(Preached on Sunday morning, July 18, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 If this teaching already exists somewhere, I don’t know. I have neither read it, nor heard it and I also think that it is in such cases that the authentic experience of a ministry must be seen, however small it may be. 

2 Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation reveal the same Spirit and their interpretation cannot be but the height of the revelation. If it is really a revelation. For, several of what people call revelations today are only valuable discoveries and comparisons of verses. And like Esther, all that they reveal has no importance for us. We will accept only what will please God to give us through Hegai, the chamberlain of the king. And we will accept only what will please God to reveal to us through him that He has chosen in his sovereignty according to Esther 2:15.

3 Some day, when we put on the immortal, we will know the eternity and all that proceeds from it as having put on the fleshly one we have known earthly things, not knowing heavenly things as though we had not been creatures of eternity seeing even God’s face […]

4 The fulfilment of the plan of Salvation is like a detailed and already-written scroll and that God unfolds and the unfolding of which will end at the appointed time and minutes, as well as its fulfilment. 

5 Well… Ezekiel was in spirit like John and saw what Moses had seen in Exodus 19. Yet, it was not what Elijah had seen in 1 Kings 19:12. Ezekiel saw from a distance, in verse 4, each element of chapter 1. Even Him that sits upon the throne in verses 26 and 27 is the glowing brass in verse 4, the two wings here are a Message based on the Old and New Covenant, left wing and right wing. The Old Covenant and the New Covenant. They touch one another and agree like the four Gospels.

6 Thus, it is not question of noise or sound but of voices as in Revelation 8:13 that speak:"… the remaining voices of the trumpet". And that Louis Segond does not say it. And the cherubim went without them turning one towards another. Each one was working his ministry and his Message with his styles, directives and revelations. For they can never behave the same way and look at how the other worked otherwise there would be an imbalance. You see? Luther, having the face of man, could not see the baptism… And yet, he is a Cherub. It was because he did not turn toward Paul, the face of lion, that he administered a Trinitarian baptism.

7 But in Ezekiel 1 the order of the living creatures is not that of Revelation 4:7. Yet, that of Revelation 4:7 is that of Exodus which corresponds to the lion, then Leviticus which corresponds to the calf, then Numbers which corresponds to the face of man and finally, Deuteronomy which corresponds to the eagle. Genesis is the book of the genealogy of Adam as Matthew chapter 1 is the book of the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. It is also the order of Matthew - Mark - Luke and John. The eagle is the revelation of the Word. In Revelation 4:7, it is first question of Seraphim, but they are the same living creatures in Genesis 3:24, Isaiah 6:1-7 and in Ezekiel 1 and 10. They have simply changed their ministries… It is like the seven Spirits of God, they are the same who were sent to the seven assemblies then to sound the seven trumpets then to pour out the seven bowls. The same seven Spirits of God changing ministry. It is the same for the twenty-four thrones and the throne. That is why the voice of Revelation 19:5 is that of the twenty-four elders. You see?

8 And Revelation 15:5 talks about some temple of the Tabernacle of witness. You must know that the seven assemblies are also seven temples which have their representation in the Heaven and they can merge into only one temple. And we can see some cherubim manifested under several forms and here with six wings, that is to say three attributes of cherubim having wings and a fourth attribute having no wing. Six wings, that makes three angels three cherubim and a face whose body does not have any wings. Amen! 

9 Now, observe the whole Old Testament: from Genesis to 2 Samuel, it is the lion. From 1 Kings to Nehemiah, it is the calf with the many sacrifices of the kings. From Esther to Ecclesiastes, it is the face of man. Look at Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, it is the wisdom of man on behalf of God. You see? And the book of Song of Songs is the bridge between the face of man and the face of eagle. And going from Song of Songs to Malachi, there is a succession of seventeen prophetic books bearing the names of the prophets and representing the period of the face of eagle. What is it? From one end to another of the Old Testament, it is the prophetic Spirit writing on behalf of God, being under the Influence of the Spirit of the living creature of the age. And the Bible says in Revelation 22:6 that it is of the Spirit of prophet that He is God. Amen!

