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      I have read the statements of the Guinean press on the imprisonment of Apostle Israel Gomy. I do not believe that those statements were written by journalists. But if the authors are really journalists, then I will say that in Guinea, traditional healers are doctors of medicine. In this, I am proud of the Ivorian press in its whole. The Ivorian press is noble. You Guineans, do you prefer some hypocrites? Have the Guinean pastors told the Muslims of Guinea on TV and radio that if they die Muslims, they will all go to hell? No! And yet, the one that loves you, it is I who say it to you. I that seek to lead the Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists to Christ. And if you love the truth, put me and my disciples in a debate with those pastors.
    When two football teams challenge each other, it is to a football pitch that you have to call them. When two boxers challenge each other, it is to a ring that you have to call them, … But why is it that, everywhere, my apostles and disciples are always sent to the police and to prison because of the Word of God, instead of confronting them in televised debates? Do your men of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, need the police to confound my disciples? Does the Bible say that the mighty hand of God is the police and the tribunals? Me and my disciples want some confrontations! We want some face-to-face debates! We want some televised debates! 
   In 2015, I read an article entitled “Bible versus sect” from a Guinean newspaper and yet, it was the police that the Bible used to imprison my disciples. And it is the same thing in this year 2017. The AEMEG (Association of the churches of Guinea) imprisons Apostle Israel Gomy for the Word of God in a secular country. Do you find this correct? Did the Lord Jesus Christ use Roman soldiers against the Pharisees? Abel cannot persecute Cain. The Apostles of Jesus cannot put a false prophet in prison. If I burn the Bible, then where do I take Matth.25:6? From which book did I learn to know the Lord Jesus Christ? Give us the opportunity to speak. 
    I have understood that the Holy Spirit of Mr. Moise Sidiki Tolno, Mr. Joseph Togna Doré, Mr. Gédéon Grovogui, Mr. Jérémie Loua, Mr. Emmanuel Grovogui, Mr. Richard Yewo Loua, Mr. Samuel Kamano and the churches of Guinea, it is the police. And now, Commander Joseph Panival of the police station of Boké is their angel of Jehovah. But in the virtue of the mission that I received on April 24, 1993, I pray that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ who has sent me be with all of my faithful in the whole world; the churches have the police and the tribunal, we only have You, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.