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Pastor Jean Radine Endjandji of the Central African Republic (01.01.18) 

Jean Radine Endjandji is my name. I'm from the Central African Republic, I live in a city located at 385 Km East of the capital (Bangui), I was the pastor of the churches of the evangelical cooperations. I was once a great persecutor of Prophet Philippe KACOU, for two years. My last post read this: "You the believers of KACOU, give yourselves a name so we can always compare you to us the Christians, call yourselves either : " Kacouites, Kacoutiers, Kacou philippians and others," all this in ignorance thinking that I was in the right way and that day, I received lots of "like" and I was proud of that. But one day, I wanted to download the official application of the book of Philippe KACOU with the intention of discovering the words and turn them against him I did with the Quran. But alas, when reading the first chapters, I was very very angry but something led me to continue with the reading. I continued to read, I discovered more truths that can be found nowhere. That's how I asked I looked for the address of the prophet and asked him for forgiveness, and I left my career as a pastor to start from scratch with him. In reality, those who continue to trash this prophet are only accumulating their sin. Listen first to this prophet by reading all of his 128 chapters before you judge. I tell you, verily, that all those who leave Islam for a church or who leave a church for Islam are just changing prison cells. And to all those who harden their heart to fight against the prophet and his message, I ask you, as the prophet said, to take the blood of a snake that crawls in the bush and take your blood, do the test of ADN, prove us the result, if you are not really the son of the serpent. Dear friends, it's useless to show off on the media, it's better to have shame here below and inherit the paradise than boasting and go to hell. The book of Philippe KACOU is like a rocky road which all the world has trouble to plough. But to those who to pain to plough, despite rocks that hurt them, they have discovered a deposit of gold, diamond and all kinds of riches of the subsoil. They are becoming richer to the point that those who have chosen the soft ground come and beg from them. I have spoken. I am waiting for the insult of the children of the devil. 

(The picture below, the first service on Sun Dec 31 with the people who followed)