10 In Revelation 14:6-10, there are only three angels but you must see the seven Church ages with their seven celestial angels therein. The verse 6 corresponds to apostle Paul who reveals the face of lion, Luther in verse 8 and the Spirit of Elijah from verse 9 to 10. Then from verse 14 to 19, we see the seven Church ages again but two angels only but between them, there are five other angels. Amen! In verse 18 still in Revelation 14, the Spirit of Elijah as in verses 9 and 10 says to God: "throw me, send me, put me on the earth…" It is he himself the Spirit of Elijah, the sharp sickle. Amen! You see that when Paul appears in verse 14, there is no bunch yet on the earth, that is to say no church of the nations; but at the end of times, when the Spirit of Elijah came, there were thousands of them out of which the good grapes must be sorted away and burn all those bunches according to Matthew 13:24-30. 

11 Is the literal understanding of these things possible? No! What is the work of sapphire under Lord Jesus’ feet in Exodus 24:10? It is the throne in Ezekiel 1:26 and Ezekiel 10:1. And in some cases, we wonder about how to understand as in Revelation 15:1 which is a whole paragraph just as Revelation 20:11. In this first verse, the seven angels received some instructions, took the oath, received seven plagues from the four Seraphim’s hands. The golden girdle about the loins is the priesthood of Melchisedec; the golden girdle about the breast the oath for mission and supreme magistracy. It is for the divine judgment or its execution. But in Revelation 20, when we got the golden girdle about the breast, John did not see that. But who will judge in the Heaven? The prophets! The prophets are the judges of the nations and their followers with them to judge. Each prophet for his time. Amen!

12 You remember the experience I had in 1993, how I was manifested under three forms and yet I am just one person. Thus, it is actually question of only one living creature. Ezekiel 10:20 says: "… This is the living creature that I saw…" and that is in the singular form and that is like for the four wheels which are one wheel. The four cherubim are the living Church; as well as the four wheels. You see? Four in one! And in Revelation 6, when the darkness empire starts, we can see four horses for that empire. Amen! But in the beginning, they were one in Heaven as they were one on earth according to Genesis 1:2. And they were one beyond the curtain according to 1 Samuel 28. But God made the separation in the Heaven and God made the separation on the earth, and according to Luke 16:26, God made the separation on other side of the curtain. One day, I will preach on that [Brother Philippe preached on Genesis 1:1-9 on Sundays December 18 and 25, 2005]. 

13 Well, now, I am going to start giving you the revelation that I received. Amen! the Bible says that the throne is of the likeness of a sapphire stone and the four animals of a chrysolite stone. Before checking up in my dictionary, I said in myself that sapphire could be blue and the chrysolite of green colour. And my small dictionary whose pages are lost gave me this: sapphire (precious stone, transparent blue), chrysolite (semi-precious stone, greenish yellow). The sapphire in the Heaven and the chrysolite on the earth. I had forgotten that there were some desert nations because the yellow colour is the desert. And it is the same for the rainbow because of its seven symbolic colours. Thus sapphire is the Heaven and the chrysolite is the earth, the living Church on the earth. At midnight, in Daniel 10:5 to 6, the body is like the chrysolite and the Church is formed. Amen!

14 The four living creatures were like glittering brass, the wheels as well. These sparks are not due to possible impurities but to the opposing powers of the four attributes when they brush against one another within the Cherub, because of their nature of lion, calf, man and eagle. Amen! The lightning announces the Extreme Might and the thunders are the voice of God and all that can proceed from the four living creatures. If an electric equipment installation sparks, that is not due to impurities, it is because two wires of different nature touch each other. You see?

15 You notice that he that sits on the throne is of brass, the living creatures and the wheels too. It is the divine judgement, […] As for the crystal sea, it is transparent and pure in verse 22 and of brass, mingled with fire in verse 27. In Revelation 4:6, it is as of crystal but mingled with fire when there is a judgment as in Revelation 15: 2 or Daniel 7: 9-10. That is the crystal sea.  Amen!

