know that what could not kill, will kill? And God will raise up these against every man or against every nation that makes the culture of sin and false prophets.

15 And that is what made God destroy the earth in the time of Noah. Churches had some Tommy Osborn, seducers, and men of renown approved by men. And any way of Salvation was corrupt. See Genesis 6:11-12: "... And the earth was corrupt before God and the earth was full of violence. And God looked upon the earth and behold, it was corrupt; and all flesh had corrupted its way on the earth." Note this:" ...corrupt before God". Not before men but before God! For men, they are in the truth; they see no evil in what they are doing. And that’s when God sent them a little man, with no theological training, whose preaching was disturbing them. And Noah preached in a real desert. [Kc.2v28

16 People recognize that we are in the time of Noah. All the preachers recognize that we are in the time of Noah. The churches recognize that we are in the time of Noah ... But where is Noah? That is the only question which they do not answer. But how can one be in the time of Noah without Noah? And you, sons of God, do not look for great pastors, apostles and prophets but look for Noah! And you, little shepherds! And you, little magi! Do not go toward Jerusalem but go toward Bethlehem! Do not go toward big churches, do not look for big churches, do not go toward the church of Herod, do not go toward the so-called great men of God, but go rather toward Joseph the carpenter. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Noah had been rejected and it was the sign that God had given to all the generations of the earth. All the prophets were going to be rejected because of their Messages. But God, in the Heaven, approved them.   

17 And if Noah is approved, I will be approved. And it is on this that we rest, me and my lot. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. The earth is corrupt and the Lord Jesus Christ said that at the end of times, if He tarried, there would be no elect on earth. And where did this corruption come from? From the United States of America. Look at Tommy Osborn, Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, Morris Cerullo and all those ones… they have corrupted the earth and I am surprised that people who confess the Name of Jesus Christ dream of visiting countries like the United States some day. Are your villages no better than Los Angeles and Hollywood? And where do those acts of violence, those snakes and scorpions on those biceps come from?  Where do those erroneous hairstyles come from? Just as you dream of Europe and America, so do your souls long for sin and hell. For those who are in Europe and in the United States and who are filled with the Holy Spirit wish to be in your place here, in Africa, far from what they see there.

18 The first beast of Revelation 13, the Vatican has defiled the earth with the Roman Catholic church. And I tell you to keep your ears on the Vatican. One day, a piece of news will shake the world. And this time has now come and the tool for this judgment is the spirit which is in Al-Qaeda. And the whole world will say: Who did that? You see? 

19 The second beast of Revelation 13, the United States, itself the image of the Vatican has corrupted the earth with the Protestant and evangelical churches which are also the image of the Catholicism, all acting under the mark of the beast, the spirit that led Babel in the old days and which was transmitted to Babylon, then to the Medo-Persian empire, then to the Greek world empire, then to the Roman empire and to the Catholic church which comes from Rome. From there, this spirit was transmitted to the USA and the Protestant and evangelical churches and now to the Branhamists. And for many Americans, America is the new Jerusalem. It’s a truth but a historical truth, by the time Christians were fleeing the Roman persecution. 

20 And today, saying that an African country is the New Jerusalem is to insult God and his throne! And if Ivory Coast is an economic and political elephant, it is also spiritually a bat and that has been manifested for a while now to the eyes of the whole world. An animal that flies, that eats and defecates through its mouth, sleeps in an upside-down position. A blind animal that flies by night and by day, a bird with no feathers, a bird that has teeth: a creature of bad ominous and that’s what those so-called Christians of Ivory Coast are. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. They can even unite with mystical orders to pray. Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants, evangelicals, fetish priests ... gathered to implore their god. The folly of the Christians of Ivory Coast manifested. The heart and the nature and the spirituality of Ivory Coast manifested through some bats. And I as a Christian, would I accept to pray for a so-called country that calls itself secular to live? Has not the God with symbolic language put bats at the heart of Plateau, heart of Abidjan, heart of Ivory Coast? Why so? Because it is the spiritual and religious emblem of Ivory Coast. It is Thus saith the Lord. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. [Kc.8:3]

21 One day, I was preaching in Plateau and I said that Ivory Coast deserved more than AIDS and someone in the crowd shouted: "If AIDS is not too much, let God send dragons, we're here!" On the following days, the country was hit, blood was shed. Dragons had certainly struck. You see?

