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Oracles that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on 17 April 2022.


Oracles that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have addressed this April 17, 2022 from my village, as warnings and ordinances concerning the acts of the Angel of April 24, 1993 on my people and on the nations and religions of the earth. 

First of all, I would like to make some clarifications again. Pastors with at least 50 members in their assemblies and itinerant preachers can be added to the groups of assemblies. When an assembly has followed a false doctrine, all its members are also guilty, because they should have asked the preacher where it is written. The twelve months without coming to the service according to Kacou 146:70, does not apply to old people or to certain cases of health. And a Brother can eat with a Sister on the same plate if they are relatives or spouses. 

Also, do not send me money again at all. Donations and first fruits and any money you want to send me, send them to Apostle Martin or Yanick for me. They will inform me. These donations and first fruits will help the very active Brothers around the world. And if in a country, you see someone who talks about the Message everywhere, making converts and who is poor, inform the apostles. There are now Brothers and Sisters in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, spreading the Message everywhere relentlessly. They have made it their daily work. The money is to help such people. ...

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