16 Let’s consider these stones again. Sapphire is the heavenly stone, that of the Bridegroom and the chrysolite is the stone of the Church-Bride, greenish yellow. The green symbolises life. In Revelation 4:3, jasper is the birth stone of Ruben, the first son of Jacob and sardius or sardoin is the stone of Benjamin. The order was reversed in Exodus 39:8-14. Benjamin is the last son of Jacob. Well, Let’s see Revelation 21:19-20, there are two rows, one heavenly row made up of the first six heavenly stone going from jasper and sapphire and six rows of stones on the earth going from chrysolite. For He is the fullness of God […]

17 Ezekiel 10:12 is talking about the four living creatures, their body, their back, their hands, their wings, and the wheels were full of eyes round about. What do these eyes mean? It is knowledge. The wisdom is the knowledge of God. It is the knowledge that is to say the ability to smell, to receive impressions and not the omniscience which is reserved to God alone. The omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence belong to God alone. As for the eyes themselves, they are human eyes but man’s wisdom is the wisdom which fears God. Amen! You see? They are human eyes but, wings of eagles and calf's feet. They were right feet for the nations and left feet for Israel. In Revelation 10:2, He Himself sets the right foot first on the waters and the left foot on the earth. Amen! On the waters, the right foot, the multitudes, tongues, tribes, nations according to Revelation 17:15. And in Ezekiel 1, the action was within the nations and went towards Europe, towards Asia, Africa and America. Europe is the North. Like John and Daniel, Ezekiel was in deportation among the nations. As on some April 24, Daniel was before the great river Hiddekel in spirit, John was on the island Patmos and Ezekiel was by the river Chebar. The landmark is not a city, a church … but waters as on April 24, 1993. Amen! Why? Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen! 

18 Well! Let’s keep looking in Revelation 21! What did John see? The saints coming down in the Millennium. And one of the seven angels, precisely the seventh said to John:  "Come here, I will shew thee the Bride, the Lamb's Wife…" and what did John see? All the saints who were coming down from Heaven. And while coming down, we had taken the shape of a city. Remember that in Tucson, the seven angels had taken the form of a man’s face with a beard, white hair and so on. That was it. Amen! And if one day you see the parades of a colony of migratory birds, you will understand what John saw. There are guards on the sides, a guide… it is like a group of baboons moving. And the wall is for the security of those who are inside: the elect of Israel and the nations. Jesus-Christ said:  "I am the door of the sheepfold".  You see? The wolf cannot reach a sheep without passing by Him. And a sheep cannot leave the sheepfold without passing by Him.

19 And the Bible says that this wall formed by the prophets of the Old and New Covenant until the end of times had twelve gates and twelve foundations. They were walls of people, foundations of people, pillars of people, gates of people, lights of people. And John was so far that he saw the prophets and apostles and messengers like sparking stones… This wall was standing upon the doctrines of the prophets and the twelve apostles of the Lamb. And this city on the move was guided by scouts who are the four living creatures of Revelation 4:8, full of eyes round and within… You see? Revelation 21 is Ezekiel chapter 1 and Ezekiel 10. Ezekiel 10:12 says: "And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels were full of eyes round about…" You see?

20 Now let’s consider Ezekiel 10, the man of Daniel 10 receives the glowing coal to go and scatter it over the city. It is not a punishment but for the purification as in Isaiah 6:7. After that purification, the glory passes from the Cherub on to the four cherubim. Amen! In verse 18, it was this Cherub of glory who took this glowing coal and not one of the four as Louis Segond shows it. The four do not have a mission of purification but guardians as in Genesis 3:24. So there is a 5th who has the ministry of the Lord Jesus. See Daniel 7:13-14… But in Daniel 8:13, the first saint is Gabriel and the 2nd is Daniel. Let’s read that: "And I heard one saint speaking, and another Saint said unto that one who spoke, How long shall be the vision of the continual sacrifice and of the transgression that maketh desolate, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden down under foot? And He said unto me, until two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings: then shall the sanctuary be vindicated."  Amen!