22 If you are candidates for sins and you stiffen your necks before the reprimand, God will raise up some Bin Laden invested with prophetic and divine powers for you.  

23 The God before whom I stand is the one who executes his plans on the inhabitants of the earth. 

24 And you Ivorians, you have demonstrated to the eyes of the world that you are worse than Congo-Kinshasa and Tshala Muana ... Should I pray for these princess streets to live? Should I pray for the churches and their prophets to live? If I do so, let my soul not live and let the gates of hell prevail on me. But I pray for the elect so that the waters do not carry them away and that they gather for eternal Life and that their faith may not fail.

25 But because of the sin and because of the churches, know that the world will go from suffering to suffering. And it shall come to pass that a man will not be able to shake hands with his brother or his best friend for fear of being contaminated with the disease. People shall walk without touching one another. Schools will be closed and you will hear people say: "I'm afraid of taking the underground or the bus, I am afraid of being contaminated.” You see? The righteous one will say to the wicked one: "Go and show off your nudity on the beach!" and the wicked one will tell him: "I won’t!". You see? [Kc.141:49]

26 Well, what does the Bible say? What does Matthew 24:22 say? The Bible says that if time was not shortened, no flesh would be saved, but when we see the work and the multiplication of churches, it seems that if the Lord tarries, every flesh will be saved. Do not be seduced to that point! And don’t look at me as a threat to your churches because of your interests but rather like a grace. [Kc.21v13]

27 They call me a false prophet, antichrist, messenger of Satan, heretical, and what I preach of “nivaquine” preaching... without being able to say that what I say is wrong. You, who preach theology and others, go to Paradise! And Noah and Moses and the prophets and the Apostles and I, we who have preached the Gospel from Heaven, we will go to hell! Sons of perdition leading souls to perdition! ... Call me a false prophet and an antichrist but God is waiting for you at the judgment! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. [Kc.2v26[Kc.6v16] [Kc.11v1]

28 And yet, the Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 13:24-30 that the children of the devil and their churches will be bound into several bundles to be burnt but that the elect will be gathered in a single granary. There were many beliefs and gods in Egypt and God brought his children out by exercising judgment. Before the multitude of churches in Israel, God gathered the elect. There were Pharisees, Essenes, Sadducees, Hellenists, Herodians, Zealots ... they were all in the wrong way and the Lord brought the elect out by exercising judgment on them. And before the rapture, the elect, according to Matthew 24:31 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16, will be gathered by the sound of the trumpet, including Revelation 14:6-10. And that’s what the Lord Jesus Christ is always doing. [Kc.2v33-34] [Kc.9v28] [Kc.14:20] [

29 And this preaching is for the fall of some and the rising up of many. The same flood that saved Noah destroyed the world. The same Message which will save us today, it’s this same Message that will condemn this generation. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. [Kc.19:48]

30 Despite their differences in doctrines, the churches unite in alliances and I said that they were beasts, dragons with multiple heads. Each head symbolizes a church and having the demon and the language which is the theology of that church. Whoever is in one of those churches has already received the mark, that is to say, the spirit, which is the demon of the beast. A mark is a spirit. When God put a mark on Cain, it was a spirit. And the mark of the beast of Revelation, it's the holy spirit of the beast. You see? The mark of the beast today is, it is the holy spirit that acts in those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. And when you are in an evangelical church, you are fathered by that spirit and it’s by it that you speak in tongues, you prophesy ... as if it was really the Holy Spirit. It controls your body, your soul, your spirit. And you are exactly like in the condition of the Pharisees before the Lord Jesus Christ or the condition of a Catholic who has candles, rosaries, statues, incense, crucifixes and holy water in his hand and who believes himself in the truth. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. The same mark, the same demon of disbelief that possesses the beast is the same mark that possesses its image, its daughters, that is, the Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. [Kc.2v21]

