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Apostle Aman Martin
Good morning Prophet
On Saturday, at the conference, after the preaching and the altar call for those who have received the Message, I prayed for the sick according to the Word of the Prophet. There were many sick people (Cancer, Aids...)
Since yesterday, the testimonies have started coming. A Brother who had a pain on his chest, saying that something was moving in his body, testified yesterday that her pain disappeared after the prayer. A Sister, Sister Busi had confessed to me her HIV condition at the baptism and I had told her that we would have a prayer meeting for the sick. And on Saturday, she came to the prayer line and I prayed for her. And after the prayer she asked me what she should do, I told her to go and do the test again and today she just wrote Brother Yanick, she is HIV negative.
Prophet, I even have tears on my eyes, I thank God and I give glory to the Angel and the Lamb who sent his Prophet.

Prophet Kacou Philippe
Good morning Brother. Amen, may God bless South Africa. Let's say that the testimonies of healings from AIDS have started being frequent. It seems that AIDS will be healed easily by us just like cancer at the time of William Branham. I will challenge Benny Hinn and Baruti with pagan doctors on the platform

Apostle Aman Martin