21 One of the symbols of the vision of 1993 is the pyramid. An evangelical prophet said that it is the highest form of magic. Certainly, he said that with an evil intention but notice that somebody said of Daniel: "In him is the Spirit of the Holy Gods, and light and understanding" and king Nebuchadnezzar made him master of the scribes, magicians, Chaldeans… the pyramid is obviously the highest form of revelation but above all the sign of the rapture and that goes back to the days of Enoch who was raptured and it was in this spirit of being raptured that that started in Egypt. What is it? The Completion of the prophetic ministry of the Capstone.  Amen!

22 Let’s consider Ezekiel 10:7 closely, after the four living creatures: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, what happens? The book of the Acts of the twelve apostles with Paul. The book of the Acts of the twelve tribes of Israel. Has not Paul got a mission of purification? Do you understand? Revelation 8:3-5 says that after the seven angels, an eighth angel appears! Amen! He has a mission of purification according to Ezekiel 10 and Daniel 12:8-10. He was given doctrines to purify the Church and to give efficacy to the prayer of the saints. You see? He cast glowing coal from the golden altar on the earth; the saints were purified from evil doctrines, evil prayers and evil spirits. But this golden censer, this Message cast on the earth, tormented and burnt the sons of the devil who murmured and blasphemed against the throne of the Most High God who made this work. You see? The Lord said:  "I have come to cast a Fire on the earth; and what will I if already it has been kindled?...".  Luke 12:49-51. You see? 

23 And after the lion, the calf, the man and the eagle in the evening time, it is necessary to turn over to this Cherub for his mission of purification according to Daniel 12:8-10: "… many shall be purified, and be made white, and be refined". But purified of by what? The glowing coal, a glowing Message. After that, what happens? Ezekiel 10:18 to 19, when glory went upon the cherubim, they mounted up Eastward. Yet in the beginning, they mounted up… Northward, Westward and Southward, that is, Europe, America and Africa. And their feet were right feet on the waters but here, they look Eastward because of Revelation 11, because of the ministry of Elijah and Moses for the redemption of the 144,000. They were right feet because of the nations. But now he looks Eastward because of Israel. But the other Jews in Revelation 6:9-10 are Jews who died under the Nazi regime. Now observe Revelation 16:7 "… And I heard the altar saying: …" You see? The altar spoke here. The voice of the Jews under the altar spoke through the altar. The cherubim mounted up Eastward because the time of the nation is over. In The Seventh Seal, William Branham says that the seventh angel, the brightest, had his chest out and looked Eastward. And Ezekiel 47:1 says:  "… and behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house Eastward: for the front of the house was Eastward." Everything is turned towards the East now, but one cannot reach the East without passing by the South. That is why it is said that the waters went down Southward first, on the right side of the altar.  

24 Ezekiel 40 to 48 also does not talk about a 3rd temple but about the one that Ezra built. The first one had been built in year 1012 before the Lord Jesus and destroyed in 587 before the Lord Jesus and it is of its rebuilding that Ezekiel talks and that occurred 82 years later according to God’s order and the decrees of emperors Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerxes. Well, what does "… the Spirit of Daniel, Elijah, and the Apostles will be ministering" mean? I had said it all without knowing it. [Ed: See Kc.34 on the baptism].  

25 Let’s pray now: O Lord Jesus-Christ that I serve, the faithful and true, the Word of God, the Consumption of the Revelation of God; Thou art worthy to bring the complete revelation to keep those Thou hast redeemed with your blood. Give us victory forever over the Jesus-Christ that the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches preach and worship. [Ed: the congregation shouts "Amen!"]. Give us victory over the Jesus-Christ that Osborn, Morris Cerullo and Yongi Cho worship. In the vision of 1993, I said, "who can believe?" And I immediately saw a great crowd coming from the right, and from all the churches, all the nations, from all the races in this glowing Message and saying: "We have not seen but we entirely believe It!" [Ed: the congregation shouts "Amen!"] and in this hour it’s not only us but all the creatures that are in Heaven, upon the earth, under the earth and in waters that say: To the Lamb, blessing and honour and glory and might to the ages of ages! Amen!