31 And when someone says: "I'm a Catholic, Baptist, brother of the message, Lutheran, evangelical ...» you must understand: "I am the antichrist, I am a bastard child, I am a demon”, that’s what God hears in Heaven. “The mark on the hand” consists in working in those churches, performing acts in this sense. And the whole world has received it. There is not a king or a president in the world who has not visited or has not had the intention to visit the Vatican; even Yasser Arafat, the Arabs and the Muslims. For, in Matthew 4:8-9, Jesus Christ having refused the throne of the highest jurisdiction on earth, a man has received it, the pope of Rome. And the Bible declares that this small city of the Vatican has kingship over all the inhabitants of the earth and one day an invisible hand will strike it. Revelation 17:18...

32 Every church claims to have the Holy Spirit and each of them has its own conception of the baptism, its own conception of the divinity of Jesus, its own conception of the predestination, its own conception of the original sin, woman’s ministry, the veil, and so on… A Methodist pastor cannot be a pastor at the assemblies of gods or with the Baptists ... What’s this contradictory holy spirit? And despite this you do not seek the truth and you speak of sanctification and Paradise! But I tell you that you will never find the Truth as long as you are looking for it in a church. You see?

33 From generation to generation, the Truth has always been with only one living prophet messenger on the earth. He is the one who has the keys of the Kingdom; he is the one who is the way, the truth and the life in his time. And when you open the Bible, you see Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Ezekiel, and so on. They are names of prophets. The truth, it is with a living prophet messenger, and not in a church. But what are you doing therefore with the Bible which is in your hands? If not, is it really for Salvation that you go to church? And yet, if God saves a Baptist, a Pentecostal, a revival church member or assembly of gods, how can He condemn the Pharisees, Judas and Cain? [Kc.5v27] [Kc.108v14] [Kc.130v23] [Kc.131v35

34 How can God condemn the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees and approve the teaching of a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist leader? How can He condemn people who base their faith on a book there and approve people who base their faith on a book on this side, an old book called the Bible? According to Matthew 16:5-12, the Lord Jesus Christ says that the teaching of the Pharisees and Saduccees is leaven. And how can He say that the teaching of the Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists and missions and ministries is the Word of God? How can He do that while He is the same yesterday, today and to the ages? 

35 If God gives the Holy Spirit to a Baptist, a Pentecostal, assembly of gods ... what about the Buddhists, the Mahikaris, guru maharaja and the Muslims? You see? I beg you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, stop burning incense to demons! Leave the altars of golden calves. The ministry is not a job that one can learn or improve in a training seminary. Stop making your pastors in your pastoral factories. God Himself gives the ministry from Heaven and ensures its execution on earth without the help of a human hand but by the Holy Spirit. You, pastors, prophets, reverends and church presidents ... I beseech you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Repent! Escape from hell because shame before men is better than hell. 

36 I do not preach an imagination to you but I am speaking to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the virtue of the vision of April 24th, 1993. As in Jeremiah 28, in 1 Kings 22, I was given to see the judgment of God and to pronounce It. Don’t let a church, don’t let a man, whoever he is, seduce you!

37 Let no church responsibility hold you back. Recognize your day of visitation, because if you miss the trumpet of gathering, what are you waiting for then? Bend your knees then until God speaks to you, otherwise at the judgment you will not say that you were not warned.

38 If Israel which is of God by birth does not understand the prophetic language, how would you, who are children by adoption, understand it? But one thing is obvious: two men claiming to be of God cannot speak different languages, with different practices. 

39 When the Jews returned from the Babylonian deportation, a Benjaminite like Paul could be in the priesthood. We heard new names: Pharisee, Sadducees, Zealots, Essenes, Herodians ... According to 1 Kings 12:31 and 2 Chronicles 13:9, if someone has financial resources, pays for the training and becomes a priest as we can see today in the churches; 2 Chronicles 13 says: "Have ye not cast out the priests of Jehovah, the sons of Aaron, and the Levites, and made you priests as the peoples of the [other] lands? And whoever comes to consecrate himself with a young bullock and seven rams, he becomes a priest of what is not God. ... ". Amen! The verse says: “as the peoples of the [other] lands”, as it was in Egypt. If somebody pays for the training, he becomes a pastor. Someone can go on his own and recommend himself as a priest, just exactly as the peoples of the other lands. You see? 

