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For those who say that I would have said that Ahab will die in prison, God never told me that. But if I told them that in a dream, I don't know. Also, having been in prison myself, I can never wish anyone to stay in prison even for a single day. And even in a dream, I wouldn't wish my enemy to go to prison. For your information, I have never failed in prophecy. I talked about Iraq, Syria, Gaddafi, they have all been fulfilled. And I said that Ahab would lose the elections and the one who is the current president would win and also I said that Ahab no longer had any incense, that is to say, he was no longer going to be president. If he comes back and becomes president, I will confess on TV. Under the current regime, I have been in prison and currently I am deprived of my civil rights with a ban on preaching and travelling, but I prefer that. I have also understood now that, as a prophet, it is not every revelation that I receive that must be said.


France 24