40 But the way of God remains the same.  It was Moses who established the priesthood in his time. And If you are a true servant of God, you will come to Moses like Jethro, the priest of Midian. It was John the Baptist who chose his apostles and disciples. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who chose his apostles and disciples. It was Paul who chose his apostles and disciples. And when God sends a prophet on earth, it will always be so. And it is the only thing that God recognizes. For the ministry, it is the divine election, it is not a matter of intelligence or money or anointing… “I know how to teach, so I am this or that”, “I have a big anointing, I make miracles so I am this or that” … All that, it’s the devil, from one end to the other. And like Israel, the same thing happened on this side. [Kc.6v34-35] [Kc.15v4] [Kc.28:13-14]  [Kc.115:21] [Kc.118v33-36]

41 When the churches returned from the deportation, from the spiritual Babylon which is the Catholic church, we heard names like: reverend, presidents, bishops ... some blasphemous names. You see? They returned with some dogmas, some creeds, some doctrines and some Babylonian gods. Some children of Nimrod, sons of Belial, had forged some empires called "churches". What is it? Those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders are kings without a crown; and their churches are kingdoms without a State, and their federations are dragons, beasts with several heads according to the Babylonian model. All this is diabolical. And driven by the same purpose, they now raise several towers of Babel, several church federation and confederations. They are raising some towers of Babel despite the confusion of their languages: some unions of churches. A challenge to God. And each dragon has three big horns: a political power, a financial power and a religious power. Those are religious leaders but they can even influence the political authorities of their country.

42 If you are a child of God and you do not see the words: "precursor of the antichrist" on the forehead of these church presidents, then you are in the darkness. I do not look at myself as a prophet but I know one thing: I saw written in the Heaven the judgment of God upon you and no one can contradict that. And the sons of the devil keep at a distance and say: "What you say is true, but God revealed that to us too!" If God has really revealed that to you, it’s not to another church but to his Word and to his Church that you will come... 

43 And this is how, in my village, as if struck by an angel, a man of renown of the assemblies of gods has just died: Elder Nando. Some severe paralysis that did not yield in to the various incantations from his lot. And that’s the reward of so many years of witchcraft in a brotherhood whose name is assembly of gods and whose cradle is Katadji. And I heard that he had set himself in order before he died. Hasn't he died an assembly of gods then? What about the holy spirit of the assemblies of god that was in him and by which he spoke in tongues and prophesied there? Had he abandoned the dogmas, creeds, idols and theologies of the assemblies of gods before he died? If he goes to Heaven, then Christianity is false! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. This Nando had so seduced, blinded, slaughtered and sent so many souls to hell that his own hell had begun here below. You may disagree with me or fight me because I tell you the truth, but one day you will say, like that Roman soldier, "Truly this man had spoken to us on behalf of God”. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

44 And one of the reasons why such people cannot accept the Gospel of their time is that many of those they have seduced are already dead and are waiting for them there, at the judgment and they must go and answer for those souls before God. God cannot therefore accept that they change their ways here on earth. God would be unjust if Guillermo Maldonado, Alberto Mottesi, Claudio Freidzon, Paula White and Chris Oyakhilome go to Paradise while several of those who believe in them are already dead. You see? That's it!

45 And I speak as having authority because I stood in the counsel of God. Accept the reprimand! For your taste is not necessarily God’s taste. And if you are really a servant of God, your sermon will be in line with the living prophet of your time. And that is the concern of all those who really serve God with fear. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Paul had to go up to the Apostles to check what he preached according to Galatians 2:1-2. Ulrich Zwingli did it with Martin Luther and said: "I thought like Luther before I had listened to him". And in 1536, the great reformer Guillaume Farel asked John Calvin to help him restore the Church of Geneva. And you? What holy spirit do you have? Pull yourselves together! For such a way may seem right to man but the end is perdition. And he that hath ears to hear, let him hear.